BLATT vs. ECW: 3/04/08

It’s another Tuesday, and it’s four more primaries.

Who cares! It’s Tuesday and it’s ECW time!

Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney vs. the Douches
Shelton Benjamin vs. Stevie Richards
James Curtis vs. Kane
CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

So the show starts reminding us that Chavo is the ECW champion because Edge interfere in the title match back on January 22nd.


The Douches over Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney by DQ
Tommy and Morrison start the match, Tommy gets the crowd clappin and Morrison starts in with a european uppercut. Quick tag to the Miz, double whip to the ropes, but Dreamer stops the double back body drop attempt. Tommy clears out Morrison, snap mares the Miz and tags in Delaney.Delaney goes up top and does a senton onto the Miz from Dreamers’ shoulders.

Miz doesn’t stay down and Delaney takes a clothesline that turns him inside out. Miz goes to work on the neck and that gives us time for a replay of the clothesline. Tommy rallies the crowd behind Colin, but the Miz shoulder blocks him into the heel corner. Quick tag to Morrison, jaw breaker on Colin and a springboard enziguiri by Morrison to Colin’s face for a one. ONE! Broken up by Dreamer.

The beating continues by the Douches to Colin. Colin kicks off Morrison and leaps to tag Dreamer, who throws a few punches, whips Morrison to the ropes , back body drop and a catapult into the corner for Morrison. It’s time for the tree of woe, but Dreamer takes some time to deliver a punch to the Miz. Morrison is fighting out by the time Dreamer gets to him, so Dreamer drops him with a neck breaker from the top rope.

Dreamer can only get a two with Morrison’s feet in the ropes. TWO! Tommy goes for the DVD, but Morrison fights out. Tommy catches a kick and turns it around into a Texas Clothesleaf! It’s broken up by the Miz. the Miz comes in to beat down Dreamer and deliver a cheap shot to Colin on the apron. The Douches deliver a double gut buster to Dreamer.

Colin runs into the ring… with a chair? With a chair! Colin goes buck nutty on the Douches for a DQ. Even Colin looks surprised. Dreamer is thrilled Colin went extreme and they celebrate with the chair in the ring despite their loss.

AIN’T NO STOPPING HIM NOOOOOW! Shelton’s got some new music. It’s his old music, but a bit more rap/rock.

Shelton Benjamin over Stevie Richards by inverted bulldog
Interesting. This match kinda matters. Collar and elbow to start, Stevie gets a headlock, Shelton throws him to the ropes, Stevie gets a shouldbver block and a one. Shelton gets a headlock and Stevie reverses with a side suplex. Another one count.

Shelton gets shoipped in the corner, but reverses a whip. Stevie goes for a reversal, but Shelton catches him on his shoulder and hits a should breaker. Shelton focuses on the arm with a single arm DDT, an arm drag and puts pressure on the shoulder on the ground. Finally someone is targeting something on Stevie that’s not the neck. Shelton keeps Stevie down with a hammer lock with a figure four on the arm. Tazz explains that you can figure four an arm as Stevie slowly fights out. TAzz does a good job explaining what’s going on in terms of actual leverage and wrestling as Stevie fights out.

Shelton ends that with a knee to the face. Shelton gets slapped in the chest and delivers another knee to the face. Shelton hits an elbow drop on the mat for a one count. Shelton goes back to the figure four hammer lock and Stevie has gone to the well with the crowd.

Shelton gets over powered and shoved to the corner. Shelton went up top and tried a top rope clothesline but misses and hits the mat instead of Stevie. Stevie hits a few punches, a clothesline, some chops, a whip to the ropes and a sidewalk slam. Stevie whips him again and goes for the body drop, but gets booted instead. Stevie delivers a side kick to the abs of Shelton, followed with an enziguiri for a two. TWO!

Stevie goes up top, but is thrown off by Shelton. Shelton ducks a clothesline, pushes Stevie off by holding onto the ropes and hits the inverted bulldog! One two three!

Post match, Shelton reminds us he’s in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania and there “ain’t no stopping him noooooowwww”

Backstage, Kelly Kelly is with Kofi Kingston and a giant Playboy issue of Maria. Kofi lays on the affection of Kelly and moves on. Kelly turns around and Layla is there. Layla says she’s jealous cause Playboy asked Layla to pose and not Kelly. Kelly calls Layla a liar. Layla slaps Kelly. Am I really covering this?

KANE vs. James Curtis
Come on. James Curtis? anyway, Chuck Palumbo comes down to the ring. you see, if you don’t watch Smackdown, it looks like some idiot on a motorcycle doing an impression of the Undertaker circa 2001. And isn’t that the guy who pledged his love to Billy Gunn? It’s all correct. Anyway, the match lasts less than two minutes and it’s over. This was necessary on my show?

It’s snowy in Cleveland.

Remember that we’re approaching Wrestlemania so we’re going to see loads and loads of replays building to the matches. This time it’s a Big Show/Mayweather replay from RAW. I’ve gotta say, I LOVE the Big Show in the role that he’s in. He’s not gonna win, but I want him to win sooo bad. Maybe they paid Mayweather that $20 million to lose the match? Yeah, I know that’s farfetched, but I can dream, right?

Lena is backstage with Punk. Punk wants to make one thing clear. Chavo likes to call himself a warrior, and there’s one Guerrero synonymous with the word warrior and it’s not Chavo. Punk reminds us of everything that’s transpired between losing his title and now, and tonight he’s going to earn his championship for the second time.

Chavo Guerrero over CM Punk by frog splash
Match starts with Chavo taking swipes that are shy of Punk. Collar and elbow, Punk gets a headlock. Chavo whips Punk Punk shoulder blocks Chavo down. Pin attempts gets a one. UNO!

Punk throws a few roundhouses, they go back to a collar and elbow and Chavo muscles Punk into the corner. Clean brea and Punk kicks Chavo in the head and gets another one. A body slam and a few elbows on the mat later Punk can still only get a one. Punk twists up Chavo’s arm, but Chavo rolls out. Chavo gets arm dragged over and Punk still has Chavo’s arm. Chavo punches and kicks his way out, runs to the ropes and gets hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Another body slam by Punk, this time onto Chavo’s arm. Punk gets Chavo in a hammer lock with a sleeper. Chavo jumps out after sweeping Punk’s leg and gets a headlock on Punk. Punk fights to his feet, but Chavo hip tosses him over. Punk lifts Chavo to a back breaker fora two. TWO!

Punk hits a few kicks while Chavo is down, but Chavo fights up and hits a knee, a forearm and a Eurpoean uppercut. Chavo lifts up Punk, throw shim headfirst to the turnbuckle and slugs it out in the corner. Punk hits a few punches of his own. Punk whips Chavo, but Chavo reverses it. Punk jumps the ropes and lands on the apron. Chavo pushes Punk off the ropes as Punk went for a springboard clothesline. Punk’s foot got caught on the ropes. Punk lands one footed on the apron and falls to the floor HARD and AWKWARD on his arm, shoulder and head. Check out a replay of that if you can find one. We head to commercial after Joey and Tazz sound disturbed at the way that Punk fell. It’s rare that Tazz yells “oh my god on my god” on TV, so that should give you a guage about how Punk landed.

We’re back and Punk’s not dead, but he’s on the ring getting his ass kicked by Chavo. Chavo focuses on the ankle on the mat. Punk fights out and can barely throw a kick to Chavo. Chavo stretches Pukn’s knee on the bottom rope. Chavo goes for a punch in the corner, but Punk catches it and gives Chavo one of his own. Chavo grabs the leg and throws Punk’s knee into the post on the outside.

Chavo pulls Punk out of the ring with punches and kicks to the bad knee. Chavo throws Punk back into the ring. Chavo makes Punk get up himself, but throws some kicks to the knee as Punk fights up. Chavo covers Punk and BRILLIANTLY hooks Punk’s bad leg so when he kicks out it’s with his bad leg. That’s a great move that went unnoticed by the announcers.

Chavo stretches out Punk’s knee with a knee bar, but Punk won’t give up. The crowd is firmly behind Punk. Punk gets a head scissors on Chavo and follows it up with an enziguiri. Chavo goes outside and Punk dives through the top two ropes to the outside! They move the barrier exposing some of the basketball flooring under the mats. Chavo’s now favoring his elbow and Punk’s still favoring the knee.

Chavo gets into the ring and Punk hits the springboard clothesline. He pursues Chavo in the corner but gets kicked in the face. Chavo runs out of the corner and gets hit with a snap power slam, if one could exist. Punk gets a two. TWO!

Punk has a cross arm breaker, but Chavo is squirming around the ring and gets to the ropes. Punk hits some kicks, but Chavo catches one, sweeps Punk to the floor and attempts a Boston crab. Punk cradles Chavo for a two. TWO!

Chavo hits some roundhouse kicks and Chavo returns the favor. Punk hits the old school (for Punk in ECW) strikes, but comes up short with a roundhouse. chavo goes behind, Punk goes behind and sends chavo tot he corner and hits the rising knee out of NOWHERE. Punk hits the bulldog and gets a two. TWO!

They get to their feet, and Chavo gets the CANADIAN MAPLE LEAF! That’s a single leg Boston crab that you roll into, used (kinda recently) by Lance Storm when he held all the Canadian title in WCW. Punk gets to the ropes and Chavo does the shimmy. Punk catches a kick and lifts Chavo into position for the GTS, but can’t stay on his bad knee. Chavo attempts the three amigos, but gets an inside cradle on the third. Punk gets a two. TWO!

Chavo hits a tornado DDT for two. TWO! Wow.

Chavo goes up top and Punk cuts him short. Punk attempts a superplex but gets crotched on the top ropes. Chavo hits the frog splash and gets the three!

WOW. that was one hell of a match. I don’t do stars for matches very often, but that one rates up there as a **** minimum. That was the best match on ECW in recent memory. That was a great match between these two. They were even given twenty minutes to tell that story. I hope they have a rematch at Wrestlemania, cause these two are a good match for each other.