WrestleMania, Batista, Draft Lottery Updates

As previously reported, Randy Orton will be the General Manager on Raw next week, with Triple H the week after that. Raw next week is three hours, and according to WrestlingObserver.com, rumour has it that the three-hour Raw on 07 April will contain another WWE Draft Lottery.

The entire transcript of The Sun interview with John Cena, in which he criticised Dwayne Johnson, is up here. He also said “I think Khali is a hell of a talent.”

According to Prowrestling.net, Batista has been irritating people backstage at WWE events with what is perceived to be an arrogant attitude. Management have also spoken to him about the number of women he brings backstage and how he behaves with a certain Diva he used to date. It has been noted that Chris Benoit used to be a mentor of sorts for Batista, helping to point out the perceived flaws in his behaviour. Of course, Batista has never killed anybody, much less a family member, let alone two, so what the hey, right?

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