Richly Deserved: Big Brother – Episode 9-10

An interesting Tuesday show so let’s get to it.

So after the nomination ceremony, Matt is angry again and is ready to stay in the house and turn the tables on Josh. Josh says the whole idea is to get Allison out. Ryan, like Alex last week, is mere collateral damage. Josh actually commended himself for not being a hothead at the nomination ceremony.

Adam is happy because once again, he’s not on the block. Sheila is happy too, feeling that having Allison taking all the heat is helping her game.

Natalie wants a massage. Matt offers one to Chelsia instead. Several times Natalie wants a massage or some form of affection from Matt. He says he loves her and she’ll be great for some guy in the future, just not him. Allison and Natalie then talk in the sauna room, vowing that if one of them win the veto, they’ll campaign to keep the other as well.

Time to pick the players for the veto. Sheila and Adam are picked at random. James will host. The competition involves one partner being suspended on a pulley attached to the other partner. That partner has to run across and get pieces of a suspended puzzle (which turns out to be the Veto symbol). The suspended partner is pulled up and puts the piece onto the puzzle board. Matt and Natalie work smoothly. Josh and Sharon, not so much. Sheila complains that Adam is a control freak in the competitions. Allison is doing well but screaming with a pitch that was driving ME nuts. Matt and Natalie win, and Matt compliments his partner saying how competitive she is. Natalie was very happy that Matt hugged her (some partnership?!?)

Matt goes and dances in the HOH room, then goes and consoles both Ryan and Allison. He clearly knows how to play all sides. Sheila and Adam argue, with Sheila saying she’d have better conversations with a wall. Suddenly the wall says “Hi Sheila”, Sheila talks back. Adam loves this. James, who was listening in all the time, identifies himself as the voice of the wall. James thinks Sheila hates men. She says she and Adam have a love-hate relationship, sort of like an old married couple.

Matt goes to Sharon and pretends he cares about her. He tells her he doesn’t like Natalie because he likes more conservative women. Matt then hides when Natalie comes in. When Natalie leaves, Matt comes out and they start kissing. He says she’s falling into his trap. She says she’s not falling for his game. These two are Big Brother savvy!

Natalie comes back to the room and Matt tries to hide again, but this time Sharon points him out. After another exchange, Matt leaves and Natalie tells Josh and Sharon that Matt is too turned on by her. Natalie and Matt then have it out over his coldness towards her. Again Matt says he loves her but she’s ultimately not for him.

The houseguests are brought to the diary room. Sharon reads a note that at some point, the houseguests will hear a siren, followed by an announcement. Expect the Unexpected. Allison is especially excited and hopes the siren means someone, even Jen, is coming back to the house.

Finally, it’s time for the veto meeting. Matt and Natalie give Allison and Ryan their minute and they just resign themselves to the fact Matt and Natalie are saving themselves. Josh and Sharon put Adam and Sheila up as replacement nominees.

Who will leave? And what is the siren all about anyway? Stay with Inside Pulse for more.

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