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I recently had the chance to talk with former 3-time WWE World Tag Team Champion Rob Conway about many topics, including…

– WWE vs. NWA
– Is there a chance of him and Nick Dinsmore teaming up again
– If he would go back to WWE or consider TNA
– Who he would like to face on the independent circuit
– What his goals are while on the independent circuit
and more!

Rob Conway1 – First off, thank you for taking the time for this interview. First question: When did you start training?

I started training in 1997.

2 – Which school did you attend and who were your trainers?

I was trained at OVW before it was a developmental territory by Nightmare Danny Davis.

3 – Do you feel like they brought you into the wrestling business the right way?

Yes, it was a little harder to get in the business then but you have to change with the times.

4 – WWE is professional in terms of presentation. Showing up to the arena in business clothes is mandatory. NWA is professional in a whole different aspect. NWA Officials are present at every single NWA Title Defense and pictures are taken with the competitors before the match to add the legit feeling. As a result, I am assuming that the two companies are very different. Which promotion would you say is more business-like, WWE or NWA?

WWE is a lot different than the NWA because you are under contract and have signed a legal agreement to do whatever they need you to do without much creative control. The top paid performers do not have to wear business clothes.NWA is also professional but they let you make your own adult decisions on what clothes you wear to represent yourself they way you want. NWA is more professional wrestling and WWE is more sports entertainment. Both companies are great to work with and have been very successful.

5 – Do you keep up with TNA or WWE?

I try to keep up with both as much as possible. I have friends on both shows.

6 – If either company offered you a contract, would you accept?

That would really depend on the amount of dates they wanted me to work and the money and the storyline. I am really happy now working limited independent dates and trying to become NWA World Champion.

7 – You worked for WWE from 2000 to 2007. A lot has changed on the independent wrestling scene since 2000. Is there anyone you are looking to step in the ring with one day?

Yes, Randy Savage, Jeff Jarrett, Adam Pearce, Scott Hall, and Sting. A lot of people want to see me wrestle Buff Bagwell, I think that would be a fun match.

8 – With the recent gimmick change of Nick Dinsmore, is there any chance of “The Lords of the Rings” re-uniting?

Maybe in OVW.

9 – Are there any goals you would like to accomplish while on the independent wrestling scene?

I want to be the NWA world champion.

10 – Is there anything you would like to say to close out the interview?

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my career. Watch NWA WRESTLING SHOWCASE 9 PM WED COLOURS TV. I can be reached for bookings at DOITTHECONWAY@AOL.COM AND myspace.com/therobconway and THEIRONMANROBCONWAY.COM is coming soon.

Vince McMahon = Intimidating
Bryan Danielson = Technical
Ring of Honor = Innovative
Nick Dinsmore = Talented
David Marquez =Professional
The NWA World Heavyweight Title = Prestigious

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