ROH News on Rising Above, NOAH/DGate/ROH vs. Strong/Richards/Romero & More


Following is from the ROH Newswire for March 06, 2008, at

Ring of Honor’s sixth PPV, “Rising Above”, has been getting rave reviews from wrestling critics all across the in the internet. Dave Meltzer, Mike Johnson, and Sean Radican all gleamed in their reviews of “Rising Above.” We here at Pulse specifically felt that “The matches on the show were great, particularly the World Championship match which is an instant classic…” (Pulse Glazer)

“Rising Above” is set to debut on The DISH Network and TVN cable systems tonight. However if your service provider happens to be iN Demand, it has been reported that you can order “Rising Above” from them this very minute, with prices ranging from $9.95-$14.95 depending on your PPV provider.

The debut of “Rising Above” has also caused Gabe Sapolsky to turn to the Ring of Honor fans to try and dwell up grassroots support for the PPV. He has posted twice over the last two days asking fans to “spread the word”, and although it seems like the majority of fans haven’t taken him up on his plea, a few die-hard Ring of Honor fans are attempting to spread the word amongst various message boards on the net.

It has also just been announced that Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, and Rocky Romero, of the No Remorse Corps, will face Dragon Gate’s CIMA, Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Go Shiozaki, and Ring of Honor’s Erick Stevens in the main event of Ring of Honor’s Dragon Gate Challenge 2.

In other Wrestlemania weekend news, Ring of Honor will be holding a fanfest at the Orlando Jai-Alai. The fanfest will take place on March 29th, from 12PM to 3PM, prior to the Supercard of Honor 3 event.

The main event of CIMA/Shiozaki/Stevens vs. the NRC is a bit of a surprise since I can’t say that I fully accept that Erick Stevens should be in this match. Nevertheless, I expect all six men to go out there and provide a more hard hitting flavor of 6 man action compared to the frantic Dragon Gate 6 Man that’s expected the next night.

I’m surprised to see just how apathetic the Ring of Honor fans are in supporting the ‘Rising Above’ PPV. Instead they seem to be more interested in trivial messageboard nonsense than actually attempting to enact word of mouth on the show.

Heck, if I didn’t know better, I’d say they were more interested in keeping Ring of Honor an ‘alternative’ to the WWE than wanting to help the company to grow…