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Manhunter (Kate) Headshot Hey, remember this character? Well, Mathan does and he’s got a suggestion what DC can do with her, since that don’t seem to have anything else going on with her.

Also, heroes undercovers, turncoats, and anti-Batmen traipse all over the garden of your mind when you open up this week’s Who’s Who in the DCU.


Tim, I cannot recommend Justice League: The New Frontier enough. The special edition has tons of interesting bonus features that more than make it worth the money. This movie is good business. I can’t wait to get my commentary on.

Well, alright then. The next time I stop off at my local DVD emporium I will put that on my “to be purchased list”.


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Tim, anything to link this week?


What I Read Last Week

Batman #674 – Well that cleared up a lot of stuff. Personally I think it was worth the wait and loved every moment of the ride. And it’s not even over yet!

Imagine how much better this saga would’ve read without that stupid Ras crossover. Makes me doubly mad at that…waste.

Teen Titans #56 – Poor Eddie. This was a really strong issue considering it starred Kid Devil. Still I was disappointed that Clock King’s group wasn’t the “Clockwatchers” who appeared in Chase.

Easily McKeever’s finest effort on the title to date, even if it did require most of the Titans to look like total dicks to get where it was going.

Anyone else get a Breyfogle vibe from the art here? Especially when it came to Robin’s face.

Deathblow #9 – Thus ends a thoroughly entertaining chapter in the Wildstorm Universe. It will be missed.

All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #9 – Wow. Just wow. This book always goes somewhere I never expect and this issue was no exception. Every issue I read, I’m in shock. And I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

I still don’t care a bit about this book, but I have to admit, the sure simplicity of the “paint it all yellow” idea is impressive. Well done, all involved, well done.

Batman Confidential #13 – Yet another trip to Gotham. But it’s Rags on art and Bedard on script. Plus it’s Wrath, so it’s total goodness. As an added bonus; disco collar Nightwing!

Love me some Disco Nightwing. Rest of the issue was good too though, so that’s nice.

Blue Beetle #24 – Great homage cover. Great action inside. I’ll never get tired of Traci 13. I love how Jamie’s parents are grilling Traci despite being chased by an alien armada. This book is just pure goodness.

A damn near perfect issue. I can think of nothing I’d change.

Justice Society of America #13 – I really liked the art. And as a character, I have to admit that Lightning is growing on me. I am saddened that we didn’t get a new Mr. America. Yet. Oh and I’m pretty sure that the Joker killed everyone at the Daily Planet because Superman was rocking the ponytail.

Can you blame him though? I mean, who did Superman think he was, Steven Segal?

As an issue though…good enough that I didn’t hate, but not nearly good enough to convince me that we need to always be revisiting either the Silver Age or Kingdom Come.

Action Comics #862 – You’ve got to love Gary Frank slipping inappropriate gestures in via Stone Boy. I loved Polar Boy’s scene with the Subs. Actually I don’t think there was anything I didn’t enjoy about the issue.

Oh, yeah. Totally. I am so with you on that.

Countdown #9 – On the other hand…

JSA Classified #35 – Is it wrong that I loved seeing Ted get the beatdown of his life? That really made me enjoy this issue. And that made me feel dirty.

Fallen Angel #24 – What’s going to happen to Slate? I loved the scene between De Rais and Jude. Good business.

Legion of Super-Heroes #39 – Shooter’s Legion is just “blah” to me. How this is a third chapter is beyond me. Sure it follows the previous issue, but it didn’t seem to build on anything. Boo.

Project Superpowers #1 – Interesting. Though I am getting tired of characters getting “reimagined” as white guys, again.

Crime Bible #5 – How is this a final chapter? I demand closure! I liked the art, yet again. But man, this book just ended with me hungry for more.

It felt like there should have been more, didn’t it? It was a weak ending that undermined the rest of the series for me.

Evidently, The Shade is not familiar with Original Recipe

Who is this Buddy Blank fellow?

OMAC- Buddy Blank Edition
Do not gaze at this image for too long for, if you do, you will LOSE YOUR MIND!

The Buddy Blank chap from Countdown is little more than retired professor and researcher for Pseudo People Inc.

But the original Buddy Blank was the original OMAC. He would be transformed into OMAC by Brother Eye, a sentient satellite, and he’d keep the peace in the future. And it turned out that Buddy Blank actually had a grandson who ended up being Kamandi.

Hmmm? I wonder…the Buddy Blank in Countdown has a grandson with blond hair. I wonder…

Tim, what’s it like living a Countdown-free life?

Incredible. It is like rediscovering how glorious life can be every second of every day. Plus, more money in my pocket. I win all over!

Does writing into an online column to ask a question count as Brave and/or Bold? If so, Glen is one chap with much courage.

Who is this Megistus mentioned in Brave and the Bold?

I don’t know, and that’s part of the fun of the title. Megistus and the Book of Destiny are the ties that bind the issues together, but I’m just reading for the comic book-y goodness that’s found in every issue.

I don’t know what Mark Waid is planning with Megistus, but it’s a thrilling ride. It’s certainly one of the most consistent reads every month. Waid manages to have the Flash and the Doom Patrol team up and make it work. And to me that’s much more entertaining than the mystery of Megistus.

Chances are Glen, we’ll both find out the deal with Megistus together.

Tim, any team ups you’d like to see on those pages?

I have a few I’d like to see.

Human Target (what else is he doing, really?) and Batman.

Jemm and J’onn.

Jemm and anyone else.

Nightwing and Kyle Rayner.

Blue Devil and Etrigan.

Snapper Carr and the current Hourman.

And, of course,

Nearly Naked Jericho and Red State Radu.

Stone King was too slow and paid the price

My LCS sold out of Batman Confidential so can you fill me in on Wrath? Who else is an unBatman character like him and who’s your favorite of them?


The Wrath is a pre-Crisis character who only appeared once, in Batman Special #1. He is every bit the opposite number to the Batman, even down to his origin. On the same night that Thomas and Martha Wayne took Bruce to see “The Mark of Zorro”, across town a pair of career burglars were sneaking out of their apartment window (in an attempt to leave without paying rent) when they were spotted by a rookie cop. The cop, thinking they were criminals in the act, drew his gun and fired, killing them both in front of their young son.

Since he knew his parents weren’t in the act of a crime and were murdered unjustly, that son grew up with grudge against law enforcement and swore revenge against them. He trained and dedicated himself to becoming peak of human perfection and a world class assassin, he likes deadly weapons.

Years later Wrath returns to Gotham with a singular goal in mind: to kill the man who murdered his parents. That guy turns out to be Jim Gordon. Naturally a tussle with Batman ensures, during which Wrath learns Batman is Bruce Wayne. Wrath then uses that knowledge to torment Batman by attacking those close to him (Alfred, Leslie).
Eventually Wrath and Batman have a rematch which ends when Wrath, aflame, plunges to his death.

But wait, apparently Wrath returned to Gotham in a story that’s unfolding in Batman Confidential as we speak. But is it the same Wrath or a copycat?

As far as the second part of your question, despite never having read the only issue in which he appears, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Wrath (Thanks Who’s Who!) I respected that his story was over, but I always wished that he’d somehow managed to cheat death.

This is also the same reason why I really liked Prometheus when he first appeared. He was clearly inspired by Wrath, yet he was a character that I could watch grow into something great.

But just today I found out about another “anti Batman.” I was watching the promo for the Batman: Gotham Knight animated feature and apparently Deadshot is being reimagined as an “anti-Batman.” And it kind of makes sense. Both guys trained to be the best with Batman focusing on the non-lethal and Deadshot favoring the lethal. I’d never really thought about it before, but that promo really sold me on the concept.

Despite my being slayed by the Deadshot revelation, I’m still going with Prometheus as my favorite followed closely by Wrath.

Tim, this is one topic that drastically needs your input.

I couldn’t agree more Mathan. First let me throw out a couple of other anti-Batmen.

Killer Moth– The original. A common hood who established himself as a consultant for hire to help other criminals evade the cops and Batman, he had a Moth signal, a Moth cave, and a rich socialite alter ego (albeit, one that he created for himself). Moth had a brief diversion as Charaxes following Underworld Unleashed, but these days there is a Killer Moth back in Gotham. It remains to be seen if he’s the original, a new one, or something else entirely, brought to you by Superboy’s punch.

Owlman– Batman’s equivalent from an Earth/Universe/alternate something where crime pays and the JLA’s twisted mirror image, the CSA (Criminal Society of Amerika), rules everything.

Batzarro– The less said about him, the better, as far as I am concerned.

I also suppose you could include the current trio of crazy Batmen running around in Batman, the Bat-Bane, the Devil Batman, and the now deceased gun toting Batman.

In the end, I have to side with Mathan and choose Prometheus as my favorite, despite how he ended up and how he’s treated these days.

But all the characters have their charm, I think. For example, returning Killer Moth to his roots could make for a very interesting character. Owlman is just awesome, but sort of disqualified due to otherworld status. I’m just starting to get to know Wrath, but I think he shows promise.

Live from the home offices in Skokie, Illinois, it’s Beadle’s Top Ten List!

Who are your Top 10 DC Villains that have potential to be really bad-ass if handled better?

Now to be fair every villain has the potential to be a formidable threat, if handled appropriately. Look at what James Robinson did with The Mist and Rag Doll or what Gail Simone did with Catman. And let’s not forget what Geoff Johns did with The Rogues.

But I can think of some characters that I’d really like to make a return with a big splash.

Hush – Confession time; I didn’t really care for either of the stories that featured the character. His debut in Hush was so cheesy and telegraphed that it really rubbed me the wrong way. And Hush Returns was so bad it made the character so radioactive that he’s pretty much been MIA since.

Ideally I’d like to see Hush team up with Red Hood. I think that if they could put their egos aside and realize that the two of them together could really torment Bruce Wayne, it’d make for a great partnership. Either that or Hush should attack Batman by going after Nightwing and Robin (in their respective books.) I think that would make for an interesting dynamic.

Shrike HeadshotShrike – This Nightwing rogue needs to come back. He’s a character who debuted in Robin: Year One and is sort of a peer for Dick and his opposite number. And he’s so underutilized. Considering how many of Nightwing’s rogues met their end along with Bludhaven, it’s a wonder why Shrike has yet to make a meaningful impact. He needs to be a thorn in Dick’s side.

Tattooed Man – How has Mark Richards, the third Tattooed Man, only had one appearance? I get that GL has taken a decidedly cosmic turn, but that just means that Tattooed Man is free to appear elsewhere in the DCU. He could show up in Teen Titans The Flash or even in Catwoman (later down the line.) This poor guy is being squandered.

Isn’t he the Tattooed Man in the current Justice League arc?

Prometheus HeadshotPrometheus – Speaking of squandered, Prometheus is the definition of “squandered.” He had a great debut in New Year’s Evil: Prometheus yet his first face off with the JLA was kind of a let down. And it’s been downhill ever since. I mean the guy even linked up with Hush, which is never a good thing. He was last seen with Starro on his face in Teen Titans. It’s just sad.

I think that maybe Prometheus could use a building up period. Like perhaps he should take work as a thief to build his rep back up. I could see him having to steal something from the JSA trophy room and dismantling the team while doing so. Or maybe Cheshire hires him to sneak in and read Lian a bedtime story. Readers have got to believe that he’s got stealth and maybe then they’ll forget that he’s been a punching bag most of his career.

Roulette – I love Roulette. I’d really like to see more of the stuff between her and Mr. Terrific, because I find it so interesting. But I’d really like to see Roulette somehow manipulate members of the JLA into fighting each other, like maybe someone really wants to see Black Lighting and Red Arrow go at it, so Roulette gives them both Cheshire’s whereabouts and lets the rumble begin. Something like that. Like, every time two heroes come to blows I want them to wonder if they were manipulated by Roulette.

Shiv HeadshotShiv – She’s a teen villain and while she’s associated with Star-Spangled Kid, I doubt there’s a villainous team out that could stand up to the JSA. So maybe she has a beef with Ravager and the two come to blows for a nice stand alone issue of Teen Titans. Or maybe she decides to set up shop in Gotham and she gets a crush on Tim Drake. Young villains need the opportunity to grow, because the young villains of today are the villains of tomorrow.

Lex Luthor – I don’t think anyone’s been happy with Battle Suit Lex. I don’t think I need to say much more than that.

Superboy/man Prime HeadshotSuperboy-Prime – I am not one of those who hates Kil-El; he’s misunderstood and I like that about him. He’s like Bizarro in that he thinks he’s doing the right thing and he doesn’t realize the damage he’s causing. I think the guy could have a real future in the DCU, if he’s used sparingly and if someone really gets him as a character.

Tigress – Tigress and the Huntress need to come to blows. Tigress could even cross paths with Nightwing, which might be better. Maybe he meets her under an assumed name and they hook up, only for him to wake up and realize that he’s just shagged Tigress. Or maybe she and Catman could form a partnership. That seems natural, right?

Royal Flush Gang HeadshotRoyal Flush Gang – Ok, so it’s not really a “villain” but that doesn’t mean that this group isn’t in need of being handled better. Naturally I’d like so see them pop up in Booster Gold. But I’d like to seem them get sponsored by one of the scientists from Oolong Island. Imagine the Royal Flush Gang with tech from T.O. Morrow or I.Q. I really think that this group has potential.

Tim, have you got ten crooks who could use a guiding hand?

Absolutely. First though, I have to compliment some of your choices: Lex Luthor, the Royal Flush Gang (so ripe for something huge), Roulette, Prometheus, Shrike, and Shiv are all excellent selections that I would love to see more (or see more of being “kick ass”) of in the current DCU.

Sadly, that means you snagged some characters who probably would’ve made my list. No matter. I shall soldier on.

I shall open the proceedings with someone I just spoke of: Killer Moth– I know he was ridiculous in that rainbow colored outfit from back in the day and I know Charaxes was hardly an improvement. That said, I think the role he could fulfill is one that fit nicely into the messed up world of Gotham City. It would be as simple as returning him to his roots with a modern flair.

Hmm…that sounds like the start of a revamping, doesn’t it?

Dr. Destiny HeadshotDoctor Destiny– This guy shows up all the time but is rarely used well. Looking back to see what he did in his oft-referenced appearance in Sandman proves this Doctor can be a terrifying character. His portrayal needs to shift from fairly generic mind-based villain to an almost random force of nature. He shows up, chaos explodes around him, he slips off in the confusion and is gone by the aftermath.

Evil Star– Yes, the purple and red costume is hardly what one might describe as intimidating, but so what? He’s a power mad immortal who decimated his entire planet to keep himself that way. There’s also the element of mind tampering that the Guardians did to him, which give motivation and an unreliable psyche. Truly, there is nothing better than an unreliable psyche.

With all of the Guardians mistakes coming home to roost (I expect) in the ramp up to The Darkest Night, Evil Star making a devastating appearance is a must. The Guardians made this villain worse and there must be a reckoning for that. Perhaps he comes to Korugar and throws that planet further in chaos, forcing Dr. Natu to embrace some of Sinestro’s legacy to keep the planet from tearing itself apart? Or, using the Starlings, he affects a total Science Cell breakdown, releasing countless prisoners into the universe?

Hella HeadshotHella– What happens to a revenge minded former cop when the entire focus of their rage is wiped off the face of the planet? That’s the question when it comes to Hella in the wake of Bludhaven’s destruction.

Rather than be sated, Hella’s rage is amplified at being denied the completion of her mission. She goes on a rampage, released from all planning or morality, executing any and all she sees as “unworthy” of protecting the public, be it as a cop, firemen, politician, or superhero.

Onomatopoeia– This is less a matter of being handled better and more a matter of being handled at all. Onom (as he’s known to his friends) made a splashy first appearance, but has not shown up since and that’s a damn shame. He hunts non or low powered heroes and the DCU is crawling with them. It is time for this guy to set his sights on a new target. Perhaps the character of 2008, Gangbuster?

Quakemaster HeadshotQuakemaster– Yes, he’s just a guy with a really strong jackhammer. However, in these times, especially in a city like Gotham where many of the residents remember the last earthquake and what happened in the wake of it, he could destabilize the whole town. Dedicated only to chaos, he could randomly cause small quakes all over the city, throwing everything into upheaval. Then, as the riots escalate, he can watch and enjoy his handiwork. And maybe, when all is said and done, he can make a few bucks planning new buildings to replace those devastated by the mysterious quake.

Scarecrow– Someone needs to get him right. I haven’t seen Scarecrow done well, outside of the animated stuff, since Dixon used him in Nightwing. Do it DC! Do it!

Tally Man HeadshotTally Man– Match up his incredibly creepy appearance with a motivation so shattered by tragedy that it is unrecognizable and you have yourself a villain!

He needs out of Gotham though. In Gotham, he’s a dime a dozen villain. In Metropolis, though? He becomes a boogieman, a guy in swirling robes who shows up, without rhyme or reason, demanding that “everyone must be the Tally Man” and then simply kills those that won’t. He has no interest in fighting Superman and has no ego that will lead him into battle with Big Blue. Thus, Metropolis has a creepy killer dedicated to staying under the radar, a threat that cannot simply be punched because it cannot easily be found.

Zeiss– Another Gothamite who I think would benefit from taking his act on the road, Zeiss is master hand-to-hand combatant who is entirely mercenary in his disposition. Against Batman, that is a bit “eh”, but what if he came to Texas? As the employee of a rival minor crime boss to Brenda’s aunt, he could throw some earth bound chaos into Jaime’s life. And wouldn’t it be great to see the thin, inconsequential appearing Zeiss just lay out Peacemaker?

Invisible Destroyer HeadshotThe Invisible Destroyer– Several years ago, DC decimated one of its fictional countries with a nuclear bomb. In the DCU time, it probably hasn’t been more than 2 years. The Invisible Destroyer feeds on radiation for strength. Anyone else see a match made in heaven here?

After a year or so of dwelling in the fallout and consuming it, the Invisible Destroyer is more powerful than ever. No longer does he want for Dr. Martin Philips to be unconscious. Now he is completely in control.

With the Green Lanterns distracted off planet by Guardian politics, the Destroyer feels himself free to run amok. And run amok he does, laying waste to a South American country before declaring it his own. From there, he begins to escalate hostilities between himself and neighboring countries. He’s driving these nations to the brink of nuclear war so he can consume more power and grow stronger still. His only goal is being stronger and he cares not for what has to happen for him to achieve it. Of course, when the JLA notices…

I also would put Black Hand on my list, but I think that might be a bit unnecessary considering his heavily hinted at role in the Darkest Night saga Mr. Johns has a-brewing in Green Lantern.

Stone King is hosting a talent contest

Who is one villain that the JLA has never fought who’d make a great JLA villain?

I was going to say Roulette and just cut and paste my answer from above, but then I realized that Roulette wouldn’t really be fighting the JLA. So then I got to thinking; who is powerful enough to face the JLA and actually be a formidable foe?

Then I had to figure out which of those formidable characters hadn’t already gone toe-to-toe with the League. I ended up with single character who made a single appearance.

In the forgettable Team Superman #1 the Anti-Hero made his debut. The Anti-Hero was build up as an ancient universal menace; a guy who preyed on superhumans throughout the universe. He’d track them down, kill them and then have access to their powers.

But he was also like an urban myth (if that’s even applicable in a universal sense) because no one had ever seen him and his victims would just disappear.

To make a brief story shorter, he was bested by Team Superman and revealed to be a small reptilian creature in huge humanoid armor.

Still, a guy who’s been killing powerful heroes for eons and has access to the powers of everyone he’s killed seems like a guy who could take on the JLA (if you leave about the part about him being defeated by Team Superman) right?

I hope so, but it sounds like a great idea.

Is there anyone you think would make a good big “league” villain, Tim?

I, on the other hand, have no such qualms about choosing the Invisible Destroyer. Using the scenario above, the JLA is stuck with their Achilles heel. Do they intercede in political matters for the greater good? Surely a nuclear war is bad, but would removing Invisible Destroyer make things worse? If the people of the country he’s taken over have begun to pledge allegiance to him, does the JLA have the right to remove him?

Questions abound…questions abound.

Dhaise is a secret agent man

If you could pick 5 characters to go undercover with the villains in the DCU, who would they be?

Going undercover is a concept that is very near and dear to my heart. And while I did love Justice League Elite it’s not the reason for my undercover love. The reason I love undercover so much is because of 21 Jump Street. Cops posing as high school students? It was a genius show, way ahead of it’s time. And it launched more careers than vaudeville! Do you think that Donnie Brasco would have been any good had Johnny Depp not honed his skill at playing undercover during his time on 21 Jump Street?

And if you can’t see how 21 Jump Street is directly responsible for Martin Scorsese winning his first Oscar, you’re just insane.

And the theme song! That song was classic! Now I myself have never been an undercover cop, but I feel like I have, because I think that theme song perfectly captures the life of an undercover cop. The paranoia, the quick decisions, the harmony. Every time I hear it, I break out in a cold sweat because I’m transported to being an undercover cop. In a high school.

What was the question again? Oh, that’s right, which heroes I’d like to see go undercover.

I guess I’ve got to go for plausible “who could pull off ‘bad guy’ realistically” as my main factor when selecting folks. Up until recently I’d have said Nightwing, but his undercover bit in Gotham Underground is doing nothing for me. Still, I can think of some good undercover folks.

Mr. Terrific (Holt) HeadshotMr. Terrific – I could totally see Michael Holt going undercover. I could see him getting close to a villain as their right hand man or something. Imagine how easy his initiation would be if he had to steal something without being seen by cameras?

Red Arrow – I’d like to see Red Arrow do the whole “former sidekick gone bad” thing. Look at it like this; he’s a former junkie who’s got a kid with a world class assassin. Roulette is taking bets on when he’s going to cross over into being a villain.

Manhunter (Kate) HeadshotManhunter – Realistically it wouldn’t be that hard for her to switch sides a) it’s been so long since anyone’s seen her and b) it’d help explain the absence.

Damage – Actually I wouldn’t mind if he just went bad as opposed to going undercover. But think about it, he’s already notorious for blowing up Atlanta and with his messed up face he’s certainly seems to look the part. Plus his skill set really lends itself to the villainous side of things. I think other villains would buy Damage as a villain.

Geo Force HeadshotGeo-Force – He’s essentially a washed up hero, so the motivation is there. He’s also got Terra as a sister so that works in his favor. Plus if he went undercover it might actually make me care about the guy.

Tim, who would you like to see go undercover?

#1 has to be Argus! Come on, that’s the guy’s entire thing. He was an undercover FBI agent. How hard could it be to transfer that skill set to superhero-ing? Answer: not at all hard. Plus, it has the added benefit of making him a useful character with almost no work.

Plastic Man HeadshotPlastic Man– He’s a former con man who probably still knows some people in the field. Plus, he’s done a fairly convincing Joker in the past, so we know he can hide in plain sight as someone else if the need arises.

Connor Hawke– When he wakes up from this whole brain damage thing, he’s got the perfect excuse: a.) a traumatic brain injury and b.) he’s tired of sticking out his neck for a family that always seems to escape just fine while he ends up in the hospital. He’s done this before as well, briefly joining Lex Luthor’s Injustice Gang (by brief, I mean for like 12 seconds).

Hourman (Rick Tyler) HeadshotHourman– Much like Arsenal, Rick Tyler is a recovering drug addict. Unlike Arsenal, he still uses his drug of choice (so, not so much “recovering”). If he’s willing to endure humiliation, a tabloid blitz about him falling off the wagon that links this instance with his attempts to destroy the android Hourman previously, creates the perfect cover. A drug addicted, rageful hero abandoned by his friends would be easy to sell villains as a reason for turning.

Sand– No one would notice him missing, no one really knows who he is, and it’ll give him something to do. Plus, he has that whole history of being a giant Sand monster, so that probably sells itself.

Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Santiago is better known as Benedict Arnold

Could you list those heroes/villains who have changed sides? Like Superboy Prime, Catwoman & Batgirl III (for some time).

Sure thing. There have been plenty of character who’ve crossed the line between hero and villain. And I’ll try to be as complete as possible.

Goldface – He was a GL/Flash foe back in the day, but most recently he was a union organizer fighting against The Rogues.

Major Disaster – This guy was another GL foe, but he later joined up with the JLA.

Pied Piper – This Flash Rogue became best buds with Wally West.

I thought he sort of became a villain again at the end of Geoff Johns’ Flash. This was supposedly chronicled in a book called Countdown, but this “Countdown” does not exist in my memory.

Trickster – Yet another former Flash Rogue who actually became an FBI agent.

Also went bad again at the end of Johns’ run and had something to do with “Countdown”.

Magenta – She was with the Titans, had a crush on Wally, went crazy, got better, then went bad.

Brainwave Jr – This son of a criminal was heroic with Infinity Inc, but went off the deep end and followed in his father’s footsteps.

Got better. Then joined Black Adam’s anti-JSA squad, in part because of Mr. Mind.

Rampage – She made her debut fighting Superman, but eventually became a hero in her own right.

She was recently bad again in Teen Titans, but that seemed to stem from the Starro on her face.

Heatwave – Surprise, another Flash Rogue. He ended up working with Cadmus on the pages of Superboy.

He’s bad again, too.

Ravager – She was her father’s daughter. But some training with Nightwing showed her the heroic side of things.

And started out as a non-villainous babysitter.

Jericho – Another of Deathstroke’s spawn. He was heroic with the Titans and villainous when hunting them down.

And is a hero again, albeit one with very little clothing.

Obsidian – He was heroic with Infinity Inc, but then went to the dark side, before getting some help and becoming heroic again.

Atom Smasher – Hero with Infinity Inc and JSA, but took a detour to the evil side. He’s still somewhere in the middle.

Black Adam – Was a villain, then linked up with the JSA for a spell. But then he destroyed an entire country.

Triumph – Was a forgotten hero, then became a decent tortured villain.

Terra – She went undercover as a hero, but was really bad. Does that count?

Raven – Yet another Titan. Her father’s influence made her evil.

Mr. Bones – Was a bad guy who fought against Infinity Inc, later sort of became a member. Later yet, he became head of the DEO.

Solomon Grundy – Speaking of Infinity Inc, that’s where Solomon Grundy showed his less than evil side, which showed up again on the pages of Starman.

The Shade – Speaking of Starman it’s also where The Shade showed that he wasn’t all bad.

Windfall – She was a member of the Masters of Disaster, but switched sides to join the Outsiders. But now she’s part of the Suicide Squad.

Plastique – Speaking of the Suicide Squad, Plastique was a baddie, but she eventually married Captain Atom.

That, however, went south, and she’s Suicide Squad again.

Monarch – Speaking of Captain Atom he was a hero who became Monarch.

Extant – Speaking of Monarch, Hawk was a hero who became Monarch, who became Extant. Though Monarch and Extant were both bad.

Let’s take a short detour to some character who may have never fully crossed the line between bad and good, but have had periods of “grey.”

Bane, Captain Boomerang (both), Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Golden Glider, Deathstroke, Red Tornado, Lady Shiva, Bronze Tiger, Golden Age Harlequin.

Now back to more who’ve played both sides of the fence.

Catwoman – Was bad, now good.

Hal Jordan – Was a good guy who did some bad things as Parallax. Now he’s good again.

Kyle Rayner – Ditto.

Batgirl – Ditto, except for the part about Parallax.

Superboy-Prime – Was a good guy, but Infinite Crisis showed him as a bad guy.

Alex Luthor – Ditto.

Beast Boy – He was good, got a little dark, but he’s good again.

Cyborg – Same here.

Power Boy – Was introduced as a Titan, but later tried to rape Supergirl.

Then almost joined Cyborg’s Titans East squad before being impaled on a tree. So…good again?

Jason Todd – He was Robin, but since being resurrected he’s not quite the good guy Batman wants him to be. It must be all that beheading.

Ambush Bug – Was originally a villain, but was just too awesome to contain.

Snapper Carr – Was the JLA mascot, turned into the pawn of the Joker, became a hero and later mentored Young Justice.

Those are all of the characters that I can think of right now, but I’m probably forgetting a few.

Tim, can you think of any that I’m forgetting?

Does Nightwing’s stint as a mobster and “Renegade” count?

I’m think it shouldn’t because there is only one “Renegade” and his name is Lorenzo Lamas.

Lorenzo Lamas- THE Renegade

Mmm…look at that hair.

I think that’s going to have to be it for this column. We’ll be back next week with more Q&A fun. Feel free to email me your questions (mathan@insidepulse.com) or post them on our thread

Before I go, here’s my question to you this week; which character would you like to see go undercover?

“Maybe this weight is a gift, like I had to see what I could lift.”

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