Jake Roberts Issues New Statement


Jake “The Snake” Roberts issued the following statement through his MySpace blog, addressing the lessons he has learned in rehab, the Hall of Fame rumors, his future in wrestling and more…

New Message from Jake Roberts

Almost 53 years ago, I hit the ground a-running. Most of the time didn’t even look to see where I was going. I can say now without being ashamed that I made a lot of choices that were wrong. It’s amazing with all those that I chose, that I’m still alive today. Three months ago, I made a great choice. One that has given me the opportunity to get my life under control and start enjoying all that I have sewn. It has been very tough and hard to do what had to be done. There were times that I really felt like getting up and hitting the ground a-running again.

There were a lot of things that kept me from doing this. Number one: my children. Number two: family. Three: myself. Four: fans and friends. Those were the most important. You see, I’ve neglected all of the above most of my life. Oh, I showed up to holidays, some birthdays, and events, but I was never completely there. You see, for many years, I didn’t take care of anything in my life including the above, my mind, or my health. I was shooting through the sky and the world like a shooting star. It amazes me and confirms to me that there is a God and my God simply has something else for me to do. You see, I should have fallen to earth a long time ago.

For me, I had to reach a point where I had absolutely nothing left to lose. The hard part was living long enough for that to happen. But by the grace of God, I did it. You see, being stubborn, headstrong and gifted isn’t necessarily a good thing. That allowed me to survive–if you want to call it that. My heart was beating but I wasn’t living, feeling, smelling, touching, hearing, or seeing … just existing. At the end, I was praying that I could somehow get to rehab and try one last time to exorcise the demons that have lived in me so long. My prayer was answered, through God, by Vince McMahon and the WWE.

For whatever reason, I am so thankful, grateful, and owe my life to the WWE. That is a huge statement and one that I don’t enjoy saying due to the amount of shame that it brings. I put that shame aside and got my ass and mind and soul into the rehab. They have done nothing but be the most supportive and accommodating and helpful and hopeful and inspiring. Basically, they have stood in the corner and been the anchor while I was in the ring for the fight of my life. No, not wrestling, but a fight that would seal my fate.

Three months with two weeks to go, I have made the most amazing transition from hell to heaven on earth. No, I’m not getting soft, mushy, or living on a pink cloud. I’m just telling you the damned truth. You see, none of you have walked in my shoes and none of you should wish that on your worst enemy. I am proud of myself and of the WWE for giving me an opportunity that I would have never believed possible just a short time ago.

The rehab therapist physiologist and treatment team damned sure had a full tub of crap to work with. They were diligent, supportive, brutal, and loving. They picked me up when I couldn’t stand up. They supported me and helped me walk. They guided me so I could see. I can never thank them enough, but I’ll damned sure try. The way I’ll do that is try my best and dedicate myself to a better life , a sober existence, and try in every way to encourage others who are in the same dilemma.

So guys, and girls, don’t be afraid, don’t be shy, and most of all, don’t be stupid. If you are hurting and doing some of the same, reach out and get help. You may not be as far along as I was, but consider this … you may not live long enough to get as far along as I was. You see, I’ve always been a freak of nature. Not by choice, but Divine intervention.

I am now available for bookings whether it be wrestling, acting, autographs, appearances, motivational speaking, tug of war, jello wrestling (a new favorite, I sure won’t eat it..) and just about anything else. Reason being not only do I need to work, but I want to. That is different. You see, before, I had to work to support my addiction.

Speaking of addictions, I want say this: in the beginning, I enjoyed tremendously every drink and drug that I did. Had some wonderful times. But that is a nasty hook and lie that will wind up consuming you. When it’s a choice, there is a right and wrong. When it becomes an addiction, it’s all that matters. The addiction becomes you, and you become the addiction. All that you do in your life will be centered around this disease.

I can also tell you that I’m not ashamed or angry that I’m an alcoholic and drug addict. On the contrary, I’m quite thankful. You see, if I weren’t afflicted with this disease, then the only excuse I would have had would be because I was a complete world record-holding asshole. I never wanted nor have I met anyone whose dream was to grow-up and become a statistic and a fatality to something that I originally chose to do.

As far as these rumors that fly about Wrestlemania and /or HOF, I have not been approached or spoken to–in any form or fashion–to be a part or even appear. It’s a wonderful thing to have fans that appreciate what I have done and can look past my mistakes. I want to thank the fans and friends that have expressed their feelings. Someday, I have no doubt that I will be inducted. Why, you might ask? I’ll tell you why. No one has ever been able to stop me from doing anything that I wanted to do. I was the only one that could stop me. Good news is, I don’t think with my brain anymore when it comes to the right and wrong. I simply listen to my heart. You see, my mind could justify anything, but my heart knows the truth. Truth is … it would be wrong to induct me at this time simply because it would look bad having a new world champion that is already being inducted to the HOF. Oops! Now you know just one of my goals. The rest will be shared as needed.

Fair warning … there are 13 days left before the snake (the NEW snake) will be released. That is good news for most, and bad news for those who want to get in my way. Looking forward to seeing you all again and showing you the reward for all your help, love, support kindness and faithfulness that has created a new beginning for a proud, wiser, healthier, older, and optimistic human being.

Jake Roberts
March 9, 2008

P.S. Thanks again to all, particularly TEAM SNAKE.

Jake was also interviewed recently by Chris Yandek. We wish Jake the best as he gets ready to leave the facility and move forward in his life.

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