WrestleMania News, Carlito/Punk Heat & More

There are no plans for an ECW title match at WrestleMania. There may be one on the pre-show as a DVD exclusive or they may run an interbrand Battle Royal in that spot instead. C.M. Punk is apparently back in the proverbial doghouse for all the usual reasons about his working style, attitude, etc.

At the 1st March house show Carlito cut a promo wearing a C.M. Punk T-shirt with Punk’s face cut out, saying that he had run out of toilet paper so he used Punk’s face instead. The show was in Louisville, where Punk is based, but the two allegedly have some real-life bad blood due to Carlito hitting on Maria when she was dating Punk. The WrestleMania promo with him and Maria is meant to be a take-off of that, though presumably the seagull aspect was pure fiction. Carlito’s relationship with management has improved greatly since he agreed to stay with the company. They promised to use him in better roles so he wound up in Money in the Bank rather than in a tag match with Santino Marella.

In a somewhat ironic development, WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, is finalising a TV deal with a CW network affiliate in the Tampa area.

WWE.com is planning an exclusive cartoon series aimed at 6-8 year olds.

Chris Jericho’s second book, Undisputed Attitude, will cover his career from his WWF debut in 1999, his departure in 2005, his various media gigs before his return, and the impact of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit dying.

Jim Ross was keen to get Floyd Mayweather pushed as a heel but WWE didn’t listen. They thought Mayweather was booed in Las Vegas because he is well known there, and booed in Los Angeles and Anaheim because they are Oscar De La Hoya towns.

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