TNA News Round-up: Destination X, Sting, Angle, Creative, Abyss & More


Here are some post-Destination X notes:

– TNA President Dixie Carter spoke with fans at the PPV and watched from ringside.
– Brian and Earl Hebner were refs at the show, with Dave Hebner visiting backstage.
– Morale was said to be really high, and the entire roster flew to Orlando together.
– James Storm was not injured during the Elevation X.

The above was originally reported by Also, a post-Destination X footage was recently showcased on TNA Today…


Some additional TNA notes: as an article on Joel Anderson, the Survivor participant that’s now training for pro wrestling. says he is training with TNA agent Pat Kenney (Simon Diamond) and Johnny Stamboli (RelliK), and talking regularly with Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash, both of whom are high on him.

– Kurt Angle was interviewed by the UK Sunabout leaving WWE, Benoit, HHH, TNA booking, Awesome Kong & more…

– Sting is currently taking time off to be with his family, but will be back in TNA in a few months, according to

– Abyss is helping in the creative process and is being taken off of TV for the time being, according to

– The creative team, according to, consists of Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantel and Vince Russo, with Abyss and Jeremy Borash contributing regularly and Mike Tenay possibly also involved. They meet at Jarrett’s house to discuss creative, then Russo writes the actual show, and tweaks are made via phone and email. Tenay runs 45-minute production meetings on show-days, with some changes occurring, usually on the production side. There have also been assumptions made that Kurt Angle contributes at least to his own storylines.

– says that Jay Lethal and So Cal Val’s date vignettes are expected to appear on Impact soon. has reported that the online system crashed due to so much interest in purchasing tickets to the UK shows.

– In a recent conference call with press, Shelley & Sabin recent TNA conference call talked about watching Midnight Express tapes from Cornette, impersonation gimmicks & more. (Click the above link for’s coverage of the call.)

– Carter recently met with Congressional staffers in Washington, DC, about steroids, says

– Finally, TNA has launched new fan message boards.

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