The Quest

We’ve all read the endless amounts of fantasy “experts” advice for baseball, football, basketball, hockey and every other sport they’ve made a fantasy game for. And we’ve all at one point and time thought we knew better than them. Well, this baseball season I’m going to attempt to prove that I am, in fact, better than them. This is My Quest to Become, A Self Proclaimed Fantasy Baseball Expert

Ok, enough with the intro, here are my guidelines. I’ve joined a basic Yahoo! fantasy baseball league and participated in a live draft. In the live draft I broke the most sacred of all “Fantasy Baseball Rules” and drafted closers heavily. That is enough of a mortal baseball sin, but I did it early, spending my first 5 picks on the top closers, which would surely make any true fantasy experts head explode.

And yet, I stand here…well…I’m sitting even though I hit my tushy on a dorm frame yesterday after a joke went terribly, terribly wrong…and it hurts, but none the less, I’m here and feel like I got a pretty good team, but the season will tell, and you’ll be able to follow my journey to obscurity with me. Now I’m not promising weekly updates, monthly may be more like it, but I’ll keep you semi up to date on standings and moves and such that get made throughout the season.

So here it is, my fantasy team to test my expertise

Catcher – Geovany Soto (Cubs)
First Baseman – Adrian Gonzalez (Padres)
Second Baseman – Asdrubal Cabrera (Indians)
Shortstop – Yunel Escobar (Braves)
Third Baseman – Ryan Zimmerman (Nats)
Outfielder #1 – Corey Hart (Brewers)
Outfielder #2 – Matt Kemp (Dodgers)
Outfilelder #3 – Willy Taveras (Rockies)
Utility Player – Justin Upton (Diamondbacks)
Bench – Kevin Kouzmanoff (Padres)
Bench – Freddy Sanchez (Pirates)
Bench – Adam LaRoche (Pirates)

Starting Pitcher #1 – Tim Lincecum (Giants)
Starting Pitcher #2 – Chad Billingsley (Dodgers)
Relief Pitcher #1 – Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox)
Relief Pitcher #2 – JJ Putz (Mariners)
Pitcher #1 – Francisco Rodriguez (Angels)
Pitcher #2 – Joe Nathan (Twins)
Pitcher #3 – Bobby Jenks (White Sox)
Bench – Ian Snell (Pirates)
Bench – Jon Lester (Red Sox)

Thats the challenge I’ve laid before myself. Think I’m an idiot? Feel free to sign up and comment below. Or go yell at me in the forums. While you’re in the forums, make sure to sign up for the forums own fantasy baseball league so you can play the soon to be Self Proclaimed Fantasy Baseball Expert head to head. If you dare…

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