Suburban Noize Records (03/18/08)
Rap / Rock

It’s almost impossible to find absolutely nothing redeeming in an album.

On DGAF’s debut offering (a self-titled album which is a clever acronym for “don’t give a f***”), well, they make it a lot easier than expected.

The band’s music can best be described as hardcore rap with a punk sensibility. So, while the beats aren’t entirely forgettable, they can only be considered pedestrian at best—for what it’s worth, that’s the best praise I can muster.

Aside from that, there’s not much more here. The cadence and delivery isn’t anything new, as it’s all been done before, and a lot better than anywhere on this album. And it doesn’t look like DGAF has anything to offer lyrically, either. Every single song is so expletive-laden that whatever message the band is trying to convey is almost completely lost. Those “messages” you can decipher are pretty much mundane (“we’re so great” and “we’re the life of every party”, repeated ad nauseum). Add to that several nonsensical chants of “DGAF” and disgustingly misogynistic or pro-drug-reliant lyrics, and that’s pretty much the entire album in a nutshell. I’m fine with swearing in music, when it’s used to accentuate a thought or message, and where it proves some sort of point. But when that’s all you have to offer… well, I don’t know who wants to listen to “F the world” for 40-plus minutes.

This entire forgettable “album” can basically be summed up in one word: Whatever. I’m pretty sure everyone has something better to do with their time than listen to this supposed “music”, which has nothing to offer anyone except hate and bile.