Maria: “I feel like a super hero”

In an interview with’s Zack Zeigler, Maria Kannelis compares the WWE Divas to super heroes, talks about being in Playboy and calls Raw’s John Cena and ECW’s CM Punk the true good guys of WWE. When asked who in WWE most reminds her of a super hero she says, “CM Punk because he’s not only fighting evil in the ring, but he does it outside of the ring too; Punk is against drug use, drinking and promiscuous sex. He really is the ‘Straightedge Superstar.’ His passions toward his causes are as solid as Captain America’s shield. Although I don’t like putting Punk over—and I hope you put that part in there—he does do a lot of good things, like a super hero does.”

She has also recently been interviewed by SLAM! Wrestling and the UK Sun.

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