Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Coverage of TNA Impact – 3/27/08

We’re three weeks from Lockdown and things are hitting a whole new level. Impact is LIVE tonight! You know what that means? Vince Russo has live television in a prime time spot for the first time since 2001. This is going to be good.

We open up to Booker TNA brawling with Robert Roode in the crowd, they bring it into the ring and Payton Brooks runs in. Tracie Brooks jiggles her way down to the ring right after and security quickly follows to break it up.

Cut to Don West and Tenay who announce our matches. Alex Shelley vs Devine later on in a Lockdown Xscape match qualifier, AJ Styles/Tomko vs Angle, ??? vs Kong, Sting’s return.

Cornette announces that Roode vs Booker will happen tonight and the fans can pick the stipulation: an I Quit match, Last Man Standing or First Blood (FB was heavily pushed).

JB is in the back with AJ Styles and Tomko training, AJ is wearing a wrestling outfit.

Lockdown X Division Xscape Match Qualifier:
Alex Shelly vs Johnny Devine w/ Team 3D

Davine takes it to Shelly early on but Shelly hits a “code breaker’ and tornado DDT to shift the tide in his favor. However D-Von trips up Shelly and Devine takes advantage. Head scissors by Shelly to get the momentum back but Davine rolls him up for a quick two count. Shelly dropkicks off the apron followed by a suicide dive.

commercial break

Devine whacks Alex Shelley with a camera post he got from the PCS days and then nails him with a Jay Driller for the win (Dammit).
Winner: Johnny Devine

We go to a video of Jay Lethal and So Cal in a gym, he wants her to help him work out. She agrees and he begins pumping the iron with her as his spotter. Sonjay runs over and asks if he can help her with her pecks. She says sure and drops the weight on Lethal.

Backstage with Booker TNA, he’s angry about God knows what and says he wants Roode’s blood. His BLOOD. Ya Dig?

Commercial Break

Team 3D cuts a promo saying that they won’t bother Sting if he doesn’t bother them. The lights turn off and Team 3D gets very scared, the lights turn back on and we cut to the ring.

Droz is in attendance!

Scott Steiner, Petey Williams, and Raka Kahn vs Homicide, Hernandez, Salinas

Cide and Petey fight it out but the Big Bad Booty Daddy throws Cide out. Hernandez comes in and battle it out, Hernandez takes it to them and tags to Homicide. Double teaming begins on Petey but Petey hits Cide from behind after to much taunting. Spin kick followed by a tag to Steiner. Scott begins his belly to belly suplexes and the crowd begins chanting “over selling!”

Top rope belly to belly suplex, followed by a crap load of drowned out bleeping(gotta love Steiner). Tag to Petey but Cide nails the Gringo Stunner. Cide tags to Hernandez and cleans house with a crap load of power moves to Petey. Raka Kahn comes in to break up a pin but Salinas jumps ontop of her only to get thrown down. Hernandez flies over the top rope. Petey reveres a Gringo Killer to a Canadian Destroyer but that gets revered into a T-Bone Suplex for a pin.
Winners: LAX

Video package hyping BG vs Kip but since no one cares, so I won’t elaborate.

Commercial break

Interview with Karen Angle:
She says she knows she made the right decision on leaving Kurt and that he’s obsessed with Samoa Joe (ew?) 24/7.

Hype for picking Kong’s opponent and picking the Roode/Booker TNA match (Hmm I can only wonder what match it’s going to be)

Commercial Break

Video package of Joe training in a cage.

Mike Tenay tells us Joe is here via satellite. He says he’s ready for Lockdown and the TNA title will be his, and he’ll put back Honor and Respect into the belt (ROH anyone?).

Holy crap! Frank Trigg is on commentary!

Sparring Session:
Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles/Tomko

Angle and Tomko start it off and they trade punches and do some mat work. Time up.

AJ Styles in for the next minuet. He avoids Angle the entire time. Time up.

Tomko in and he’s busted above the eye. Tomko gets some leverage this time but Angle still gets the better of him. Time up.

AJ Styles gets in and Angle finally snaps and starts shoving him around. Tomko gets in to break it up. Christian comes out and says Angle is making a fool of himself and if he wants a real sparring session he has the best three guys to do it with in him and Rhyno and Nash. They attack, 3D hits the ring, table set up, lights go off and Sting cleans house. He doesn’t want to wait for Lockdown so its Team Tomko vs Team Cage tonight!
Winner: No Contest

Commercial break

Roode interview, he wants Booker’s blood and at Lockdown he wants his wife’s.

First Blood Match:
Robert Roode vs Booker T

Booker’s pyro was going on for quite a long time, even while the match was going on. Booker dominates the match with kicks and a spinebuster. Attempt at the Ax Kick but fail, attempt for the Book End, fail. However Keeeng Boooka flips Roode over the top rope and to the floor.

Commercial break

And we’re back with Roode hitting a DDT on the apron to Booker. The Roode one throws a chair into the ring and sets it up. Booker fights him off but gets drop toe hold onto the chair. Roode sets the chair in the corner. Chops to Booker in the opposite corner and a whip that gets reversed sending Robby back first into the steel. Roode fends off Booker’s assault and grabs the chair but Booker blocks it, Book goes for a Van Daminator but Rood ducks and throws the chair at Booker Sabu style.

Rood goes for another shot but hits the ropes, sending the chair back into his face. Roode to the outside followed by Booker which is followed by brawling. Rob tries a piledriver but those never work so he gets dropped onto his back and catapulted into the ring post. After spending several moments under the ring apron, it’s declared he’s busted!
Winner: Booker T

Backstage with Awesome Kong, her chick friend says it doesn’t matter who is voted as her opponent and she’ll destroy whoever it is.

TNA Knockout’s Championship Title:
Awesome Kong (c) w/ Saeed vs ODB

ODB and Kong start off each showing their power but ODB makes a big mistake trying to slam her, ending up in Kong just landing on her. ODB gets back to her feet but Kong with chops to her plastic chest. Kong continues the attack with a bad camel clutch. Big Splash in the corner to ODB, another, better, camel clutch. The crowd gets loud for ODB which allows her to energize and get out. Clotheslines to ODB but Kong misses a big splash to the mat. ODB nip ups and tries some fists, some clotheslines, and a dropkick but nothing knocks Kong down.

ODB goes up top, takes a swig from her flask and leaps off for a two count. ODB gets another nearfall with a face crusher but Kong gets up and nails the spinning back fist followed by the Awesome Bomb for the win.
Winner and still champion: Awesome Kong

8 Man Tag:
Team 3D, AJ Styles, Tomko vs Kevin Nash, Christian Cage, Rhyno, Sting

Cage and AJ start it off, Cage tries an unprettier early but it fails. Hits AJ with a big elbow and leaps off the second with a nice corkscrew for a two count. AJ tags to Tomko. After some whopping on Tomko Cage tags to Nash. They lock horns with Tomko getting the advantage in the corner but runs out into a sidewalk slam. Tag to Rhyno. Tag to Bubba. ECW!

Double shoulderblock by Team 3D, Rhyno and D-Von trade off. Rhyno gets a near fall. The War Machine attackes Styles and Tomko in Team Tomko’s corner but gets tripped up and dragged crotch first into the post. D-Von gets a two count after a big slam. Tag to Bubba. Bubba Dudley goes up top and nails a big splash for another near fall. Tag to Tomko. Rhyno getting raped in Team Tomko’s corner.

He tries to fight back but Tomko stops him, tag to Bubba. Leg scissors around the body of Rhyno. The crowd tries to get Rhyno out but AJ gets in and stops him, nice dropkick and a tag to Bubba who begins working on Rhyno in the corner. Rhyno avoids D-Von’s splash attempt in the corner and clotheslnes Bubba. Tag to Sting!

And the Black and White attack cleans house all over the damn arena. Stinger splash, Stinger splash, Stinger splash! Gorilla press to AJ and tosses him onto Tomko on the outside. Scorpion Death lock, but Bubba breaks it. Everyone rushes the ring now, Scorpion Deathlock to Tomko, Bubba breaks the pin. Reverse 3D to Sting. Chokeslam to Ray by Nash. Tomko nails Nash and Cage, but Cage reverses into a Tornado DDT. Sting tosses out AJ. GORE! GORE! GORE BY RHYNO!

Scorpion Death Lock to D-Von and he taps.
Winners: Sting, Kevin Nash, Christian Cage, Rhyno.

Post Match: James Storm hits the ring and breaks a beer bottle over Sting’s head. Team Tomko cleans house and stands proudly over the faces. Fade out.


+ LAX winning

+ The main event not having any commercials

+ D-Von tripping on a wire


– Roode really jobbing out. He looked pretty weak in this match. Granted heels aren’t supposed to be strong, but he just looked like a glorified jobber out there.

-Sting returning. I love Sting, respect the man, but damn would I prefer to see a pushed Kaz in his spot instead at Lockdown (You KNOW thats what it’s leading to)

I think the show was average. Not to much was bad at all, but nothing was great either. It was a good way to set Sting up as the last man for Cage’s team for Lethal Lockdown but with James Storm coming back, they have to have yet another man join Cage’s team within two weeks. Could it be overkill? I think it may be. Unless they put in Eric Young, then I see Lethal Lockdown being a handicap match.

Good vibes to everyone, read ya next week.