ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series 3.21.08

Just because you don’t recognize the names doesn’t mean that these guys can’t put on a good show.

Malaipet vs. Thomas Denny (Lightweight Bout)
Ref: Herb Dean

Denny lives up to his “Wildman” nickname as he comes rushing towards Malaipet at the bell. All that effort, however, gets him caught in a headlock. Denny beings Malaipet to the ground. Malaipet tries to get to his feet but Denny sommersaults him into a rear naked choke. Pretty sweet stuff there. Denny has the choke in deep but Malaipet is able to escape it. Denny moves into full mount. Malaipet has been on defense the whole fight. Denny lands short elbows from the mount. This goes on for a good two minutes. Hammerfists follow until Malaipet gets to his feet with about 30 seconds to go in the round. He has Denny in a headlock and lands a knee but follows it up with three elbows to the back of Denny’s head. That, of course, is illegal. Denny gets an injury timeout but tells the doctor he cannot continue to fight effectively and the fight is called off. The winner is Thomas Denny by DQ.

Televised Undercard

– Mark Oshiro scored a first round KO over Chris Cariaso. Oshiro dropped Cariaso with a right hand.

– Shane Del Rosario defeated Analu Brash by TKO in the first round. Del Rosario knocked Brash off of his feet with a kick. He followed up with ground and pound until the ref had no choice but to stop the contest.

– Jaime Fletcher won a unanimous decision over Aaron Rosa. Fletcher knocked Rosa down in the third but was unable to finish him.

– Conor Heun eked out a unanimous decision over Marlon Mathias in the fight of the night. Mathias out-striked Heun but Heun used takedowns to control the fight when it went to the ground. The third round was controlled on the ground by Heun. The crowd turned on the decision, seeing Mathias as the winner. Strikers are always the crowd favorite.

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