2008 MLB Preview – Tailgate Crashers Picks The Winner

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Tailgate Crashers predicts the future.

These will go into the locked-tight TGC Archive to be unsealed at the end of the season for bragging rights.

NL East

Aaron: NY Mets
Chad: NY Mets
Eugene: New York Mets
Hulse: New York
Tom: NY Mets

NL Central

Aaron: Chicago Cubs
Chad: Milwaukee Brewers
Eugene: Milwaukee Brewers
Hulse: Milwaukee Brewers
Tom: Sorry Cubbies, maybe after the next centennial. Milwaukee Brewers.

NL West

Aaron: Arizona Diamondbacks
Chad: Arizona Diamondbacks
Eugene: Arizona Diamondbacks
Hulse: Arizona Diamondbacks
Tom: San Diego Padres.

AL East

Aaron: Boston Red Sox
Chad: Boston Pink Sox
Eugene: Boston Red Sox
Hulse: Boston Red Sox
Tom: New York Yankees

AL Central

Aaron: Cleveland Indians
Chad: Cleveland Indians
Eugene: Detroit Tigers
Hulse: Detroit Tigers
Tom: Detroit Tigers.

AL West

Aaron: Los Angeles Angels
Chad: LAA Angels
Eugene: Los Angeles Angels
Hulse: Seattle Mariners
Tom: Is there anyone that isn’t going to pick the Angels to win this division? Los Angeles Angels


Aaron: Philadelphia Phillies, Detroit Tigers
Chad: Philadelphia Phillies, Detroit Tigers
Eugene: San Diego Padres and Cleveland Indians
Tom: Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox
Hulse: San Diego Padres, Cleveland Indians


Aaron: Arizona over Philadelphia, NY Mets over Chicago
Chad: Zona over Phillies
Mets over Brewers
Eugene: Mets over Padres and D’Backs over Brewers
Hulse: New York over San Diego/Arizona over Milwaukee
Tom: Mets over Astros, Brewers over Dodgers.


Aaron: Cleveland over Los Angeles, Detroit over Boston
Chad: Tigers over Boston, Cleveland over LAA
What do you mean central bias? I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Eugene: Indians over Red Sox and Tigers over Angels
Hulse: Detroit over Seattle/Cleveland over Boston
Tom: Tigers over Red Sox. Mike Scioscia’s Yankee Voodoo Doll over the Yankees.


Aaron: Arizona over NY Mets
Chad: Mets over Zona
Eugene: Mets
Hulse: New York over Arizona
Tom: Mets over Brewers.


Aaron: Cleveland over Detroit
Chad: Cleveland over Detroit
Eugene: Tigers
Hulse: Detroit over Cleveland
Tom: Detroit over Los Angeles.

World Series

Aaron: Arizona over Cleveland
Chad: Cleveland over Johan Santana. For whatever reason, Santana SUCKS against the Indians.
Eugene: Tigers
Hulse: New York over Detroit in 7
Tom: Mets over Tigers.