Latest Mania Weather Forecast, Rey’s Contract, Elijah vs. Kofi & More

News is currently reporting a 30% chance of precipitation, in the form of isolated thunderstorms, for Sunday in Orlando. (Idea for this post 100% stolen from Jason Powell at!)

Elijah Burke beat Kofi Kingston in the finals of WWE’s annual videogame tournament. is reporting that the most talked about Mania match among talent seems to be Flair vs. Michaels, with many expecting it to steal the show. The site also reports that the WrestlemaniArt event was a fun, classy evening featuring appearances by Linda McMahon, Vickie Guerrero, Shannon Moore, Chuck Palumbo and Jerry Lawler.

In an interview on Between The Ropes, Carlito admitted that he’s still not 100% happy with his character, but it’s better than it was at the time he had his “release papers” in hand a while back. He said he hated being a babyface, that Vince is a great guy and things have smoothed over with WWE.

Jason Powell has reported at that Rey Mysterio’s contract ends late this year or early next, and he is renegotiating for a larger downside guarantee with the thought that Chris Jericho and Big Show came back to WWE with more lucrative deals than he has.

Alfonso Castillo at is blogging live from Orlando throughout WrestleMania weekend.

There is a TON of Mania coverage over at the Orlando Sentinel, including a story on Vince McMahon’s control over the wrestling industry, a blunt look at steroids and death in wrestling and much more. Click here for all of the paper’s coverage of WWE and non-WWE wrestling taking place locally this weekend.

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