The SmackDown Report

We kick off right away with the big red machine, Kane, making his entrance.

WrestleMania 24 Preview: Kane vs. The Great Khali vs. Chuck Palumbo vs. Mark Henry
I’m not sure why they would advertise the match only to bump it down to status, since I think it would’ve been better served as an ECW Main Event or something. Kane fights them off to begin, even getting a running DDT on Henry. Palumbo with a big boot to Kane. Palumbo charges at Kane but gets eliminated early on. Khali and Henry focus on Kane until Henry turns on Khali and … keeps going after Kane. Kane with running clotheslines to Henry and Khali. Kane goes for a second on Henry, but Henry strikes first. Khali Bomb on Kane. Henry eliminates Kane?! We’re down to Khali and Henry … makes sense with last week’s booking, I figure. Khali chops Henry down, but Henry badly scoops Khali to the outside.
Winner: Mark Henry

Chavo Guerrero attacks Mark Henry from behind, focussing on the knee. Guerrero jumps off the second rope to Henry, but Henry catches him with a World’s Strongest Slam … Are they teasing a face turn with Henry? Could be interesting. Anyways. Match was kept mercifully short, which is all that could be asked for. One out of Ten.


Cherry, Eve and Michelle are backstage. Theodore Long tells them who is eliminated this week, complete with random drum music, is Eve Torres. The camera zooms right in on Cherry … so Cherry and Michelle are the final two? That’s unexpected. Maryse and Victoria storm in and aren’t happy, so Theodore Long announces Cherry and Michelle vs. Maryse and Victoria in a wet and wild water fight.

CM Punk vs. John Morrison
Lock up and Punk goes for a takedown, but Morrison reverses and tries for one of his own. Punk gets a hammerlock on Morrison but Morrison trips him into a pinfall for a one count. Morrison with a front facelock, but Punk escapes into a hammerlock. Punk blocks a kick from Morrison, but Morrison gets a very fancy kick to Punk anyways. Suplex from Punk to Morrison for a one count. Punk with a cross body which sends both men to the outside as we head to a commercial break.


We’re back and Punk has Morrison in a head scissors. Sexy. Morrison gets to the ropes to break the head scissors, so Punk kicks him hard. Punk with a flapjack to Morrison. Punk goes to punch Morrison, but Morrison escapes the ring. Punk goes to follow Morrison out of the ring, but Morrison kicks Punk in the foot which trips Punk onto the ring apron. Morrison slides Punk shoulder first into the steel post, and then drags him back into it again. Morrison gets a kick to the weakened shoulder of Punk and covers for a two count. Morrison hooks the arm of Punk. Punk with kicks to Morrison, very nice irish whip exchange ends with a shoulder body toss from Punk. Monkey flip from Punk to Morrison. Punk with a suicide dive to Morrison on the outside. Punk goes up top and jumps off, Morrison ducks but Punk lands on his feet. Morrison charges into a power slam from Punk for a two count, close to a three! Punk goes for a double arm underhook but Morrison escapes, Punk attempts it again and gets a double arm underhook backbreaker. Punk catches a big boot attempt, drags Morrison in for a clothesline but Morrison ducks and nails Punk with a backbreaker of his own, followed by a neckbreaker! Morrison with a series of kicks to Punk, Punk catches a kick and goes for the GTS but Morrison counters into a pinfall situation – Punk escapes and sends Morrison into the corner for the running high knee followed by a bulldog for a two count!

Punk sets Morrison up on the top rope, Morrison gets to his feet on the top rope and PUNK NAILS A HURRICANRANA! Shit that’s cool. Punk covers but Morrison kicks out! Punk goes for GTS, Morrison escapes and goes for his flipping neck breaker but Punk escapes and nails the GTS! Punk covers for the one, two, three!
Winner: CM Punk

Wow. An awesome free television match, about as great as you could ask for from SmackDown nowadays. If I weren’t hyped for the Money In The Bank match now, this and Carlito vs. Benjamin from ECW have surely done the job. Nine out of Ten. You won’t get much better on weekly television nowadays.

Video for Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show.


Video for the Press Conference for WrestleMania, which was held in New York City of course, as all great Press Conferences for an event in Florida should be. Has Randy Orton mentioned that he took out John Cena and beat Triple H in the same week?

The Mix, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Jesse, Festus and Kofi Kingston
The bell rings and Festus happens to Cade. Murdoch in but is greeted by a scoop slam, and Festus follows by knocking Miz off the ring apron. Jesse gets a blind tag and nails Cade with a neck breaker for a one count. Jesse with a headlock but Cade throws Jesse into the corner and tags out to Murdoch. Murdoch with some clubs to Jesse, Jesse with a drop toe hold to Murdoch. Kingston tagged in, in with a springboard elbow to the arm of Murdoch. Cross body gets Kingston a two over Murdoch. Jesse back in . Jesse goes to the second turnbuckle but Miz shoves him to the outside. Simple but effective. Miz in and he covers Jesse for a two count. Miz with knees to Jesse. Cade tagged in, he rakes the forearm across the face of Jesse. Murdoch back in with an elevated leg drop to Jesse for a two count. Murdoch with knees to the spine of Jesse. Jesse blocks a suplex from Murdoch and nails one of his own. Miz in and stops Jesse from tagging out. Miz with a suplex to Jesse for a two count. Full Nelson variation from Miz, raking the face of Jesse the entire time, but Jesse turns it into a jawbreaker. Murdoch runs into a shoulder body toss. Jesse with an enziguri to Miz, Murdoch trips Festus into the ring apron and Kingston gets the hot tag! Kingston with chops and a big time sunset flip to Miz! Russian leg sweep to Miz. Double leg drop to Miz. Murdoch and Cade in to stop a pinfall, Festus in to take out Murdoch and Cade! Kingston with a Jamaican Buzzsaw to Miz for the three count.
Winners: Kofi Kingston, Jesse and Festus

Well that was something. I’d like to see Cade and Murdoch sent over to SmackDown during the next draft. Kingston, Jesse and Festus sure do make an interesting and fun team. Five out of Ten.

Gordon Solie is the final inductee in the Hall Of Fame.


Batista vs. Snitsky
Batista spears to Snitsky right away! Spinebuster! Batista Bomb ends this.
Winner: Batista

-Five out of Ten. But, on the upside, this lasted all of twenty seconds. Post match, Batista power bombs Snitsky onto a steel chair.

Cole and Coach hype up Edge vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania. An awesome video, even if far too short. I hope it’s a preview of the actual video for Edge vs. Undertaker.


Another video for Edge vs. The Undertaker – including Edge cashing in the Money in the Bank contract, Survivor Series and promising he’ll defeat The Undertaker. Very dramatic and all nice like, especially the music. God bless WWE production.


Wet And Wild Match: Eve Torres as Guest Referee: Cherry and Michelle McCool vs. Victoria and Maryse
Victoria is dressed up with floaties and flippes and a snorkel. Water balloon fight to start … Maryse just shows off her being wet. Ha, Victoria runs at Mc but slips thanks to the water. The crowd doesn’t seem to mind these girls getting ages. Victoria hits Mc with a watergun. Mc nails the Wings Of Love for the victory.
Winners: Michelle McCool and Cherry

-Five out of Ten. Now if only we could get London and Kendrick in a match like that. At least Victoria is entertaining.


MVP makes his entrance and, before his match against Jericho, gets on the microphone and says that he will officially be Money In The Bank after WrestleMania.

Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Chris Jericho
Lock up and Jericho gets a headlock over Porter. Jericho with a hammerlock, Porter with a fireman’s carry before his face ends up in Jericho’s crutch care of a head scissor’s. Jericho with an arm bar on Porter, Porter escapes and gets a pinfall attempt over Jericho. Porter forces Jericho into the corner but the pair are separated by the referee. Porter slaps Jericho, and Jericho tackles him down. The two exchange punches on the canvas. Jericho with a chop, an elbow and a slap to Porter. Porter ducks a clothesline only to run right into an elbow from Jericho. Porter rolls outside to pose, and Jericho nails a baseball slide. Jericho slams Porter into the announcer’s table. Jericho returns to the ring and Porter attempts to, but Jericho puts a halt to it. Jericho goes for his trademark springboard dropkick but Porter with a big boot. Nice. Porter covers for a two count. Jericho whips Porter into the corner. Jericho charges at Porter but Porter ducks and Jericho goes tumbling to the outside.


We’re back and Jericho nails Porter with an arm drag. Jericho charges at Porter but gets taken down with a kitchen sink knee. Porter with a series of failed pinfall attempts. Jericho off the ropes again, this time getting a school boy for a two count over Porter. Porter with a knee orientated jawbreaker. Porter misses the corner big boot, allowing Jericho to go up top and nail a flying forearm for a two count. Jericho with rights and chops to Porter, running elbows and shoulders. Jericho clotheslines Porter for a two count. Jericho off the ropes into a overhead belly to belly from Porter, Porter covers for a two count. Jericho with a northern light’s suplex for a two count. Jericho with an enziguri, followed by the Jericho bulldog. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Porter gets his knees up! Porter big boots Jericho down for a two count. Jericho trips Porter and goes for the Walls Of Jericho, but Porter kicks Jericho off into the corner – and Porter connects with the running corner boot! Porter covers for a two count, close to a three!

Porter goes for the Playmaker but Jericho counts and locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Porter gets to the ropes! Porter drops Jericho throat first into the top rope, and grabs the US and IC Championships. Porter goes to nail Jericho with the belt, but Jericho nails the Codebreaker! Porter gets disqualified for going to use the belt.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho pulls a ladder out from under the ring and slams it into Porter’s face! Jericho drops the ladder on Porter as we see replays. A good and solid effort by both men, but not the level I was hoping for. The ending certainly didn’t help, even though it did make sense. Six out of Ten.

Up next: Edge presents the Burial of Undertaker’s WrestleMania Winning Streak.


Edge, Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder make their entrance. Vickie Guerrero and Theodore Long are already in the ring, complete with a coffin which would not happen to have the Undertaker in it. Not a chance at all! In a nice little touch, organ music is playing throughout the arena. Edge runs down a brief list of opponents which Undertaker has defeated at WrestleMania, before announcing that he will defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Edge says with death, new beginnings will come, and that history will be rewritten as no one will remember Undertaker – he will be eclipsed by Edge. Vickie Guerrero gets on the microphone and rambles for a little bit, and the fans hate it. Vickie calls Edge what Men aspire to be – intelligent, strong, determined, tender, loving and sexy. Vickie and the cronies have made a preview for WrestleMania – similar to the movie trailer of Mick Foley from a few years ago, which paints Edge as a hero. The video ends and Edge hugs the cronies for the video … Edge says it’s time to bid farewell to the Undertaker’s winning streak, once and for all. Edge does the whole ashes to ashes, dust to dust thing before making out with Vickie – who seems to have some purple in her hair this time. While the make out session is going on, the Undertaker makes his entrance. Hawkins and Ryder wait in the entrance way, but Undertaker pops out from the coffin in the ring. Wow, didn’t see that coming! Undertaker choke slams Edge into the coffin before starring a hole right through Vickie, who gets out of her wheelchair and runs for the hills. Undertaker throws one of the cronies into the podium, Tombstones the other and then the original crony gets the same results. Edge flees and Undertaker poses as SmackDown fades out …

Mark Henry defeats Chuck Palumbo, Kane and The Great Khali: 1/10
CM Punk defeats John Morrison: 9/10
Kofi Kingston, Jesse and Festus defeat The Miz, Cade and Murdoch: 5/10
Batista defeats Snitsky: -5/10
Michelle McCool and Cherry defeat Victoria and Maryse: -5/10
Chris Jericho defeats Montel Vontavious Porter: 6/10
SmackDown 28/03/08: 11/60

The bad this week was kept at a minimum, which is great. The longest crap of the show was the Diva Water stuff, and I obviously didn’t enjoy that, but Victoria’s foolishness made it somewhat tolerable. Edge’s main event interview was alright, but really brought nothing new to the table outside of another nice vignette. Porter and Jericho has a solid match, as to be expected, which was enjoyable. But the real highlight of the night was the match between CM Punk and John Morrison, which was given a good amount of time and was just an awesome match for television and did exactly what it should have – promoted Money In The Bank, got the crowd involved and made both guys look good.

This show really hit all marks I think, the only thing missing was a recap of the RAW feuds (considering this is the last show before Mania, I thought the very least they would do is play a video of the Flair / Michaels confrontation). Until next week, have a good one – enjoy WrestleMania and don’t forget all the Pulse Wrestling WrestleMania Coverage.

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