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This is no time for jokes everyone as April is already here, but perhaps the theme of this April Fool’s Day collection of DVDs really is quite fitting. Alvin and the Chipmunks have taken over with numerous releases this week from their old animated favorites to their newest live-action film. But if that isn’t your speed, then perhaps the first season of Becker or the last season of That ’70s Show are more your speed. Or perhaps you could go for my favorite pick this week and watch Johnny Depp’s masterful performance in Sweeney Todd. Sigh, if only Paulie Shore were in more films nowadays though. What? April Fool? No way, Son-In-Law rocks!

April 1, 2008

Alvin And The Chipmunksalvinchipmunks

Now a live action feature, those lovable singing chipmunks are just looking to have a little fun. Their father Dave can’t help but realize how stressful it is to raise Theodore, Simon, and ALVVVVIIIINNNNN!

DVD Features: Trailers, “History Of The Munks” featurette, “Creating Chipmunk Music” featurette, “Chip-Chip-Hooray” featurette, and more

Alvin And The Chipmunks Go To The Movies: Funny We Shrunk The Audiencealvinfunny

You’ve seen it done by Disney, so now see it done by the chipmunks. Alvin and the Chipmunks create havoc and mayhem, as well as laughter, when they shrink the adults to fly size.

DVD Features: None

Becker The First Seasonbecker1

Dr. John Becker goes through his daily routine of being a doctor, stopping at his favorite diner, and other various situations, all the while hating life and everything around him. And that certainly doesn’t help his co-workers and friends.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the first season

The Bette Davis Collection Volume 3bettedavis

Witness six of the best films that one of the greatest actresses ever starred in: The Old Maid / All This, And Heaven Too / The Great Lie / In This Our Life / Watch on the Rhine / Deception

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, trailers, alternate endings, numerous featurettes

The Chipmunk Adventurechipmunkadv

Bored with everyday life, the Chipmunks end up getting talked into a race around the world against the Chipettes. Little do they know that they are really just delivering some diamonds for a couple of crooks.

DVD Features: Photo gallery, original artwork, audio CD

The Cookthecook

Some sorority girls have decided to spend the long holiday weekend in their house, but things aren’t quite as nice once they realize the servants have also been given the weekend off. A replacement cook does come to their rescue, but once the girls start disappearing, they realize their culinary savior may not be all he’s cracked up to be.

DVD Features: None

Cutting Edge: Chasing The Dream

Zach Conroy had everything going for him as he was ready to go for the gold with his partner until a nasty spill took her out of competition. He finds a great skater to be his partner, but must train this hard-hitting hockey player fast if they’re going to go for the gold.

DVD Features: Making of, deleted scenes

Gene Simmons Family Jewels: The Best Of Seasons One And Two

KISS frontman Gene Simmons has always lead a very interesting life and now everyone gets to see what things are like inside his home when the make-up comes off.

DVD Features: A collection of the best episodes and moments from the first two seasons

Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night IIhellomarylou

It’s been thirty years since Mary Lou was killed by her jilted boyfriend and now she is ready to come back for her prom. After opening a mystic trunk, Mary Carpenter is attending Hamilton High’s prom possessed by Mary Lou’s spirit.

DVD Features: None

John From Cincinnati – The Complete First Seasonjohncincy1

In Imperial Beach, California, the dysfunctional Yost family intersects with two new arrivals to the community: a dim-but-wealthy surfing enthusiast and man spurned by the Yosts years ago.

DVD Features: All 10 episodes from the first season

Martin The Complete Fourth Seasonmartin4

Martin continues his job as a loud-mouthed radio host while trying to juggle life with his girlfriend Gina, best friends Tommy and Cole, and one of the strangest and most annoying neighbors in television history, Shenene.

DVD Features: All 27 episodes from the fourth season

Murder She Wrote: The Complete Eighth Seasonmurderwrote8

Jessica Fletcher is a nice woman that writes some of the best mystery novels the world has ever seen. But with her expertise in the fictional world, she is called upon to help solve some true mysteries that happen around her.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the eighth season

Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Two-Disc Special Collector’s Edition)sweeneytodd

Once a simple man with a beautiful wife and daughter, Benjamin Parker was wrongly imprisoned so that a jealous judge could take over his life. Now back and living under the name of Sweeney Todd, the barber is ready to slice and dice in order to get back what is his.

DVD Features: Single disc version also available, making of, photo gallery, “Sweeney’s London” featurette, press conference, and much more

That ’70s Show The Complete Eighth Season

Another year in the seventies and the group of friends consisting of Hyde, Fez, Jackie, Donna, and Kelso are back again trying to deal with the trials and tribulations of growing up with the help of a good friend named Mary Jane.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the eighth and final season, flashbacks, promos, documentaries, gag reel, and more.


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