Pulse Exclusive: 10 Questions with Sara Del Rey

If the Independent focused part of Pulse Wrestling has a favorite female wrestler, there is no question it is Sara Del Rey, almost unanimously. Come join us as we have 10 questions with the first SHIMMER Champion — and our choice last year for Best Female Wrestler — whose skill in the ring is only matched by her graciousness. Now UPDATED with an answer to the controversial “ROH work vs. Shimmer Work” discussion.

Sara Del Rey1. What made you get into the business? What did you learn from your trainer, Bryan Danielson? How is your style similar and different than his?

I just loved the sport! After graduating high school I started at a junior college with no real idea of what I wanted to do. I quickly decided I was through being in school and the only real thing that interested me was wrestling. 7 years later here I am!

Bryan taught me to appreciate the little things, we have similar tastes in the style of wrestling we like so it was real easy to stay interested and driven. He worked real hard with me on my mat wrestling and still to this day I ask his wrestling advice and opinion.
People tell me often that they see his influence in me and that is such an honor even if I don’t see it. He is in my opinion the best wrestler around and to have people compare us I know is far off.

2. Being a successful female wrestler in America is a very hard thing to do ever since the WWE Divas came into play. What challenges faced you when you first entered the business?

Wrestling alone is a challenge! The physical and mental challenges aside I found that there was a real slight interest in the type of wrestling I was doing. Not to mention a very small amount of challengers. I was lucky to have a few strong girls in the area, but mostly just wrestled the guys.

3. If you were to show someone one DVD to get them into women’s wrestling and your matches, what would it be and why? What’s the best match and women’s match you’ve ever seen?

Just one DVD would be hard to pick; I know it would be a SHIMMER DVD I’m just not sure which one. There have been so many good matches and all around great SHIMMER shows. The first SHIMMER sticks in my mind because so many people ask me about it, but they are all really good. I love Japanese women’s wrestling of the 80’s. There were so many great girls from that generation of All Japan Women and some of the best matches ever!

Glazer’s note: If you’re interested in finding All Japan’s Women Wrestling, shoot me an e-mail. For Shimmer try www.rohwrestling.com, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Shimmer matches are almost always great, yet at ROH events the same wrestlers seem to perform at a lower level. Is this accurate? Why or why not?

I NEVER perform at a lower level! I wish this were a live interview so you could give examples. The best I can assume is that we are just shadowed by the amazing talent ROH has.

Glazer’s note: We have e-mailed Sara for clarification. What follows is her response

I really don’t know. Like I said ROH is a harsh crowd to perform for. I think the majority of the fans do not want to see women’s wrestling, so for us to have matches like we do in SHIMMER is impossible. We always try to deliver in whatever spot we are in.

Thanks to Sara for the clarification

5. Have you been approached by TNA for the knockouts division? Will we ever get the dream match with Amazing Kong? Has it happened before?

I have never been in contact or been contacted by TNA. SHIMMER is a few weeks away from releasing their next DVD that is headlined by KONG vs. ME. She is one of my favorite opponents and I wish I could wrestle her every day I fear people would get bored of it though…

6. What was the feeling backstage the nights of the 16 Women Shimmer Tournament for the SHIMMER Title? How does it feel to be the first SHIMMER champion and the face of SHIMMER?

I honestly don’t remember much from after the title tournament I was so exhausted! I was, I’m sure, more pleased than others, but collectively I think it was a great night for everyone and everyone was feeling good. I am so honored to be the first SHIMMER champion it is something that will last forever even after I stop wrestling, I will always, always have been the first. It is pretty cool how much prestige that belt hold and I just hope I live up to everyone hopes and expectations.

7. What are your views about what goes into a great match? What makes up psychology and storytelling? How important is selling and what are your reactions to criticisms that today’s independent wrestlers don’t sell enough?

I wish I knew the answer to that! There are so many ingredients you need to make a great match I wish I had them but I don’t yet. Selling in my opinion is a very, very important. I do agree that the art is becoming less and less important but wish that was not the case.

8. You have had standout matches with Daizee Haze in Ring of Honor and Chikara. Is she your favorite wrestler to go up against? If you could wrestle any woman from any era, who would it be?

Daizee and I have had so many matches and I think a lot have been good I don’t think we have had our best yet and for that I look forward to wrestling her more. She is one of the top girls out there and has so much to offer and I learn so much from wrestling her. I guess that does make her one of my favorites. If I could wrestle any women it would be AJA KONG from any time… 10 years ago, now or in ten years she is just phenomenal.

9. How is it different working in front of a Chikara, RoH, and SHIMMER crowd?

They all have very different vibes. The CHIKARA crowd is so fun and just wants to laugh and have a good time. ROH fans are crazy… they have been privileged to see some of the very best action around so wrestling in front of them always makes me want to step it up. They are harsh, but just because they have so much passion for the product so that is pretty respectable. SHIMMER is a real special place to wrestle because of the people. The fans their love the product and want it to succeed so they have this infectious energy that is just awesome.

10. Thank you for taking time out of your day for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add?
Thank you and if you are interested in finding out more about me and my wrestling you can check out my myspace @ myspace.com/saradelrey.

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