TNA Spoilers for April 3 and April 10, 2008

From the Friday, 3/28 taping

Xplosion/TNA Today matches:

– Kaz defeated a bullfighting jobber.

– Robert Roode def. X Division Champion Black Machismo in a non-title match.

For April 3 Impact:

– The show opens with Team Tomko – Tomko, AJ, Bubba, Devon and the newest member: James Storm (Matt Morgan allowed a fifth member). Christian says he has a trick up his sleeve.

– Backstage, Scott Steiner says he is going to finally cash in his briefcase tonight.

– LAX and the Motor City Machineguns def. the Rock and Rave Infection and Black Reign and RelliK, but the heels attacked afterwards until Kaz and then Super Eric made the save.

– Styles & Tomko def. Christian & Rhino via DQ after a GORE! GORE! GORE! on the ref. Team 3-D attacked only to meet Kevin Nash and a steel chair.

– Shark Boy def. Elix Skipper to advance to the Xcape Match at Lockdown.

– Traci Brooks def. Peyton Banks, after which Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Salinas, Jackie Moore, Roxxi and Christy Hemme got in the ring, but then Sharmell cleaned house.

– Kurt Angle, in the ring, wants Joe to sign a document next week promising to quit wrestling if he loses at Lockdown. Steiner interrupts saying he will be using his title shot at Sacrifice in May vs. the winner of Joe/Angle.

– Sting def. James Storm with Matt Morgan as the guest ref., helping Sting and joining Team Cage when Team Tomko confronted him.

From the Saturday, 3/29 taping

Xplosion/TNA Today match:

– Curry Man def. Johnny Devine (w/video camera) via the Spicy Drop.

For April 10 Impact:

– The show begins with Team Tomko in the ring. Bubba on the mic, telling Tomko not to waste his breath with the idiots in the Impact Zone and telling Morgan not to show up at Lockdown. He says Nash and Sting should have retired ten years ago and are the reason WCW went out of business. Team 3-D vs. Nash & Sting later tonight. Team Cage comes out with Christian calling Ray Hillary Clinton in a fat suit due to all the whining (but with less testosterone). They hit the ring, with Styles the last to leave.

– Consequences Creed def. Jimmy Rave (w/Lance Hoyt and Christy Hemme) despite interference.

– Jim Cornette joins Don and Mike at the announce table.

– Scott Steiner and Petey Williams def. the Motor City Machine Guns via Canadian Destroyer on Shelley. Steiner and Rocka Khan then cut and shave Petey’s hair and give him chain mail. Seriously. Something then happens with a contract signing, Don West and Mike Tenay. I hope Petey gets Steiner’s X Title shot out of this deal at least…

– Kurt Angle comes out with the document for Samoa Joe to sign, and Joe comes out looking dapper. Joe promises to leave if he doesn’t win, but then promises that he will win the match, signs the document and there’s a staredown.

– Roxxi Laveaux def. Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky).

– Jeremy Borash introduced wrestlers from the Dragon Gate promotion (in town for ROH) who were watching from the side.

– Super Eric Young def. Black Reign with a DVD. RelliK then attacked Young, Kaz made the save, Rock & Rave then came out, and somehow Super Eric gets handcuffed to the ropes. HE BREAKS FREE of course using his super powers, and he and Kaz clear the ring.

– Sting & Kevin Nash vs. Team 3-D goes to a NC in an angle advancement match that saw Sting with Devon in the Scorpion Death Lock and Nash chokeslamming and about to pin Ray… when Styles and Tomko… then Christian and Rhino… Then James Storm and Jackie Moore… and then Matt Morgan come out. They fight around the Impact Zone, Rhino gores AJ in the ring and hits Ray with a chair, with Team Cage standing tall to end the go-home show before the PPV.



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