BLATT vs. ECW – 4/08/08 Edition


CM Punk over The Miz by GTS
Punk’s still carrying around the money in the bank briefcase. I doubt that he’s ever had to carry around a briefcase in his lifetime. Nice touch to have his name and the stars painted onto the briefcase.

bit ol’ chant for Punk to start off the match. Morrison, who is at ringside, gets a staredown. Collar and elbow to start, Punk pushes the Miz to the ropes and the Miz gets a clean break. A second collar and elbow, Punk gets a headlock. Miz pushes him to the ropes, Punk knocks him down with a shoulder block. Punk goes back to a headlock, same result. Punk pulls Miz down to a pin with his legs for a two. TWO!

Punk goes back to the headlock, Miz fights up and out and gets a headlock of his own. Punk fights out, this time the Miz hits Punk with a few shoulders. Punk hits a drop toe hold and stretches out the knee of the Miz. Morrison calls himself the “Cleveland Hat Master” and Tazz calls him the Cleveland Steamer. Yikes.

Punk kicks the back of the Miz’ knee, Miz grabs Punk and gets Punk in a slingshot over the top rope to the outside. Punk comes back to the apron, but looks back at Morrison and gets knocked to the floor by the Miz. Morrison rushes Punk’s back to the apron and roll shim into the ring. In the ring the Miz with a rear headlock, Punk fights out, runs to the ropes and gets clotheslined and pinned for two. TWO!

Punk comes back with some kicks, whips Miz to the ropes and hits the high roundhouse kick. Punk hits the springboard clothesline and Morrison umps up tot he apron. Punk is distracted and the Miz hits his reverse bulldog. The ref, Scott Armstrong, kicks out Morrison from ringside. In the ring the Miz has Punk in some kind of Rings of Saturn stretch and we’re off to commercial.

We’re back and the Miz still has control. He hits Punk’s back of the head n the mat. Punk is dragged to the ropes and the Miz hits a few forearms across the face. The Miz throat snaps Punk across the middle rope and can only get a two. TWO!

Miz gets Punk in a bow and arrow and fights out and rolls up Miz for a two. TWO! Miz hits a reverse DDT for a two. TWO! Miz jumps on Punk’s back and pulls back the head in some kind of weak cobra clutch and Punk fights out. Punk whips Miz to the ropes and runs to the opposite rope. We get a double clothesline and both men are down until the count of 8. Punk hits his strikes, a clothesline, whips the Miz to the ropes and hits a reverse heel kick. The Miz hits a boot as Punk goes for the high knee. Miz explodes out of the corner but is caught in a powerslam. Punk drags up the Miz, hits an elbow and goes for a Welcome to Chicago Mutherfucker, but the Miz fights out, whips Punk to the corner and hits the jumping clothesline and a slingshot splash for a two. Punk hits a standing enziguiri and the high knee. That’s followed with a bulldog and the GTS and the three count.

I’m surprised that went so long, but I guess this is taking place of the main event tonight.

Backstage, Colin Delaney is with Tommy Dreamer and Armando Estrada. Tommy explains that colin wants to earn a contract. Tonight, Colin will have another opportunity. His opponent will be Tommy Dreamer. If Colin wins, he gets a contract. If Tommy loses, he’s fired. We go to commercial with Colin and Tommy staring at each other.

Armando is in the ring to welcome us to the official contract signing and blah blah blah. Remember when Armando had a middle name and a personality? Now he’s nothing but a heel with an accent. Chavo has Hawkins and Rider out with him.

Chavo relaxes at the table and Kane slaps Chavo’s feet off the table. Kane is signing first. Chavo asks if Kane really wants to sign the contract. Kane laughs it off saying Chavo’s being cocky considering he lost the title in 0:08. Cue some generic metal music. Out comes a big dude with a shaved head and a beard. Kane fights off everyone but the big guy¸ who hits Kane with the title and beats him down. The heels ay out Kane on the table and the big guy splashes Kane through it. After the replay it looks like Kane cut himself the hard way on one of the chair legs after getting hit with the ECW title. Ouch. Now THAT’S extreme.

No update on who that was for Chavo in the last segment. There aren’t many people doing live updates on ECW, so the sea of information is pretty shallow.

Elijah Burke over Nunzio
Is this a question?

Not sure about this, but looking through the FCW roster, Eric Perez looks like he would have fit the bill for the guy who came out for Chavo.

Kofi Kingston vs. Domino
It’s taken long enough, but I hate this guy. Kofi gets a short promo video that makes me hate this caricature even more. Kofi does his usual move set, but this time his opponent gets a few moves in before the inevitable conclusion of the match.

Backstage Eve is talknig to Kelly Kelly and she’s interrupted by Layla. Layla talks some shit and goes on her way.

Tommy Dreamer over Colin Delaney by Spike DDT
Colin doesn’t have music yet, which is a nice touch. The crowd pops for Colin despite not having the cue to do so with any music. Dreamer comes out to the ring his hesitant/constipated look.

Collar and elbow, Tommy goes behind and takes Colin down with a waist lock. Colin tries to go behind, Tommy goes to his knees and gets a fireman’s carry and lifts colin through. Tommy gets an arm bar, Colin grabs the ropes, does a back flip and gets arm dragged by Dreamer. Dreamer hits Colin with a body slam, tommy misses an elbow and gets his with a forearm for a one. UNO!

Tommy hits a short clothesline and tosses Colin half across the ring with an arm drag. Tommy misses a clothesline and goes over the top rope. Colin hits a baseball slide on Tommy and takes a dive over the top rope with a plancha on Dreamer. Colin rolls Tommy into the ring and hits a springboard senton onto Dreamer. Dreamer hits an inverted pump handle slam and Tommy rolls up Colin for a two. TWO!

Tommy puts Colin on the top rope, slaps the chest and Colin throws Dreamer off the top. Colin goes for a missile dropkick and misses. Colin goes for an Acid Drop, but Dreamer throws him off and ties Colin up in the tree of woe. Colin gets hit with the drop kick and Tommy hits a spike DDT for a three count.

That was a weird show. Why not put the 15 minute match at the end of the show? Or the contract signing? Not sure about this one.

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