Make Movement: Fatal Fourway Nonsense and More

The main event picture is seemingly different but when only one of the contenders is “new” to the main event RAW scene, it’s just more the same. Having a fatal fourway at Backlash between Triple H versus John Cena versus Randy Orton versus JBL is completely uninspiring. Cena was booed throughout the night and the WWE still does nothing about this. Cena has been a face in Hulk Hogan light years and it’s really time for a turn to spice up the main event picture. Orton is becoming stronger in his role, JBL is JBL and Hunter is somehow not “back on the throne.” The fans treat Hunter like he’s champion, and Cena is far dependent on his homophobic, masturbation-material each and every week.

The most inspiring aspect of the show was Shawn Michaels and Batista on Jericho’s Highlight Reel segment. Shawn and Batista are both able to build upon the Flair farewell with Shawn retaining his respectful babyface status, while Batista has naturally flowed into being the non-opportunistic heel. Fans can tap into the emotional tap of this storyline and it’s nice to see Shawn be able to show emotion instead of routine in his segments. Shawn’s been on a great storyline roll since working with Flair. Right now, he really is becoming the MVP (no pun intended) of 2008 for the WWE.

On other aspects of the show:

– You know when Val is in a match that someone needs to go over with ease. That would be Umaga, who is misused as usual. Why isn’t he working a angle with Y2J?
– There’s Mickie James partnering with sloppy Ashley! Sure, Mickie looks strong carrying the match, but what does it mean when she doesn’t get to talk? They’ve fumbled with Mickie for months. I kept waiting for her to short-arm clothesline Ashley for some great heel heat. Mickie needs to go back to exploding and being crazy, that’s where her money is. Somehow WWE has completely forgot about how frustrated Mickie was at her losing streak and at Ashley’s return.
– The tag team picture is nothing more than various tag teams each week (this week, the heels, Cade and Murdoch) arguing with each other with no real point as long as Rhodes and Holly are champion.
– When the WWE doesn’t put Santino Marella on the mic, they are missing golden opportunities. Marella’s at his best when he’s working the mic.
– Maria holds her own against Beth but I’m being generous. Realistically, Beth should be in the ring with Mickie James, Victoria, or Jillian Hall.

With the semi-weak main event picture, RAW was generally uninspiring this week compared to the amazing power of last week’s RAW. I hope that we have some surprises in store but without a Cena heel turn, I find his act to becoming incredibly overbearing.

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