Captain’s Log: Big Brother 9 – Episode 26

Man, and I thought that Sharon was the big crier. It seems that James’ tears got the best of Adam as Baller wanted to make sure the POV was a real competition, and it worked. Adam got that competitive spirit back into the BB house, but it also seems as if he may have angered his Team Christ compadres. It is getting close to the end folks and some of the people still in the house; I never would have guessed they’d be there at the beginning. Let’s see though who heads home tonight.

Bye bye Chelsia and Joshua at the hands of Team Christ. Let’s go over the past week as Julie takes us back. Adam and James had a heart to heart and Adam agreed not to put him up as Sharon and Sheila got on the block. Ryan and Natalie were not happy, but Adam wanted competition back in the house. So along came the POV and Ryan won it to take Sheila down and have James put up. James understood Adam’s position and now knows he is probably gone. Dissention in Team Christ though has the house against each other.

Day 63 as everything is about James. Boobs McGee knows she wants James gone. Sharon KNOWS that James is gone too. She honestly thinks she can get to the final two and win the whole thing…riiiiiggghhhttt. James thinks he is the only one who can take down the “Natalie Beast!”

James: “Natalie, why’d you stop working out after Matt left?” HA!

He is on her case saying she is getting big and all that. Natalie complains to Ryan. She then rips on everyone who laughed with him which was everyone. Stoo-pid!

The girls are tanning; the boys are sitting and talking. Natalie is threatening Adam now and is tired of all of it. Ryan says now he doesn’t know if he can trust her anymore. They are scheming against her while Sharon is asking Natalie who she thinks would turn on her the fastest…she responds with Adam.

Ryan: “We gotta knock the bitches out!” HA HA!

Sheila and Sharon pow-wow about how stupid Natalie is. Meanwhile, she continues to do nothing but eat. Maybe James was right. Now Natalie is lying to James telling him that Sharon said all kinds of crap about them…but in reality it is all the stuff Natalie really said. She’s not a Jesus person at all is she? Damn Judas. Now she’s lying to Ryan. Sheila now is spilling the truth about what Natalie said to Adam. Holy hell this is backstabbing nuts.

James has on a Michael Jackson jacket and is putting “Operation Turn The House On Natalie” into full effect. But he may actually be getting the house on his side as Ryan may now keep him along with Sheila and backed by Adam. Wow! Sheila is becoming a big time player in all this.

The living room is all ablaze and hyper. Questions from the viewers and the first is for Natalie. “What does religion have to do with the game?” And Boobs McGee responds with some sort of blasphemy. Odd, Sharon’s eyebrows are really tiny. Ryan’s perfect woman is described by him so he can find one of the “babies” looking for him. Awwww Sheila feels wanted by her housemates by having practical jokes played on her.

Sharon is profiled as she has been on the block three weeks in a row and survived. Her family is very rural and military and all Christian-like. Her father is a big-time decorated marine. They talk about her love for animals, her near-death accident, and her faith in God. Damn you Sharon for all of a sudden making me not totally hate you.

Only three people voting tonight. Boobs McGee is taking out James. Ryan isn’t so sure leaving another strong competitor like James should stay is a good idea. Sheila thinks him staying may be a good idea. Ryan isn’t so sure on either way.

Life in the Jury House as Matt was the first one there. The second to walk in was Chelsia and he was happy to see her. Chelsia will NOT be hooking up with him in the sequester house. Third in was Joshuah. Chelsia did not want to see him as she wanted him to win so badly. Matt on the other hand was happy to see him out of the BB house. They are ripping Natalie to shreds and Matt is biting his tongue.

Nominees are now going to talk and Sharon again says everything happens for a reason, blah, blah, blah. James says he came in with nothing but will leave with a lot more. Live voting time. Natalie is first and duh, James. Here goes Ryan and he votes…for…James, and that’s it. Sheila’s vote doesn’t matter and she votes to evict James too. So by a vote of 3 – 0, the next out is:


Hugs for everyone and here he goes to talk to Julie and five remain. James is happy to be gone because he hated “those people.” He hadn’t cried since his father died when he was 14, but James has cried twice in the past week. Goodbye messages are semi-friendly and semi-good riddance. Oh man Natalie, “Hello Pot this is Kettle, you’re black!”

HOH Competition time and tonight’s game is called “Glass Houses.” Each houseguest is in a giant glass box and the floor is about to drop out from under them. They must wedge themselves against the walls and such in the box and last one remaining in the box is the new HOH. They also have a small chain or a metal bar they can latch onto. Ryan looks incredibly uncomfortable. The game has barely been going ten minutes and Ryan is sweating like a whole damn football team.

Everyone is hanging on and this could last a while. So our new HOH is:

No-One Yet

We’re done for this week folks without a new HOH yet, but I’m sure we’ll find out on Sunday. It is getting really close to the end and even though all of Team Christ is still remaining, I’m not totally sure that they will have each other’s backs for much longer. Especially if Natalie keeps up all her lying. Sharon and Ryan both are about to lose it in the HOH competition as I type this, but who will end up being HOH remains to be seen. Things are really getting fun now everyone. This is your Captain speaking and I’ll be back next week to see if we’re up in the clouds with Team Christ or if they fall apart on the approach.

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