5 Thoughts On The Ultimate Fighter – 04.09.08

Matt Michaels asked me if I would be interested in doing a 10 Thoughts installation for Inside Fights. I would actually do this for the standard fights, but I rarely watch the fights alone so I totally lose the ability to do them live.

I don’t always watch these immediately on Wednesday nights so they will likely appear sometime between Wednesday night and Friday morning depending on baseball/Lost/other things.

1) Matthew Riddle outlined one of my biggest problem in various versions of MMA. He knocked out Dan Simmler with one punch in the 2nd round. The knockout crumpled Simmler to the ground. Because of the MMA rules, Riddle immediately jumped on the knocked out opponent and punched him in the head two or three more times until Herb Dean had a chance to call the fight. I really don’t like that part of any of the major MMA leagues. If anything is going to cause a real, serious problem in any league it’s that. It’s not the fighter’s fault – they’re just doing their jobs – but someone really has to figure out some fair way to have a knockdown rule. Maybe a boxing 10-count, I don’t know.

I realize this will not be popular opinion amongst MMA purists, but I’d really rather not see a guy die in the ring and then see it forever looped on CNN as a justification to send the sport back underground.

2) I was kind of surprised to see they were making Forrest Griffin a coach already. I may have missed an injury or something… or do they just think he’s the right kind of personality to do the show? Does he have any coaching experience?

3) I have to say, I’m ok with the guy from Boston getting knocked off the show. That accent can get grating. I go visit my old college roommate in the town a few times a year and by the time my four days are up I’m ready to go back and listen to annoying Staten Island accents.

4) I’m happy Dana got his first curse-riddled “you gotta want this you p*ssies” speech in early this year. We haven’t had quite enough of those yet.

5) I liked the gimmick of everyone having to fight their way into the house. The only concern I have at this point is that the rest of the episodes won’t be nearly as excited as these first two.

OK, only five this week because I’m doing it from memory. I’ll try to expand an hour show into ten next week. Stay tuned.


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