More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Departure

So, just under two months ago I had a pretty bad break-up. The roommate and I went out separate ways. We’d lived together for over five years, in two different states and three different domiciles.

Now, most of you probably don’t really care (though I can think of one person reading this who’s crying his eyes out). And I’ll admit that I’m not really all that heartbroken about it. Without getting into specifics, there was a third party involved and things had been brewing for a while. I’ll freely admit that I’m not 100% in the right, but I’m also not the thing keeping us from being friends.

And sure, I miss her friendship. And I’d really like the hundreds of dollars that she owes me. But what I really want are the CDs that she borrowed and never returned. Here they are in the order in which they were borrowed…

N*E*R*D – In Search Of…
This was back when we lived in Baltimore, which was over four years ago. She borrowed it because it provided the soundtrack to her workouts. And it was the original version of the album—the one without Spymob providing the music—as I figured that this version would be easier to replace if the worst ever came to pass. Score one for me!

A Perfect Circle – Thirteenth Step
This one came out right around the time we moved to Vegas. And she borrowed it before I’d even had a chance to digest it. I still couldn’t tell you what songs I liked from this album.

Fabolous – From Nothin’ to Somthin’
I didn’t actually dig this album; I wasn’t impressed by Fab’s Def Jam debut, so I had no problem letting my roomie borrow it. I mean, it was 2007 and she hadn’t lost one of my albums in like four years. What could possibly happen? Flash-forward to me making my 2007 hip-hop mix and finding Fab still missing. Sure, in all likelihood there wasn’t a song from that album that would’ve made the cut, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
This was another album that I didn’t really connect with. I’ve read rave reviews about this joint, but I just didn’t dig it. Again, I had no problem allowing her to take possession of it, even if I was kinda missing Fab. But when it comes time to make my 2007 Other mix, it’s sans Foo. And the Foo probably could have had at least one song on the mix.

I guess that four albums spread out over five years isn’t that big of a deal… except that it’s a huge deal! Those are the only albums that I’ve purchased and I’m missing. Those are the only CDs I’ve allowed out of my possession and they’re gone. It’s not like I loaned them to someone who lived across town; she lived across the hall!

And she knew how I felt about my collection. That’s what really hurts.

So now the next time I hit up The Soundgarden, instead of buying four new albums that I’ve heard good things about, I’ve got to repurchase four albums that I foolishly allowed someone to borrow.

Maybe once I’ve done that I’ll finally get some sleep at night.


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