10 Belated Thoughts On Raw – 04.14.2008

1) We know we’re in London because Regal calls JBL a “pillock” and it draws a huge crowd pop and a “Re-gal” chant. Wiki tells me that “pillock” is a British insult meaning something like “dick.” Nice. I love the British.

2) Chris Jericho’s comments probably cut a little too close to home which is what earned him a kick in the face. Pointing out that Shawn Michaels likely thrived on retiring Ric Flair, screwing Bret Hart, and throwing Marty Jannetty through a plate glass window is just who Shawn is. He thrives on attention. Truth sucks.

3) Three hour special next week to determine the King of the Ring. I’m glad to see this. I’ve always been a huge fan of KotR and, if they can’t make it a PPV anymore, I’m glad to see it as at least a Raw gimmick.

4) If you ever wondered who’s the best wrestler of all-time… just remember that Ric Flair left us “WOO” following a chop, Hulk Hogan left us the word “brother”, and Austin left us the god-awful “What?” chant.

5) I should have realized that the WWE Women’s title was going to turn over when this match was announced. Since the number one contender match pretty much wiped out any chance of there being a tag title match, they seem to like to give a worthless title change to the UK when they get the chance.

6) As I was watching, I was waiting for a soccer chant to break out. I started getting in to the Premiership last year and, I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. I also wasn’t disappointed to see Regal get a match. Most of my Lord Steven Regal watching came during god-awful WCW Saturday Night episodes.

7) You know, a lot of folks make fun of the WWE for their suplex ban, but then you see Randy Orton almost get killed by what looked like some sort of weird reverse fisherman’s suplex and you realize there’s really no point to them when they have no competition. Good match that made Regal look as good as he had to in front of the home crowd before the quick RKO.

8) As much as I hate that Chris Jericho isn’t doing Orton’s job on Raw right now, He keeps making me happy week after week by handing in solid matches or great Highlight Reels. Maybe it’s just because it seems like he isn’t into it is affecting me, I don’t know. Like… is it just me? Am I the only one who’s watched Jericho in the last few months and just got the vibe that he’s cashing a paycheck. I know what guys who show up and cash a paycheck are like as I’ve been one for like two years now.

9) Upstate New York boasts one wrestler. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. My grandparents used to watch him play football for Glens Falls High. This and David Hyde Pierce. God bless Upstate.

10) Was there anyone who thought that HHH/JBL was going to end in anything other than a Russo-esque schmozz and a flurry of acronyms?


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