MGF Reviews Six – Between the Warning and the War

Six – Between the Warning and the War
1605 Records (10/23/07)
Rock / Metal

How best to describe Six’s latest offering, Between the Warning and the War? Basically it’s a metal band taking all the elements of the hardcore genre and spewing it forth without falling into the worst subtlety of the genre—the simple nature of the song structure.

Pulling a heavy amount of inspiration from the legendary Suicidal Tendencies, along with elements of hardcore and punk, Six pulls everything together in a blistering metallic shell and each song seethes out of the speakers, full of fury and rage.

With guest appearances from Tony Campos (Static-X) and Mike Clark (Suicidal Tendencies), Six attacks the listener with a barrage of punishing grooves (“A Guide to Living Alone” and “The Beautiful Things”), thick riffs (“Broken Girl”, with its insanely catchy melody, and “Had Enough”, which features some great machine-gun blast beats) and punishing intensity (“Forgiveness” and “Warning”). The couple of curve balls, where the band most emulates Suicidal, come in the form of “Perfect Life” (a more mellow approach that still loses none of the band’s intensity) and “Throwing the World Away”.

Nothing on here is filler. Six has meticulously crafted this intense approach through constant touring with the likes of Arch Enemy and Fear Factory and Clutch and Gwar and Dope and on and on. A fan of any of these bands needs only to pick up this disc and crank “Circles” at maximum volume to be convinced of the band’s worth.

Between the Warning and the War is a worthy addition to any metal-head’s collection.


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