Make Movement: Three Hours of Distilled KOTR

Maybe because it was three hours, maybe because I knew the Democratic Nominee Match would be silly, but this RAW just didn’t click for me. Even the fact we got a good amount of wrestling this week with the King of the Ring tournament, I still felt it was one of the weakest tournaments in history. I’ve been watching the RAW 15th Anniversary DVD set lately and it’s definitely awaken to me how different wrestling is now as opposed to ten years ago. Not even John Cena made crowds react like when Austin’s music hit during the hottest moments of the Austin era. We really haven’t seen wrestling as hot as it was then.

Chris Jericho versus MVP should excite me but I wasn’t expecting MVP to go over, none of it was involving the belt, and this is only to give Jericho more creditability before he refs the Michaels/Batista match this weekend. Jericho and MVP could give us a great storyline and a great PPV type match, but it wasn’t going to happen for the King of the Ring tournament. I realize CM Punk is getting pushed to the moon, but this does Matt Hardy no favors. Matt Hardy, the unconditional WWE yoyo of storyline pushes. I don’t think CM Punk needs a King of the Ring rub at all, I wouldn’t have put him in the tournament.

The Great Khali in a King of the Ring match versus Finley? Are you serious? This is what a three hour RAW gives us? Now, Regal, wrestling two weeks in a row – because apparently we are that short of talent on the talent roster (and don’t get me wrong: I am a Regal fan) – is now in the King of the Ring tournament versus Hornswoggle. Regal doesn’t need the heel heat, but he’s back to being a active wrestler and running the show?

The Michaels and Batista drama this week was passable but I thought the energy was more electric and there between them in the last two weeks, maybe it was just the feel of the show. I’m already sold on the matchup and am looking forward to seeing what Michaels brings out of the Animal and how Jericho will be involved in the outcome.

Santino got the mic this week, thank God, but it doesn’t erase the fact that Cody Rhodes should not be on the mic, at all. It does him no favors and it only restores my point that both Dusty and Dustin Rhodes are worlds better than Cody Rhodes.

Jericho and CM Punk was good for what it was and I’m generally happy to see clean finishes in the WWE matches, but CM Punk as I said before, does not need to go over into the finals of the KOTR tournament. So once it became Regal versus CM Punk, I really thought, this is a open and shut match, no way will Regal actually go over. I’m surprised that he did, and I’m fine with that because CM Punk does not need another accolade right now, but I’m wondering where this will lead – it should lead to him wanting to challenge the top guy, whether it be Bradshaw, Cena, Triple H or Orton. If Regal is back to being a serious heel wrestler, actively competing, shouldn’t that mean someone else needs to be GM?

The Divas celebrating Mickie’s win (come on heel turn to Ashley who always looks like the odd-woman out) and then the heels behind Beth coming in was a surprise, but the real surprise was Michelle McCool saying words (she speaks!) and slapping Beth. I suppose this sets up a brief Beth versus Michelle before Beth goes after Trish, I mean, Mickie, again.

I don’t even want to discuss the folly of the “match” with Barack impersonator and Hillary impersonator with special guest, Bill impersonator. This was not the same Bill impersonator the WWE dug up when Sunny sat on his lap during a PPV. I hate it when Vince tries to get cheap publicity when he already has the three real candidates giving WWE-type promos on his show. McCain gets humor points for reminding me of everyone’s family member who tries to do a wrestling promo with his hands. Just seeing Hillary Clinton say Randy Orton is surreal and Obama should have gone all the way with the Rock impersonation. The Rock has to feel good that his character is so mainstream with America that the candidates have to reference his work some way, some how. WWE is supposed to be pushing their Smackdown Your Vote campaign they’ve been championing for years and I feel it feeds into Vince’s ego to do the fake match instead of letting the video packages stand by themselves. The fact Umaga squashes fake Hillary doesn’t help anyone either- it’s clear Vince is not on Team Hillary.

The eight-man tag which is supposed to build up the main event Elimination match at Backlash, didn’t really drive me to believe people who weren’t already sold on it were going to buy it based on the main event. I’m expecting a title change to either Hunter or Cena, but WWE could keep the Age of Orton going because it’s unlike them to not shove a concept down your throat and dump it that quickly (see: Cena’s Hogan push, even when he gets booed).

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