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Next, was Dave Malinosky. Dave is 22 and from Waynesboro, PA. But he currently lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Outgoing and fun, Dave loves to be the center of attention. He’ll do just about anything for a laugh — the more shocking the better, in fact. A naturally gifted athlete, Dave likes to participate in any and all sports, from football to track to cheerleading. Yes, cheerleading. Needless to say, he is very comfortable in his skin, especially in front of the camera. That’s why Dave hopes moving to Hollywood for The Real World will be a springboard for him to become an actor or TV host.

Here is what Dave had to say about his Real World experience…

Josh Clinton: Hey Dave.

Dave Malinosky: What’s going on Josh?

JC: Not a whole lot. How are you doing?

DM: I’m excellent. How about yourself?

JC: Doing good. Were you a fan of The Real World before you got on the show?

DM: Yes, I was. I wasn’t an every episode kind of viewing being busy with school and things like that. But I would usually tune in to see who the new cast was each time.

JC: Cool. When did you first start watching the show?

DM: I watched a lot of Paris, San Diego, and Austin. Then, once I found out that I was cast for the show I watched a lot of Sydney.

JC: Okay. Did you ever try out for the show before now?

DM: Nope, never tried out before and never sent in a tape. I thought you should only do it once, and I almost didn’t go this time. I had a friend and he told me there was an open casting call at the University of South Carolina. I was down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, so I just went over and that was it. Four months later I’m on the show.

JC: Nice. So each season the producers tend to cast certain characters for the show. This season you seem to be the “frat boy” character. What do you think of that?

DM: I think that’s terrible. I hate frats. I played football and lacrosse in college. But I’m just a “go big or go home” kind of guy. I kinda do what I want when I want to do it. I live by my own rules. I work hard, party hard, play hard, and love hard. It’s all the way or no way for me. But honestly I didn’t think I was going to get cast. I didn’t think I was crazy enough, and there was nothing wrong with me. When you are a viewer, you think that they cast a certain person. I think they may cast a certain way, but you see people who send in these tapes who are crazy and say they will cause all of this drama. They don’t need that. The drama just happens on its own. But for me to be the guy, that’s pretty cool. I have no problem being that guy, because that’s the fun guy and the guy everyone likes. That’s usually the person I am.

JC: Yeah. You have only seen like the first episode, right?

DM: I’ve seen up to episode two actually.

JC: Oh, cool. From what you have seen so far, do you think you have been portrayed accurately on the show? Are you the same Dave in real life that we see on TV?

DM: Yeah, it’s pretty much myself. The only thing I will say is that when you live in The Real World house, your life is heightened a little bit. I wouldn’t say that off the show I don’t hook up with as many women, because it’s not as easy. I also don’t drink as much, because you don’t have club promoters pouring booze down your throat. Stuff like that. But when you do go out, everyone wants to hang out with The Real World kids, so everyone is buying you drinks and stuff. So yeah, I was presented close to how I really am. But when you live in that house, it’s unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

JC: I bet. It seems to me that Greg was voted into the house by America just to stir up trouble, since he has this “over-the-top” personality. What do you think?

DM: I don’t think it’s necessarily an over-the-top personality. I think it’s a mixture of immaturity and insecurity. He’s always trying to be perfect. Usually when you meet confident people, they are usually not like that. I’m not the cat’s meow, but I consider myself a good looking guy, but I don’t look at myself in the mirror every day. Greg is just a strange individual and he’s not very open. I mean when talking to one of the executive producers of the show at the end, Jim Johnson, Jim told me that Greg would never have made it on the show under the normal casting process, because he wasn’t open enough. People like to know who they are casting. They want to know if it’s fake or not. They want to know the people they cast on the show. They can cast people who say the are crazy and the coolest person alive, but then they get there and find out that they are really some big loser that just sits around all day. Sometimes I had really good moments with Greg, and then sometimes I had really bad moments with Greg. But after the whole experience, he’s not a bad guy. Greg is just someone that I wouldn’t have in my circle of friends. I just don’t relate to his personality.

JC: Yeah. Did you opinions of any of your roommates change from the time you first met them to the end when you left the house?

DM: Yeah, a little bit. Everyone was out here trying to do something and work on the whole game. And some people showed big excitement and passion at first, but then really didn’t do much later. Like Kim and Sarah. I think Sarah is very productive and I think they both have a lot of skills, but on the show they didn’t really seem to chase after anything or act serious. They just sat around and talked about wanting to go home. It’s really kind of sad, because there were thousands and thousands of people who tried out who would have had that passion and used past experiences to work to get something they wanted.

JC: Right. I have seen some of the preview for the entire season and there was some footage of you and Kimberly messing around. Should we expect a “showmance” between you two this season?

DM: What did she say? (Laughs).

JC: (Laughs). I didn’t get the chance to ask her that.

DM: Well the thing about Kimberly..I will say this. I don’t consider myself “God’s Gift To Women”, but when I moved into the house I was a little disappointed with the female selection. I wished we had the Sydney girls. The Sydney girls and the Hollywood guys would have been good. But Kimberly is from South Carolina, only a hour and half away from me. I mean she was cute and we eventually started to gravitate towards each other and things were good. I made it very clear that I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend and I wasn’t trying to date anyone. I told her I was going to bring home other girls, and she said she was fine with that, but you can probably imagine when I started bringing home other girls the drama that was to follow.

JC: Yeah, that should be fun. Did you learn anything about yourself while on the show?

DM: I learned that I can’t always be so emotionally closed. I can’t always let things roll off my back. Discussing things is really the best way to handle things. I learned a lot about other people as well. Like what other people are going through and things like that. Living with Joey, taught me to be a little more emotionally open. Not so closed off. I don’t come from a family that is all “huggy and kissy” and all of that, and he does. So being able to get some of that from the whole experience was kinda cool. That was something I definitely learned. To push out a little more emotion.

JC: Cool. So what are you doing now and what do you want to do in the future?

DM: Oh man, I have been busy. I’m in Los Angeles right now doing a bunch of press stuff. I have a meeting with an entertainment agency tomorrow. Right now, I’m just striking while the iron is hot. I think the problem with reality television is the market is flooded. So it’s tough to break that mold from a reality status, but I feel like The Real World: Hollywood is something different. Supposedly it is different. When people think of The Real World, they just thinking of drinking and fighting. But there are some people with some real big talent. It’s all what you want to put into it. I’m looking into hosting gigs. I’m hosting a comedy tour right now. I’m looking into theatrical acting, commercial acting. Just putting myself in Los Angeles, because that’s where the show is. What some of us are trying to accomplish is how do you take The Real World to the “real world”? Do you want to be the kid doing the “Bar Crawls”? Sure, it’s fast cash and it’s a lot of money to pass on, but do you want to try and revolutionize what has been going on the past 20 years and take that next step? It’s not easy, because you have to prove yourself. There are going to be a lot of surprises and a lot of opportunities. You just have to be hungry for it. You just have to big or go home. That’s what I’m trying to do right now.

JC: Very cool. Well thanks so much for your time and good luck with everything.

DM: No problem Josh. Thanks, and if you need anything, you call me up, alright?

JC: Yeah, sounds good. Bye.

DM: Bye.

The Real World: Hollywood airs on MTV on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT time.

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