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Finally, in my short series of interviews with The Real World: Hollywood cast members, was Will Gilbert. Will is 23 and from Detroit, Michigan. Cute, charismatic and witty, Will is the true ladies’ man of The Real World house. In his hometown of Detroit, he worked as a DJ, performing at weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs. In Hollywood, Will plans to continue creating cool beats and showing off his moves — both on and off the dance floor. Determined to be a super-successful music producer, Will is eager to hustle and hit the streets to sell the songs he has created. Is his determination about to pay off?

Here is what Will had to say about his Real World experience…

Josh Clinton: Hey Will.

Will Gilbert: How’s it going?

JC: I’m doing good. How are you?

WG: I’m great, thank you.

JC: Good. Were you a fan of The Real World before you got on the show?

WG: I wouldn’t say I was a fan. I was someone that knew about the show and if I caught the first episode I would turn it on and watch it. But wasn’t a fan like going to all the message boards and stuff like that.

JC: Yeah. What was the first season you watched?

WG: The first season I probably watched was The Real World: Hawaii.

JC: Cool. How did the tryout process for for you?

WG: Actually for me, it’s a different story. I went out one night to this hotel in Detroit where they were having auditions for another show. The girl that was doing the auditions actually worked for The Real World. So what she did was take that audition tape and told the producer of The Real World to check me out. So I didn’t have to stand in line or anything. You always see thousands of people waiting in line around the building like American Idol, but I didn’t have to do that. Lucky me I guess.

JC: Yeah. So when you first got in the house you and Brianna seemed to hit it off. But then you found out that she was a stripper. Why did you have such a negative reaction to what she did?

WG: I wouldn’t call it a negative reaction. I’m the kind of person when you first met somebody, I always give them the benefit of the doubt as far as their personality and their overall character demeanor. I felt I was misled a little bit. When me and Brianna were sitting in the car and she said she was a dancer, I asked what kind of dancer? And she said “hip-hop”. So I thought she was a hip-hop choreographer and she was working with Shane Sparks and Wade Robinson. But then I found she “worked the pole” and that was when I was like “Really? I’ll go ahead and go over here. Thanks very much.”

JC: Yeah, I understand. We also saw during the premiere that you and Sarah had a little “moment”.

WG: Oh man…

JC: What was going on there?

WG: Well at that time during the first episode, I was just trying to feel her out and she if she was attracted to me. At the same time, I’m going to respect the relationship she was in but at the same time put it in her ear that “once your single, it’s a different story.”

JC: Gotcha. I guess you also saw during the premiere the part where Sarah’s boyfriend, Ryan, turned to the camera and said “if any guy in the house tries anything with Sarah, he’s coming after you” or whatever…

WG: A little side note to that. While they were playing that part, in the background was one of my songs. So that’s kinda ironic.

JC: Yeah, I didn’t know that. So you’re not worried about that at all?

WG: No, Ryan is a good guy. I’ve met him several times. I pretty sure he knew it happened, but he came out to the house several times and he’s cool.

JC: Oh, cool. So you have seen the first episode, correct?

WG: Yes.

JC: From what you have seen so far, have you been portrayed accurately? Are you the same Will in real life?

WG: From the first episode, I am pretty much the same person. I’m a goofball. I have respect for anybody and everybody. But at the same time, I’ve very focused and determined on working on my music. I feel like I’m the hardest working person in the house when it came to taking advantage of living in Hollywood. So from the first episode, that’s me. That’s how I am.

JC: Cool. It seemed to me that America voted for Greg to be in the house just so he could stir up trouble, since he has such an “over-the-top” personality. What do you think?

WG: If you actually think that American voted for him, which I think it was rigged, but yeah. America voted for him because they knew how the show works. They know what gets MTV the ratings. The people that voted for him wanted to see him be cocky and all of that. People are smart. They are voting for their own show. They voted for what they want to see and they want to see drama.

JC: Right. So you think the voting was rigged?

WG: I wouldn’t say that. There was this other guy who was beating Greg by 200,000 votes and for some reason he didn’t make the “Top Ten”. Although, there were some things that he did say on his tape that might have broken some of the rules, but he definitely had WAY more votes than Greg. This guy was a lot more popular than Greg.

JC: I understand. Did your opinions of any of your roommates change from the first time you met them to the end when you left the house?

WG: Absolutely, they all changed. Just living with someone for three and a half months, you really get to know these people. You kinda get this impression that we are all “20-somethings” that just want to hang out and drink. We all think we have so much in common, but when you sleep, work, dine, break bread, and hook up with them 24/7, you learn so much about them. Your first thoughts of them get completely thrown out the door. It’s so different.

JC: Yeah. So did your opinions of any of your roommates change towards the negative then?

WG: Not really. I’m the kind of person that gives everyone a chance. There were times when some of the roommates got under my skin. At times, we disliked each other. That’s the best way to put it. But overall I could never have asked for six better roommates.

JC: Cool. Did you learn anything about yourself from being in the house?

WG: I’m a great leader. That’s all I’m going to say about that. You’ll see it in the house. But I went out and made a lot of contacts in the industry that I could use to help out my music career and help others in the house. So I developed strong leadership skills in the house.

JC: Cool. I know the show is just starting to air, but have any fans come up to you yet?

WG: Not me per se. I have had some interaction on IAmOnMTV.com. I have been mainly back in Detroit working on my music career, though. I’ve been working hard on a Easy Listeing/Hip Hop album. I’ve been in the lab creating different mixes and sounds and stuff. But I have gone out once or twice, and mainly ladies 30 years old and up have come up to me and are like “OH MY GOD! It’s Will!” But other than there hasn’t been that much fan interaction for me yet.

JC: Yeah. So do you plan to move back to Los Angeles any time soon to continue your music career?

WG: I’m still trying to decide whether to move back to Los Angeles or New York City right now. I’m still waiting to see what happens with some of the people I met while I was on the show. I could be working with some of them, but I’m still working that out. Wherever my music career takes me.

JC: Very cool. Well thanks for your time and good luck with everything.

WG: Thanks.

The Real World: Hollywood airs on MTV on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT time.

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