In Hindsight: American Idol – The Super Six

This week, the Idols sing the music of the Rt Hon. Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Which means that Simon will tell at least one person that they’re better suited for Broadway than pop stardom. So why sing musicals then? Well, any time you can get a Life Peer onto the show, you might as well do it. Plus the good Baron managed to give GOOD advice, so good on the producers.

1.David Cook – Perfect fit for David to sing “Music of the Night” given that he’s never going to do a musical unless it’s We Will Rock You. He’s obviously got the angst (or faux-angst) down to capture the essence of the Phantom’s stalker-like style and… geez, I’m starting to talk like Paula. Anyways, what I got fromt he performance and judges comments is that Cook is the person Simon WANTS to win, but Simon is thinking that David Archuleta WILL win. Simon’s good that way in that he doesn’t censor his thoughts.

3.David Archuleta – It took me 10 weeks to figure this out, but Archie has been singing the same song every single week. OK, they’re different songs, but he’s got a Clay Aiken-like set list of things that he NEEDS to do every time out. I know I’ve slagged on Jordin Sparks in the past, but at least the girl was willing to show some variety. But whether it’s a ballad or an upbeat song, all of Archie’s performances have sounded the same. Which, I suppose, is why he’s the odds-on favourite to win the whole darn thing.

3.Syesha Mercado – Syesha looked good, sang great, and if it weren’t for people not caring about her, she’d be #2

4.Carly Smithson – Carly apparently gets a pass this week as someone (that being Lord Andrew) finally tells her “maybe you should sing this instead”. Not the greatest performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” I’ve ever heard, but not close to the worst either.

5.Brooke White – I know that Paula slagged Brooke for restarting her song, but if it worked in Flashdance… Hmm, maybe not a good example. But the restart happened after a few bars, Brooke sang okay, and I think that it was a no harm, no foul kind of thing. Where Brooke faltered though, is that her singing wasn’t that great, and the restart has been indicative that Brooke doesn’t really want to be in the competition anymore.

6.Jason Castro – I don’t know if it was the sound guy or something, but I could barely hear Jason, and while he sang OK, it really wasn’t a great song for him, I thought. It probably didn’t help that he didn’t know that it was from a musical about cats. I hope that actually meant that he didn’t know “Memories” was from Cats, you know what I mean?

Based on last week I have to think that Carly and Brooke are your Bottom 2, with Brooke taking the walk of shame out of here.

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