A Moment's All I Ask – 4.24.08

I think I want a moment of silence, as my Carly is now off of American Idol, after singing “Jesus Christ Superstar”. What the hell, America? We’ll talk about who should have gone down in a second, but I’m confident that Carly is going to resurface on the pop/rock scene sooner than later. If the record company that signs her markets her correctly, she could be a great opener for Pink. She went out fiercely, and by the way, she needs to market the “Simon Loves Me” shirt; despite it being the kiss of death, I think she could earn a sizable income of selling it to Idol fans.

Now on to the recap of the Broadway… I mean, Andrew Lloyd Webber show:

Syesha sang “One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Many” and for the first time on this show, was truly in her element. It looks like she has found her niche and personality, and that’s on a stage in a production. She looked sexy, acted sassy and did not deserve to be in the bottom two tonight, at all.

Jason Castro sang “Memory” from Cats despite all the opposition to do so from Webber himself. Jason should have been in the bottom two tonight because it was his weakest performance to date, and very obviously could not hang in this particular genre. Of course, I didn’t expect him to, and, of course, I expected him to skate on through ultimately because he’s madly popular because of his charm and looks. But, again, he should have been in the bottom two tonight, and it was a toss of the coin between him and Brooke White to who should have gone home.

Brooke White, whom I love and adore, really screwed up this week. She forgot the words and had to restart Madonna‘s Evita song, “You Must Love Me”, and we all had to sit through the train wreck that was her performance, which was completely useless and unmemorable other than the fact that she messed up—that’s not something a singer needs in their résumé. Paula, of course, insisted afterwards that she should have made it up as she went along until she got back on track, but they would have ripped her on that too, so I think starting over was a good move. Brooke is refreshing and real because she reminds the audience that she is one of us, and that is what saved her this week, but in no way should she have advanced tonight. Brooke MUST pull it together or I don’t know how she’s going to even get through the Idol tour. She’s really talented, but so far has shown that she doesn’t have the stability to keep going without medication or constant therapy sessions; when she does get voted off, there’s no way she is going to go out smiling as Carly did on Wednesday night.

David Archuleta is David Archuleta, and actually did really well in making “Think of Me” contemporary and radio-ready. I don’t know what else to say that hasn’t already been said; everyone’s afraid of what his father does to him away from Idol, and I hope David has a good secure friendship base, because even Naomi Judd cracked on David’s father on a recent Today show appearance.

Already commented on Carly—still a great injustice. I wonder if secular America just couldn’t handle the lyrics.

David Cook did the best he could with “Music of the Night” and proves why he is going to be in the top two with making everything a David Cook rock performance. He’s really the one to beat right now and everyone knows it.

The undeniable musical force that is the smoking hot Leona Lewis absolutely owned Idol this week, in such a way I can promise you fans were wondering why we haven’t had anyone this good come from American Idol in years (since Kelly Clarkson).

Now that the Idol results have put me in a bad mood, that even listening to “Burning Love” can’t help me, let’s move on to something that is hot, talented and not participating in the Idol machine:

Video of the Week The HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, Lady GaGa. I have been lucky enough to get a special preview of her music and this girl’s got the hotness. Look, listen, appreciate and get ready to experience The Fame.

Thank you for reading; make your moment your breakthrough.


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