More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Thursday Night Ritual

So for the past month and a half, I’ve had this particularly Thursday night ritual. Every Thursday night/Friday morning (depending on how you view the changing of the day) I scour the Internet in search of a song; I do it for hours and I never find it.

Y’see, in early March I began watching a ten-episode miniseries on Sundance called Terminal City (maybe one day I’ll write about it for Primetime Pulse). It’s a show about a family—husband, wife, three kids and two grandparents. The wife gets cancer and her own reality show. In that order. It’s really a quality show. From what I gather it’s been crowned the Canadian Six Feet Under, which in my book is high praise.

But the thing is, there was this song that closed out the second episode. Katie and Ari have just accepted that they’re going to face the cancer together and they share a slow dance as the episode fades out. And it’s the song that plays as they dance, that’s the song that I’m looking for.

I’m so far removed from the actual episode I couldn’t even tell you how the song went or what to use as a comparison. It was a female singing. I suppose it had a Fiona Apple/song-of-sorrow-type vibe. All I know is that it perfectly captured the emotional quotient of the scene and it felt like the episode had built up to that song. Oh, and I remember that I liked it.

I tried to catch the name of it in the credits but they (a) were too small and (b) were way to quick. Plus, I was really caught up in the moment, so such a task felt really odd. And because I caught the second airing of the night, I didn’t have the opportunity to catch the episode again.

Thus, late every Thursday night I trudge through a bevy of hits to such phrases as “Terminal City, music, second episode” or “Terminal City, song, episode two” and the lot.

And it’s frustrating that the Sundance Web site has nothing for me. I’ve been there a couple of times and not only do they not have any information about the music on the show, but no one seems to be talking about the show, so I can’t even find anyone who might have the answer to my question.

I mean, aren’t we living in the year 2008? I can accept that we don’t have jetpacks, flying cars or videophones. But given all of the hoopla about the Internet, I kinda expected to be able to find out what song closed out an episode on a critically acclaimed program.

And that’s why most of my Google searches have to do with adult flicks and their stars.


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