Pardon The Pulse: NFL Draft First And Second Rounds

Ladies and gentlemen, it is true that we are on hiatus, but you know damn good and well that I would be here for the NFL Draft. So I will be throwing up some tidbits here and there until 3PM EST when the draft officially starts.

After that you’ll be getting full coverage of rounds one and two today and then the final five rounds tomorrow. There is plenty of talk sure to be going on in the forums and who knows, my PTP boys may also be joining me from time to time. So sit back and enjoy as we see who your favorite teams will have on their roster come August.

We already know one thing and that is:

1.) Miami Dolphins – OT, Jake Long, Michigan

Danny: This doesn’t surprise me in the least considering that Miami needs help no matter where you look at the team. Getting a solid guy on their O-Line is a good start to protect…well, whoever the hell their quarterback may be next year. Long is also the exact type of guy that the Big Tuna likes so there is yet another thing which doesn’t make this pick surprising.

What is surprising is seeing the number one pick signed so damn early.

~ There is a report now that the St. Louis Rams are going to take DE Chris Long out of Virginia with the second pick. If that holds true, it could make for some interesting scenarios for the Falcons at the third spot.

~ The Pacman to Dallas deal is not done yet. Pacman and the Boys have agreed to a four-year deal, but the Player’s Union is halting the deal in saying that Jones does not owe back part of the bonus money he received from the Titans.

Word is that the deal must be done today in order for it to happen!

~ Not much going on in the way of new information. Shockey may still end up in New Orleans. Ocho-Cinco is possibly staying put in Cincy. But who knows?

There is word that the Raiders could end up trading down from the four spot, but if they do stay put…then expect Darren McFadden to line up behind JaMarcus Russell this fall!

~ The Annual NFL Draft has really kind of begun now as Chris Behrman and the main ESPN crew are in Radio City Music Hall counting down the hour before the first pick. Behrman is joined by Steve Young, Keyshawn Johnson, Chris Mortensen, and Mel Kiper Jr.

Man, if Adam Schlereth was with this crew…they would know literally EVERYTHING!

~ There is now talk of the Baltimore Ravens possibly trading their eighth pick and Terrell Suggs to the Rams for the number two spot. Hmmmm!

~ Numerous teams are talking to the Chiefs as well about moving up if Glenn Dorsey is available by the fifth pick where KC is expecting to take an OT.

Breaking News: CJ is watching hockey cuz he sucks!

~ I’ve gotta put up with him all college season on every Saturday and more, must Herbstreit really be around on NFL draft day?

~ I really wish Chris Long would say “you know” more often!

~ In case you didn’t know, this trade happened last night:

Dallas gets Miami’s fourth round pick (# 100).

Miami gets LB Akin Ayodele and TE Tony Fasano

~ Ok, talk now is that the Falcons will indeed take QB Matt Ryan from Boston College at the number three spot. If that is true then there is going to be a lot of wheeling and dealing for that fourth pick (Raiders) and the fifth pick (Chiefs). Expect the Saints, Bengals, and possibly Ravens to be involved in that.

~ Bengal-Land is not looking too cheery. First Chris Henry is gone. Chad Johnson wants out. Now Adam Schefter is reporting that former first-round pick OT Levi Jones has asked the team to trade him due to problems with the coaching staff.

The Bengals told him they wouldn’t trade him just like they told Johnson.

~ Note To Remember: Those of you hoping to be able to do things by Wednesday have no fear because the first round has been dumbed down from fifteen minutes a pick to ten minutes each.

~ Has Matt Ryan hit puberty yet? Jeez man, put some bass in your voice!

Goodell welcomes us and talks about the “streamline” format of the draft! The Jet fans are as retarded as ever!

It’s just about that time folks so I’ll already put the first pick up…here we go:

First Round

1.) Miami Dolphins – Jake Long, OT, Michigan

Danny: “This doesn’t surprise me in the least considering that Miami needs help no matter where you look at the team. Getting a solid guy on their O-Line is a good start to protect…well, whoever the hell their quarterback may be next year. Long is also the exact type of guy that the Big Tuna likes so there is yet another thing which doesn’t make this pick surprising.”

The Rams are on the clock!

2.) St. Louis Rams – Chris Long, DE, Virginia

Danny: “Ok, maybe I’m dumb here but I could have sworn that Dorsey and even Ellis were better then this kid. Not to say he is bad or anything, but I just don’t see the work ethic and all-around talent in Long that I do in Dorsey. Oh well…their loss.

I do give Chris Long credit though for referring to his green room table phone as ‘The Bat Phone!’ HA!”

The Falcons are on the clock and I’m telling you, it is weird cuz before I knew it I looked up and the clock was already at six minutes left for the Rams.

3.) Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

Danny: “This is quite possibly the smartest move the Falcons could have done. The whole Vick saga is behind them now I’d say with grabbing Ryan. Obviously Redman, Harrington, Leftwich, and Shockley were not the answer they needed to lead this team, but Ryan? He certainly is and will be behind center in red and black for a long time to come.”

That leaves Glenn Dorsey still on the board and the Raiders on the clock. COME ON SAINTS…pull the trigger on that trade up!

Charlie Marsh (fashion guru and IP video game expert): “Not a fan of the gray suit.”

4.) Oakland Raiders – Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

Danny: “The Raiders really didn’t look too bad on defense last year so this is a great pick for them. They’ve gotten a step up in their wide receiver corp with Javon Walker and Russell needs another weapon to get things going. McFadden is a solid running back that can do a lot, but he’s got to hold onto the ball more.”

Chiefs are on the clock!

Danny: “Oh look, there’s McFadden’s mom who needs to learn how to keep her big ass mouth shut!”

5.) Kansas City Chiefs – Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

Danny: “Well, the trade was on the board and it just didn’t happen. Apparently the Saints had offered two more draft picks for Dorsey but it just wasn’t meant to be. Not much to say but Dorsey will help the Chiefs’ anemic defense immensely!”

The J-E-T-S are on the clock!

Cash Kerouac (IP Music Man And Has Thoughts On Everything): “Damnit, this has been so straightforward. Where are the change-arounds?

Also, the camera man needs to turn off his cell phone.”

Danny: “Surprise surprise! The Jets are taking the full ten minutes!”

6.) New York Jets – Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State

Danny: “Holy hell the green room has been cleaned out already! Amazing! No-one will be sitting there for three hours like last year and crying like Brady Quinn. Gholston is an amazing talent, but I read one sports writer the other day call him more of a bodybuilder then a football player. So let’s see if he can hang in the NFL!”

The Cheaters are on the clock!

TRADE: The Patriots have made a trade with the Saints! Pats get first (10) and third round picks. Saints get first (7 – Sedrick Ellis) and fifth round picks.

7.) New Orleans Saints – Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

Danny: “This is a damn fine pick considering we couldn’t get Dorsey. Putting him inside Will Smith and Charles Grant is going to finally make a line that teams won’t be able to run all over. The guy is a beast and will bolster the defense from the first day he arrives in camp.”

Cash Kerouac: “Sorry Danny, that’s a bust. I wish the Pats had picked him. Just an impression I’ve had from watching college ball. He’ll give you a few good years of decent production, but fail to live up to expectations and be gone within a few years.”

The Ravens…err, Jaguars are on the clock.

TRADE: The Jaguars have made a trade with the Ravens. Ravens get first, two third, and a fourth pick from the Jags. The Jags got the Ravens’ first round pick (Harvey).

8.) Jacksonville Jaguars – Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida

Danny: “Ok…he’s a good player, but this is a stretch. Harvey is not worth a top ten pick and I don’t know what the Jags gave up to move this high but it wasn’t worth it.”

The Jailbirds are on the clock.

9.) Cincinnati Bengals – Keith Rivers, LB, USC

Danny: “Not a bad pick at all considering how good Rivers is going to be in the NFL. He has good size for an outside linebacker and damn good speed to get through that line and chase guys into the secondary like Brian Urlacher does. What I don’t get is that the Bengals may have had more pressing needs to fill before going for a linebacker, but they probably went for one of the best players available and Rivers is it.”

The Cheaters are back on the clock!

Danny: “Good Lord!!!! A first, two threes, and a fourth round pick for Derrick Harvey??????????????????

That’s about as bad as the Ricky Williams trade!”

10.) New England Patriots – Jerod Mayo, LB, Tennessee

Danny: “Here is stretch number two in the first round. I know that the Pats are looking to try and make their archaic linebacking corp into something a bit younger but they needed a cornerback or safety more then anything. Not that I care because here’s hoping that he doesn’t make them better.”

The Toronto Bills are on the clock.

Striker: “Provided the Giants say no to a 2nd for Shockey, who do the Saints take? Probably CB, and with such a deep class there’s no telling who’s there. Flowers? Lee?”

Danny: “I’m guessing the Saints will look at one of two players and probably from both from Virginia Tech: LB Xavier Adibi or Brandon Flowers (if he is still around).”

11.) Buffalo Bills – Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy

Danny: “After losing Nate Clements a year ago, you kind of need someone to replace him. He may have been playing for Troy, but the kid has the skills to start immediately in the NFL and I like this pick.”

Denver is on the clock.

12.) Denver Broncos – Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State

Danny: “From the blue field to Mile High goes Clady. The kid is good no question and will be able to protect Jay Cutler’s ass, but he was never really challenged at Boise State. He didn’t go up against some of the better defensive teams in the nation being at a WAC school so he will be challenged immediately when he enters the NFL.”

The Panthers are on the clock.

13.) Carolina Panthers – Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon

Danny: “Holy hell did I not see this coming at all. Really? With DeAngelo Williams back there taking over for DeShaun Foster? This comes as a complete and total shock to me when I expected either a quarterback or an offensive lineman to head into Carolina country. Not that it’s a bad pick at all, just strange.

Considering how little they did in the offseason, this at least is SOMEONE new. Wonder if Paulie is happy wherever he is?”

The Bears are on the clock…quarterback searching much?

14.) Chicago Bears – Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt

Danny: “I was kind of thinking a running back here to make up for the horrible waste of talent that is Cedric Benson. I also am not sure why Williams was selected over Albert or Otah considering they are still waiting out there. They really do need an offensive lineman, but they are suffering in a lot of areas and had to start somewhere I guess.”

Lions are on the clock…will we have another Kitna guarantee?

TRADE: Lions Trade Pick To Chiefs. Lions first, third, and fifth picks from Chiefs. Chiefs get first and third from Lions.

15.) Kansas City Chiefs – Brandon Albert, OG, Virginia

Danny: “Wow! Dorsey and now Albert? The Chiefs got two good players and on opposite sides of the ball. Albert is very fast for his big size (over three hundred pounds) and will be able to open lanes for Larry Johnson and possibly keep Brodie Croyle from sucking even more then he already does.”

The Cards are on the clock.


Paulie: “Well, sounds exciting in here. Just popping in to say hi, didn’t even know coverage had started, I thought they backed it up to like 4 or5. Oh well, yard work done for today, time to pick up the boys.”

16.) Arizona Cardinals – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State

Danny: “Regarded by me as one of the best cornerbacks in the entire draft, the Cards got a great player here. He may have played at a smaller school that didn’t go up against the type of big time talent like the ACC or SEC, but he has the skills and talent to play in the NFL right away. Great speed and one helluva hitter.”

Kitna’s guarantee is back on the clock.

17.) Detroit Lions – Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College

Danny: “And yet another offensive tackle goes early on this draft. This big guy is going to give some good protection to Kitna which could maybe force him to make a guarantee of seven or eight wins, but certainly not ten again. But to take this kid this high while so many other good players are still available is beyond me. Some strange ass picks this year.”

The Texans are on the clock.

TRADE: The Ravens have made a trade with the Texans.

18.) Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco, QB, Deleware

Danny: “The Ravens have been after a quarterback since the sudden retirement announcement of Steve McNair a couple weeks ago. They really wanted Matt Ryan, but couldn’t possibly give up all that was needed to go up that high. Flacco is a very good quarterback coming from a very small school, but will be an immediate starter in the NFL and make a big impact for that team.”

The Iggles are on the clock.

TRADE: Eagles trade pick to the Panthers. Panthers get first round pick (Otah). Eagles get second and fourth round picks this year and Carolina’s first round pick in 2009.

19.) Carolina Panthers – Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh

Danny: “A hell of a player, but once again the Panthers need a lot of help all over the place. At least now though they have someone to possibly open some holes for Williams and Stewart.”

The Bucs are on the clock.

Danny: “Carolina is right stupid to give up that much for Otah.”

20.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

Danny: “Wait, what? All this talk about wanting and needing wide receivers for months and they go with Talib? This is a cornerback that can start on any team in the NFL right away, but I wasn’t expecting him to land in Tampa Bay. My guess now is that any kind of trade for Lito Sheppard is out the window. I am very surprised by this pick, but it does make Talib the youngest player on the Bucs’ squad by at least…oh, twenty years I think. Oh yeah, and he likes the weed.”

Skins on the clock.

TRADE: Redskins trade pick to Falcons.

21.) Atlanta Falcons – Sam Baker, OT, USC

Danny: “Weird seeing the trade up here since they got Ryan early on. And yet ANOTHER friggin offensive tackle is off the board which is just getting out of hand. So now Matt Ryan has someone watching his ass, but it still isn’t going to make the Falcons any better then maybe six wins next season.”

The Boys are on the clock.

22.) Dallas Cowboys – Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

Danny: “This was kind of a big DUH! It’s nice to see Jones go so high in this draft considering he has been in McFadden’s shadow for so long. He has great speed and a lot of agility to go through anyone on the field. With Julius Jones hitting the bricks, Barber has a great new backfield mate in Jones. I’m also happy to see Rashard Mendenhall falling so far in this draft when a lot of ‘experts’ had him going in the top fifteen. I watched him play on many occasions last year and the kid is not that damn good. At least not better then McFadden, Stewart, or Jones.”

The Terrible Towels are on the block.

Danny: “I think I may have spoken too soon on Mendenhall. Dammitt!”

23.) Pittsburgh Steelers – Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois

Danny: “While he may be a good running back, I don’t feel as if he was first round talent. Just because he showed a lot of good skills in the Rose Bowl against USC…that doesn’t mean the team didn’t still get demolished by the Trojans. Too bad Willie Parker is young and has a lot of tread left on his tires…sorry Rashard.”

The Titans are on the clock.

24.) Tennessee Titans – Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina

Danny: “Jigga wha? That’s all I got to say about that!”

The Hawks are on the clock.

Cash: “I am good with the Cowboys picking Felix Jones. He’s not a feature back, but since we have Barber in tow, I think they’ll be a good one-two punch.”

TRADE: Seahawks trade pick to Dallas.

25.) Dallas Cowboys – Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida

Danny: “Well, the Cowboys have gone on record as saying that any of the young receivers in this year’s draft couldn’t hold their own opposite T.O. Stupid in my opinion because DeSean Jackson, Early Doucet, and Limas Sweed are still sitting out there. Jenkins is a hell of a cornerback though and will upgrade their secondary tremendously. Makes me wonder what’s going on with Pacman still.”

Houston is on the clock.

26.) Houston Texans – Duane Brown, OT, Virginia Tech

Danny: “Good God…another offensive lineman and another Hokie head out in the NFL draft. Brown is a good pick and something the Texans have needed for a long time. Their offensive line has been absolutely horrible since they started in the league and it is why David Carr ended up looking like a horrible talent. Mind you, he didn’t show anything better in Carolina and probably won’t even get to play in New York, but he didn’t deserve the physical beatings he got every week in Houston.”

The Bolts are on the clock.

27.) San Diego Chargers – Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona

Danny: “This is their only pick until the fifth round, and this isn’t too bad a pick considering they need some help in their secondary. But I wonder what they’re going to do with LdT having surgery and if he happens to go down sometime during the season. Michael Turner, who could start for every team in the league, is now in Atlanta and you take out LdT and you take out over 60% of the Chargers’ offense. With no more picks until late tomorrow, their may be some movement coming up from San Diego.”

The Hawks are on the clock.

28.) Seattle Seahawks – Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC

Danny: “Here is yet another pick that shocks me. They lost Jeramy Stevens last year to the Bucs and really needed a tight end on offense so that is kind of where I figured they’d go. Not to mention Philip Merling is still out there and a better talent then Jackson in my opinion.”

The Niners are on the clock.

29.) San Francisco 49ers – Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina

Danny: “This is not a bad pick. The Niners upgraded their offense in the offseason a good bit and could use some help on the D-line so Balmer is a great pick and a big guy to have up front that will upgrade their run stuffing ability right away.”

The Pack is on the clock.

TRADE: The Packers have traded their pick to the Jets.

30.) New York Jets – Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue

Danny: “This wasn’t necessarily the popular pick that the Jet fans in attendance were looking for in hopes that wide receiver Devin Thomas would be in green and white soon. Keller is really a Dallas Clark type tight end that can block, run a short route, or be clear down field in four or five seconds. This will help out tremendously on offense, but the Jets needs a quarterback to throw to him now.”

The GGGGGG-Men are on the clock for the final pick in the first round.

31.) New York Giants – Kenny Phillips, S, Miami

Danny: “Not a bad pick at all. They did sign veteran Sammy Knight in the offseason, but it’s not like he’s a young one. Phillips is a damn fine player coming from a great program in Miami in which he made plays on the ball, some hard tackles, and knows what he is doing every second out there.”

That’s it for the first round folks and it took about three hours less then last year. The fastest first round since 1990 and also no wide receivers were taken either. Miami is on the clock for a round that gives teams only seven minutes each.

Second Round

32.) Miami DolphinsPhillip Merling, DE, Clemson

Danny: “Not a bad pick as Merling was expected to go much earlier then this. There is a lot of talk as to some veterans that could be moved around before this round and day one is over. Miami’s Jason Taylor could be headed out of the Sunshine State.

There is also talk that the Jeremy Shockey to the Saints’ trade is already done but being held back until the Saints’ actual pick (# 40) comes up. This is smart as it would keep the talk about some players the Giants might want out of the news and lessen the chances of them being picked.”

33.) St. Louis RamsDonnie Avery, WR, Houston

Danny: “Oh My God!!!! THAT is the first wide receiver taken???”

34.) Washington RedskinsDevin Thomas, WR, Michigan State
35.) Kansas City ChiefsBrandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech
36.) Green Bay PackersJordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State

Danny: “Kansas City is racking up in this draft! But yet another wide receiver taken ahead of Kelly, Doucet, Sweed, and Jackson that I didn’t see going nearly this early.”

37.) Atlanta FalconsCurtis Lofton, LB, Oklahoma

TRADE: Ravens trade pick To Seahawks

38.) Seattle SeahawksJohn Carlson, TE, Notre Dame
39.) San Francisco 49ersChilo Rachal, OG, USC
40.) New Orleans SaintsTracy Porter, CB, Indiana

Danny: “I guess the Jeremy Shockey trade just didn’t happen. Dammitt!”

41.) Buffalo BillsJames Hardy, WR, Indiana
42.) Denver BroncosEddie Royal, WR, Virginia Tech

TRADE: Philadelphia Eagles trade pick to the Vikings.

43.) Minnesota VikingsTyrell Johnson, S, Arkansas State
44.) Chicago BearsMatt Forte, RB, Tulane

Danny: “This could not make me happier for this kid although I am surprised he went ahead of Ray Rice. Forte ran over 300 yards in multiple games last year and showed that he can hold his own against anyone. I’m surprised he went this high.”

45.) Detroit LionsJordon Dizon, LB, Colorado
46.) Cincinnati BengalsJerome Simpson, WR, Coastal Carolina

Danny: “I honestly cannot believe the receivers that are being picked ahead of some others out there.”

47.) Philadelphia EaglesTrevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame
48.) Washington RedskinsFred Davis, TE, USC
49.)Philadelphia EaglesDeSean Jackson, WR, California
50.) Arizona CardinalsCalais Campbell, DE, Miami
51.) Washington RedskinsMalcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

TRADE: Tampa Bay trades pick to Jacksonville.

52.) Tampa Bay BuccaneersQuentin Groves, DE, Auburn
53.) Pittsburgh SteelersLimas Sweed, WR, Texas
54.) Tennessee TitansJason Jones, DE, Eastern Michigan

TRADE: Seattle trades pick to Baltimore.

55.) Baltimore RavensRay Rice, RB, Rutgers
56.) Green Bay PackersBrian Brohm, QB, Louisville

Danny: “HA HA HA HA HA! Forgive me for this, but I find it damn funny. Rodgers finally is getting out of Favre’s shadow and now has to compete for his starting job with a rookie.”

CJ: “Why the f*ck did we not just stay where we were and draft Josh Barrett?

Remember this in 2 years when Barrett is a Pro Bowler and Johnson is middling on Special Teams.”

57.) Miami DolphinsChad Henne, QB, Michigan

Danny: “So now John Beck also has to compete against a rookie? Shit is weird man!”

58.) Tampa Bay BuccaneersDexter Jackson, WR, Appalachian State
59.) Indianapolis ColtsMike Pollak, C, Arizona State
60.) Green Bay PackersPatrick Lee, CB, Auburn
61.) Dallas CowboysMartellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M
62.) New England PatriotsTerrence Wheatley, CB, Colorado
63.) New York GiantsTerrell Thomas, CB, USC

Well that is it for day one and I’ll be back with Lord knows who tomorrow for the last five rounds on day two. Things have certainly been interesting and there are still a lot of great players left on the board so tomorrow shall be a fun day. Til then everyone, good night.

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