PTP: NFL Draft Second Day

Good morning everyone and welcome to the second day of the NFL Draft. I will be here throughout the day with live coverage and random comments from time to time. There were a lot of big name players left on the board after Saturday’s opening two rounds and possible trades are all over the place so here we go.

Third Round

64.) Detroit LionsKevin Smith, RB, Central Florida

Danny: “This is a great pick. The Lions needed a back badly and Smith is a beast who will be a star.”

65.) St. Louis RamsJohn Greco, OT, Toledo
66.) Miami DolphinsKendall Langdon, DE, Hampton
67.) Carolina PanthersCharles Godfrey, CB Iowa
68.) Atlanta FalconsChevis Jackson, CB, LSU

Danny: “As if I wouldn’t comment on every LSU player taken, please! Jackson going this high surprises me, but it’s not like he isn’t worth it. Jackson is going to help a secondary that lost DeAngelo Hall and is missing an explosive corner.”

69.) San Diego ChargersJacob Hester, FB, LSU

Danny: “Well, two LSU players in a row and another guy I didn’t expect to go this high but he certainly has the talent to live up to a third round pick. After losing Lorenzo Neal and Michael Turner in the offseason, the Chargers needed a back that could do everything. You couldn’t have asked for a better one then Jacob Hester.”

70.) Chicago BearsEarl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt
71.) Baltimore RavensTavares Gooden, LB, Miami
72.) Buffalo BillsChris Ellis, DE, Virginia Tech
73.) Kansas City ChiefsJamaal Charles, RB, Texas
74.) Carolina PanthersDan Connor, LB, Penn State
75.) San Francisco 49ersReggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma
76.) Kansas City ChiefsBrad Cottam, TE, Tennessee
77.) Cincinnati BengalsPat Sims, DT, Auburn
78.) New England PatriotsShawn Crable, LB, Michigan
79.) Houston TexansAntwaun Molden, CB, Eastern Kentucky
80.) Philadelphia EaglesBryan Smith, DE, McNeese State
81.) Arizona CardinalsEarly Doucet, WR, LSU

Danny: “Well, Doucet is finally off the board as the third LSU player taken in the third round. Doucet adds a lot to any team and even though his speed may not be the best, he can make catches anywhere on the field and fight through tackles.”

82.) Kansas City ChiefsDaJuan Morgan, S, NC State
83.) Tampa Bay BuccaneersJeremy Zuttah, OG, Rutgers
84.) Atlanta FalconsHarry Douglas, WR, Louisville
85.) Tennessee TitansCraig Stevens, TE, California
86.) Baltimore RavensTom Zbikowski, S, Notre Dame

Danny: “Sorry for the delay folks, I went and had breakfast!”

87.) Detroit LionsAndre Fluellen, DT, Florida State
88.) Pittsburgh SteelersBruce Davis, LB, UCLA
89.) Houston TexansSteve Slaton, RB, West Virginia
90.) Chicago BearsMarcus Harrison, DT, Arkansas
91.) Green Bay PackersJermichael Finley, TE, Texas
92.) Detroit LionsCliff Avril, DE, Purdue
93.) Indianapolis ColtsPhilip Wheeler, LB, Georgia Tech
94.) New England PatriotsKevin O’Connell, QB, San Diego State
95.) New York GiantsMario Manningham, WR, Michigan
96.) Washington RedskinsChad Rinehart, OG, Northern Iowa
97.) Cincinnati BengalsAndre Caldwell, WR, Florida

Danny: “About time the Bengals went after a wide receiver. Hope Caldwell likes jail.”

98.) Atlanta FalconsThomas DeCoud, S, California
99.) Baltimore RavensOniel Cousins, OG, UTEP

Fourth Round

100.) Oakland RaidersTyvon Branch, CB, Connecticut
101.) St. Louis RamsJustin King, CB, Penn State
102.) Green Bay PackersJeremy Thompson, DE, Wake Forest
103.) Tennessee TitansWilliams Hayes, DE, Winston Salem State
104.) Cleveland BrownsBeau Bell, LB, UNLV
105.) Kansas City ChiefsWill Franklin, WR, Missouri
106.) Baltimore RavensMarcus Smith, WR, New Mexico
107.) San Francisco 49ersCody Wallace, C, Texas A&M
108.) Denver BroncosKory Lichtensteiger, C, Bowling Green
109.) Philadelphia EaglesMike McGlynn, OT, Pittsburgh

TRADE: Bears trade pick to Dolphins.

110.) Miami DolphinsShawn Murphy, OG, Utah State
111.) Cleveland BrownsMartin Rucker, TE, Missouri
112.) Cincinnati BengalsAnthony Collins, OT, Kansas
113.) New York JetsDwight Lowey, CB, San Jose State
114.) Buffalo BillsReggie Corner, CB, Akron
115.) Tampa Bay BuccaneersDre Moore, DT, Maryland
116.) Arizona CardinalsKenny Iwebema, DE, Iowa
117.) Philadelphia EaglesQuintin Demps, S, UTEP
118.) Houston TexansXavier Adibi, LB, Virginia Tech
119.) Denver BroncosJack Williams, CB, Kent State
120.) Chicago BearsCraig Steltz, S, LSU

Danny: “Steltz finally gets taken off the board but Ali Highsmith is still there, I just don’t get it. I do know though that Steltz could jump into the starting line-up or at least the dime package right away for the Bears.”

121.) Seattle SeahawksRed Bryant, DT, Texas A&M
122.) Dallas CowboysTashard Choice, RB, Georgia Teach
123.) Pittsburgh SteelersBryan Kehl, LB, BYU
124.) Tennessee TitansJustin Tryon, CB, Arizona State
125.) Oakland RaidersArman Shields, WR, Richmond
126.) Tennessee TitansLavelle Hawkins, WR, California
127.) Indianapolis ColtsJacob Tamme, TE, Kentucky
128.) St. Louis RamsKeenan Burton, WR, Kentucky
129.) New England PatriotsJonathan Wilhite, CB, Auburn
130.) Pittsburgh SteelersTony Hills, OT, Texas
131.) Philadelphia EaglesJake Ikegwuonu, CB, Wisconsin
132.) Buffalo BillsDerek Fine, TE, Kansas
133.) Baltimore RavensDavid Hale, OT, Weber State
134.) Tennessee TitansStanford Keglar, LB, Purdue
135.) Green Bay PackersJosh Sitton, OT, Central Florida

Danny: “The fourth round is over and there are three to go. Lots of big names still hanging around including quarterbacks John David Booty, Andre Woodson, and Colt Brennan and also linebacker Ali Highsmith. Some teams are going to be getting some nice bargains as the day goes on.”

Fifth Round

136.) Detroit LionsKenneth Moore, WR, Wake Forest
137.) Minnesota VikingsJohn David Booty, QB, USC

Danny: “Ohhhhhhhh and Booty is off the board. I wonder how CJ feels about this!”

138.) Atlanta FalconsRobert James, LB, Arizona State
139.) Denver BroncosRyan Torlan, RB, Arizona State
140.) Kansas City ChiefsBrandon Carr, CB, Grand Valley State
141.) Carolina PanthersGary Barnidge, TE, Louisville
142.) Chicago BearsZack Bowman, CB, Nebraska
143.) Dallas CowboysOrlando Scandrick, CB, Boise State
144.) New Orleans SaintsDeMario Pressley, DT, NC State
145.) Cincinnati BengalsJason Shirley, DT, Fresno State
146.) Detroit LionsJerome Felton, FB, Furman

CJ: “Gawd damn it minnesota…


Not John David f*cking Booty.”


147.) Buffalo BillsAlvin Bowen, LB, Iowa State
148.) Denver BroncosCarlton Powell, DT, Virginia Tech
149.) Arizona CardinalsTimothy Hightower, RB, Richmond
150.) Minnesota VikingsBreno Giacomini, OT, Louisville
151.) Houston TexansFrank Okam, DT, Texas
152.) Minnesota VikingsLetroy Guion, DT, Florida State
153.) New England PatriotsMatthew Slater, WR, UCLA
154.) Atlanta FalconsKory Blerman, DE< Montana
155.) Jacksonville JaguarsThomas Williams, LB, USC
156.) Pittsburgh SteelersDennis Sixon, QB, Oregon

Danny: “Hmmm they already have Big Ben. Can we say Kordell Stewart Version 2.0?”

157.) St. Louis RamsRoy Scheuning, OG, Oregon State
158.) Chicago BearsKellen Davis, TE, Michigan State
159.) Jacksonville JaguarsTrae Williams, CB, South Florida
160.) Tampa Bay BuccaneersJosh Johnson, QB, San Diego

Danny: “Really Tampa? Another quarterback? Really?”

161.) Indianapolis ColtsMarcus Howard, LB, Georgia
162.) New York JetsErik Ainge, QB, Tennessee

Danny: “The Jet fans shout out as a quarterback was drafted since Pennington and Clemens were absolute garbage. Surprising though that Ainge went ahead of Woodson and Brennan.”

163.) Seattle SeahawksOwen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia
164.) New Orleans SaintsCarl Nicks, OT, Nebraska
165.) New York GiantsJonathan Goff, LB, Vanderbilt
166.) San Diego ChargersMarcus Thomas, RB, UTEP

Sixth Round

167.) Dallas CowboysErik Walden, DE, Middle Tennessee
168.) Washington RedskinsDurant Brooks, PK, Georgia Tech
169.) Oakland RaidersTrevor Scott, DE, Buffalo
170.) Kansas City ChiefsBarry Richardson, OG, Clemson
171.) New York JetsMarcus Henry, WR, Kansas
172.) Atlanta FalconsThomas Brown, RB, Georgia
173.) Houston TexansDominique Barber, S, Minnesota
174.) San Francisco 49ersJosh Morgan, WR, Virginia Tech
175.) Tampa Bay BuccaneersGeno Hayes, LB, Florida State
176.) Miami DolphinsJalen Parmele, RB, Toledo
177.) Cincinnati BengalsCorey Lynch, S, Appalachian State
178.) New Orleans SaintsTaylor Mehlhaff, PK, Wisconsin
179.) Buffalo BillsXavier Omon, RB, Northwest Missouri State
180.) St. Louis CardinalsKareem Moore, S, Nicholls State
181.) Carolina PanthersNick Hayden, DT, Wisconsin
182.) Kansas City ChiefsKevin Robinson, WR, Utah Satte
183.) Denver BroncosSpencer Larsen, LB, Arizona
184.) Philadelphia EaglesMike Gibson, OG, California
185.) Arizona CardinalsChris Harrington, DE, Texas A&M
186.) Washington RedskinsColt Brennan, QB, Hawaii
187.) Minnesota VikingsJohn Sullivan, C, Notre Dame
188.) Pittsburgh SteelersMike Humpal, LB, Iowa
189.) Seattle SeahawksTyler Schmitt, LS, San Diego State
190.) Cleveland BrownsAthyba Rubin, DT, Iowa State
191.) Cleveland BrownsPaul Hubbard, WR, Wisconsin
192.) San Diego ChargersDejuan Tribble, CB, Boston College
193.) Minnesota VikingsJaymar Johnson, WR, Jackson State
194.) Pittsburgh SteelersRyan Mundy, S, West Virginia
195.) Miami DolphinsDonald Thomas, OG, Connecticut
196.) Indianapolis ColtsTom Santi, TE, Virginia
197.) New England PatriotsBo Ruud, LB, Nebraska
198.) New York GiantsAndre’ Woodson, QB, Kentucky

Danny: “Ok, what? Eli Manning, Jared Lorenzen, and David Carr are already on the roster and you go and take Woodson who could possibly start elsewhere in a couple years? I don’t get it.”
199.) New York GiantsRobert Henderson, DE, Southern Miss
200.) Philadelphia EaglesJoe Mays, LB, North Dakota State
201.) Indianapolis ColtsSteve Justice, C, Wake Forest

Danny: “And yes folks, that is the SECOND center the Colts have taken in this draft. Oy!”

202.) Indianapolis ColtsMike Hart, RB, Michigan

Danny: “Sooooo…Addai and Hart in their backfield? Could be dangerous.”

203.) Philadelphia EaglesAndrew Studebaker, DE, Wheaton
204.) Miami DolphinsLex Hilliard, RB, Montana
205.) Indianapolis ColtsPierre Garcon, WR, Mount Union
206.) Baltimore RavensHaruki Nakamura, S, Cincinnati
207.) Cincinnati BengalsMatt Sherry, TE, Villanova

Seventh Round

208.) Chicago BearsErvin Baldwin, DE, Michigan State
209.) Green Bay PackersMatt Flynn, QB, LSU

Danny: “Another quarterback???”

210.) Kansas City ChiefsBrian Johnston, DE, Gardner Webb
211.) New York JetsNate Garner, OT, Arkansas
212.) Atlanta FalconsWilrey Fontenot, CB, Arizona
213.) Jacksonville JaguarsChauncey Washington, RB, USC
214.) San Francisco 49ersLarry Grant, LB, Ohio State
215.) Baltimore RavensJustin Harper, WR, Virginia Tech
216.) Detroit LionsLandon Cohen, DT, Ohio
217.) Green Bay PackersBrett Swain, WR, San Diego State
218.) Detroit LionsCaleb Campbell, S, Army

Danny: “I’m happy for this kid and am happy he got drafted. I really hope he has what it takes to be a part of the fifty-three man roster by the time September rolls around.”

219.) Buffalo BillsDemetrius Bell, OT, Northwestern State
220.) Denver BroncosJosh Barrett, S, Arizona State
221.) Carolina PanthersHilee Taylor, LB, North Carolina
222.) Chicago BearsChester Adams, OT, Georgia
223.) Houston TexansAlex Brink, QB, Washington State
224.) Buffalo BillsSteve Johnson, WR, Kentucky
225.) Arizona CardinalsBrandon Keith, OT, Northern Iowa
226.) Oakland RaidersChaz Schliens, WR, San Diego State
227.) Denver BroncosPeyton Hillis, FB, Arkansas
228.) St. Louis RamsChristopher Chamberlain, LB, Tulsa
229.) Tennessee TitansCary Williams, CB, Washburn
230.) Philadelphia EaglesKing Dunlap, OT, Auburn
231.) Cleveland BrownsAlex Hall, DE, St. Augustine
232.) Atlanta FalconsKeith Zinger, TE, LSU
233.) Seattle SeahawksJustin Forsett, RB, California
234.) San Diego ChargersCorey Clark, OT, Texas A&M
235.) Seattle SeahawksBrandon Coutu, PK, Georgia
236.) Indianapolis ColtsJamey Richard, C, Buffalo

Danny: “Seriously Dungy? A third center?”

TRADE: Packers trade pick to Saints.

237.) New Orleans SaintsAdrian Arrington, WR, Michigan

Danny: “Interesting to say the least. The Saints have about six or seven receivers already signed, but one or two could be gone by the time training camp gets going. I’m guessing the pressure is really on last year’s first round pick out of Tennessee, Robert Meachem.”

238.) Tampa Bay BuccaneersCory Boyd, RB, South Carolina
239.) Kansas City ChiefsMichael Merritt, TE, Central Florida
240.) Baltimore RavensAllen Patrick, RB, Oklahoma
241.) Carolina PanthersGeoff Schwartz, OT, Oregon
242.) Washington RedskinsRob Jackson, DE, Kansas State
243.) Chicago BearsJoey LaRocque, LB, Oregon State
244.) Cincinnati BengalsAngelo Craig, DE, Cincinnati
245.) Miami DolphinsLionel Dotson, DT, Arizona
246.) Cincinnati BengalsMario Urrutia, WR, Louisville
247.) Chicago BearsKirk Barton, OT, Ohio State
248.) Chicago BearsMarcus Monk, WR, Arkansas
249.) Washington RedskinsChris Horton, S, UCLA
250.) Carolina PanthersMackenzy Bernadeau, OG, Bentley
251.) Buffalo BillsKennard Cox, CB, Pittsburgh
252.) St. Louis RamsDavid Vobora, LB, Idaho – Mr. Irrelevant

Danny: “Well everyone, this is the second straight year that I’ve been with you from the first pick all the way through to Mr. Irrelevant. It was not nearly as long a weekend as it was last year, but it still took everything out of me. Not that I care though because it is football baby. Now I am having it taken away from me and not getting jack shit until August and that’s just preseason.

Oh man, what to do? Have a good rest of the weekend everyone and hope you enjoyed the draft with all of us here at IP.”

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