Chikara, FIP and SHIMMER Results (4.20-4.27)

Chikara, Full Impact Pro and SHIMMER taping results.

Chikara Passion and Persistence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.2008)
1. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant of The Colony defeated Bull Pain and Vin Gerard by disqualification
2. Chuck Taylor pinned Hydra with the Omega Driver
3. Jimmy Olsen pinned Player Uno with a Piledriver
4. Tim Donst beat Ophidian with a Gator Roll
5. Helios pinned Amasis with the Heliocentricity
6. Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm, Cheech and Cloudy beat Mitch Ryder, Robbie Ellis, Larry Sweeney and Shayne Hawke after Storm pinned Sweeney with That Japanese Move. Mitch Ryder blamed Sweeney for losing the match and told him that he dropped the ball big time.
7. El Pantera pinned Sabian with a cradle. The original matchup (Kingston/Sabian vs. Pantera/Dorado) was canceled due to the no-show of Eddie Kingston.)
8. Brodie Lee beat Claudio Castagnoli by disqualification after Castagnoli kicked the referee in the teeth.
9. Hallowicked and Delirious beat Team FIST (2 falls to 1) to retain their titles.

I was at the event last Sunday and it was just a great non-supercard event. Expect a review of it sometime this week before the DVD comes out.

Shimmer Volume 17 Taping (4.26.2008)
1. Rain and Jetta beat Jennifer Blake and Danyah
2. Shark Girl beat Nicole Matthews
3. Hosaka and Fyfe of The Experience beat Ashley Lane and Nevaeh
4. Amber O’Neill beat Loralei Lee
5. Daizee Haze beat Cindy Rogers
6. Ariel beat Amazing Kong
7. Mercedes Martinez beat Wesna
8. Sarah Stock beat Lacey
9. Cheerleader Melissa and Mschif beat Allison Danger and Sara Del Rey

Shimmer Volume 18 Taping (4.26.2008)
1. Shark Girl beat Amber O’Neill
2. Nicole Matthews beat Loralei Lee
3. Daizee Haze beat Jetta
4. Hosaka and Fyfe The Experience beat Blake & Danyah
5. Ariel beat Kat Powers
6. Mercedes beat Cindy Rogers
7. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh beat Lacey and Rain of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew
8. Amazing Kong beat Wesna
9. Cheerleader Melissa beat Sarah Stock
10. MsChif beat Sara Del Rey to become the 2nd Shimmer Champion

Full Impact Pro Dangerous Intentions 2008 in Crystal River, Florida (4.26.2008)
1. Jigsaw beat Chasyn Rance
2. Rex Sterling beat Chris Jones
3. Damien Wayne beat Seth Delay
4. Sal Rinauro beat Delirious
5. Tyler Black beat Davey Richards
6. Kenny King and Chasyn Blade of the YRR beat Jay and Mark Briscoe
7. Roderick Strong beat Erik Stevens to retain the FIP World Title

The Quick Important Stuff/Little Notes Stuff…
1. MsChif beat Sara Del Ray to win the SHIMMER Title.
2. Hallowicked and Delirious retained their Campeonatos de Parejas
3. Roderick Strong beat Erik Stevens to retain his FIP World Title in what is said to be a MOTYC.
4. The YRR still run FIP as they hold each and every title.
5. Tim Donst got knocked on his noggin pretty hard and got convinced by The Order of the Neo Solar Temple he is a member.
6. Vin Gerard and Bull Pain are suspended from Chikara for 30 Days.


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