Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Coverage of WWE RAW for 04/28/2008

The King of Kings has returned to his throne.  Who will stop the reign of Triple H?  Click through for real-time coverage!

Welcome to RAW everyone!  Paul Marshall is back in the house for another episode of RAW!  There was a Pay-Per-View last night, hopefully you all enjoyed it.  Anyways, we get a recap of the WWE Title Match from last night.  That was tonight, but now…

RAW video plays.  Add some pyro and let’s kick things off with the NEW WWE Champion, Triple H!  The title belt looks good around his waist and he’s wearing some casual clothes, unlike his alter ego during the Evolution days.  The fans eat it up as Trips begins to speak.  He has an announcement before we can kick things off.  He’s a downer, but the Age of Orton is offically over!  Eight months ago, he stood behind the curtain, not knowing if he would be the same again.  Eight months later, the Game is BACK!

Enter Randy Orton and he looks like he is ready to compete tonight.  He tells Trips that he does not get a victory speech and he asks him if he is proud of what he done last night.  Trips schools him and Randy says that he is a victim of his own success.  Triple H says that Orton likes the multi-man matches because he can capitalize.  However, in three weeks, it’s Judgment Day for Triple H.  Trips says that everyone is sick of Randy and his mouth, so he asks him to leave.  However, Randy isn’t going anywhere as it is his ring.  He continues to talk and Trips hits him on the head with the microphone.  That ticks Orton off and he isn’t going to wait until Judgment Day.  He’s going to use the rematch clause TONIGHT!  The two stare at each other until Orton turns and walks away.  However, we won’t know if the match will be offical…yet.


Tomorrow Night on ECW:  Chavo and his bodyguard battle Kane in a handicap match!

We are back and we are reminded that Randy wants the title TONIGHT!  It is OFFICIAL!  Coming up, though is another rematch from Backlash. 

Team Mickie James v. Team Beth Phoenix
12 Diva Tag Team Match

Chaos begins the match Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix begin the match and we can say that Beth is owning her from the get go.  In comes Victoria and she drops the elbow on K-Squared.  K-Squared counters into a headscissors, but it doesn’t mean anything as Melina comes in and scores a two count, broken up by Cherry.  Melina gets kicked in the back and K-Squared gets a two count.  In comes Jillian, who sends Kelly to the ropes, but Kelly finally tags in Mickie.  She is on fire and she takes Jillian down.  Jillian mounts a comeback, but Mickie hits a headscissors and follows up with a Thez Press.  Mickie gets a rollup with a bridge for the pin!

Winners: Team Mickie James
Grade:  D+ (Reports claim that the match at Backlash was better)

Later tonight, William Regal gets crowned King of WWE.


Recap of last night’s Backlash is shown.

Welcome back LIVE on RAW!  The closing bell sounds and that only means one thing, John Bradshaw Layfield, makes his way to the ring for his match tonight.  His opponent is Robbie McCallister.

John Bradshaw Layfield v. Robbie McCallister.
Standard Match

Punishment perhaps?  JBL beats a new face into Robbie.  The referee scolds him, but JBL continues on with the onslaught.  Clothesline to Hell connects and that’s over.

Winner:  John Bradshaw Layfield
Grade:  F

Afterwards, JBL puts on the headset and he says that John Cena robbed him last night.  He intends to challenge the winner of tonight’s WWE Championship match and he will destroy John Cena.  “Commentate on that!” he says.

Later tonight:  WWE Championship Match


WWE Slam of the Week:  JTG defeats Trevor Murdoch two weeks ago!

Back to the action as Paul London & Brian Kendrick are in the ring!

Paul London & Brian Kendrick v. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Tag Team Match

London & Cade begin things.  Big back drop by Cade in the opening minute and in comes Murdoch.  London is in trouble as Murdoch gets a two count off an elbow.  Back comes in Cade, effectively cutting the ring in half.  We get boring chants from the crowd and they don’t know anything.  Kendrick is in and he owns Cade to the punch and the boring chants continue.  These people might rather watch Khali v. Big Show at this rate.  In comes Murdoch and in that sequence, Kendrick gets a rollup with bridge for the win!

Winners:  Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Grade: D+

Trevor Murdoch grabs a microphone and he stands on top of the announcers table.  He sings some Garth Brooks.  He’s pretty damned good.  That surely woke the crowd up a bit.  Lance Cade leaves the ring.

Last night, Shawn Michaels defeated Batista, and possibly got injured in the process.  He’s on the Highlight Reel tonight!


Last week, the New York Times reported on the WWE Presidental skit.  Paul Burchill makes his way to the ring with Katie Lea.  It’s her pleasure to announce that she’s going to wrestle with Paul Burchill tonight against Super Crazy.  Okay…

Paul Burchill & Katie Lea v. Super Crazy
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Crazy goes after Katie, but Paul takes him out.  Crazy suplexes Katie and beats into her, but Paul stops that.  Headlock applied and Katie gets a boot to the face.  Paul sends Crazy to the corner and sends Katie to the corner for nothing.  Crazy goes up top and MISSES the Moonsault!  Katie gets up and MISSILE DROPKICK connects!  The Curb Stomp connects and Katie gets the win!

Winners: Katie Lea & Paul Burchill
Grade: D

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews the FORMER WWE Champion, Randy Orton.  He asks him if he’s having any second thoughts.  Orton gives him a deathly stare and he says “NO!”

Up next:  All Hail, King William!


We are back and it is DARK!  William Regal is already in the ring, sitting on the throne!  He puts an end to any speculation, saying that he isn’t going to relinquish the title of General Manager.  He’s the most powerful entity in the WWE.  He says that everyone will have no choice but to respect him and fear him.  From this day forth, he is your better and —


Welcome back from being shocked as this seems to be a face turn for Mr. Kennedy!  He stands up to Regal and he wants to be the first person to congratulate him, but he won’t.  He says that he wasn’t even invited in the tournament and he challenges Regal to a match!  Regal fires back saying he is not a common wrestler.  No one talks to him unless he has granted an appointment.  He orders Mr. Kennedy to apologize.  Mr. Kennedy responds by saying his name and King William beats the Hell out of Kennedy!  They brawl wildly in the ring and the referee quartet try to separate them!  I totally like this idea – KICKASS!

Later tonight, the WWE Title will be decided.


OK, are you still as shocked as I am?

WWE Rewind: Cody Rhodes says it like it is and beats Santino up!

Santino Marella is pissed off tonight.  He grabs a microphone and he wants to make one thing perfectly clear.  He hates the New Jersey crowd.  He hates the fake Italian stereotypes.  It makes him crazy. Out comes Cody Rhodes.

Santino Marella v. Cody Rhodes
Standard Match

The bell sounds and they circle the ring.  They brawl for a bit until Santino takes conrtol.  To the corner Cody goes and he misses a high risk move, which gets Santino to get a two count.  Headlock is applied  and Cody tries to break it up.  Rollup gets two for Cody.  Santino gets a suplex, followed by a stiff kick to the back for two.  Camel clutch is applied, working on the lower back of Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes gets up and nails the Electric Chair Drop!  Both men get back up and they go back to brawling, but Cody hits a quick dropkick.  Quick bulldog is avoided and Santino gets a two count, even with the feet on the ropes.  Cody hits a quick DDT from out of nowhere and gets the trey!

Winner:  Cody Rhodes
Grade:  C+

Cody grabs a microphone and he talks some smack in fake Italian.  Carlito sneaks in and he hits the Backstabber!

Chris Jericho is decked out in a three piece TUXEDO!  The Highlight Reel  is NEXT!


Welcome back peeps!  It is time for the Highlight Reel!  The Highlight Reel gets a slight makeover.  It’s an award for Best Actor in Sports Entertainment.  The nominees are Mr. Fuji and Dr. Morocco in Fuji General; Michael Cole for Deliverance Part II.  We’re seeing Heidenreich giving it to Cole from behind in some sort of gay innuendo.  The third nominee is for Shawn Michael’s fake knee injury at Backlash.  The winner is…Shawn Michaels.  Cue up Shawn Michaels with a limp.  Chris says that it was a masterpiece and he wants him to give a speech.  Shawn says he is hurt, but Chris isn’t buying it.  Jericho calls him a backstabbing bastard.  He calls on Shawn to say some words to Big Dave.  Shawn is silent and Jericho calls for his music.  Chris leaves the ring and Shawn Michaels is confused.  Okay…

Triple H prepares for his title defense.


Backstage, Santino Marella happens to be talking to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper!  Santino makes fun of Roddy’s weight and asks him to do some dance.  He gets slapped and Roddy asks if he has a death wish or is he special.  HAHA!

Recap of last nights WWE Title match from Backlash.  Now it’s time for the main event at 9:33PM Central Time!  William Regal has been causing a tirade since being disrespected by Mr. Kennedy.  Orton poses as we take a break!


Welcome back and Randy Orton is ready for WAR!  Can be Play the Game tonight?  All will be decided right now!  Both men are in the ring and Lillian Garcia does the super-special ring announcing job!

Randy Orton v. Triple H (c)
WWE Championship Match

The bell rings and both men don’t move.  Now they circle the ring and they lock up in the center!  They mosey around the ring and neither one of them can give.  The referee breaks it up and they are nose to nose once again!  They are separated and they start again.  This time, Orton is the agressor and has on the side headlock.  Orton gets sent to the ropes and he knocks Trips down.  Trips is back up and they lock up again, with Orton having the side headlock once again.  Trips gets out of it and he gets a side headlock of his own.  Down goes Orton and he get scrotch chopped!  Orton tries for an armdrag, but Trips nails a short arm clothesline for two!  Trips works the arm and Orton gets control with some vicious rights.  Opposite corner they go and Orton gets introduced to the ring post!  Trips tosses Orton to the ring post again!  Trips works on the arm, thus making the RKO ineffective possibly.  Back inside the ring, Orton tries to kick Trips, but Trips gets more work on the arm.  Orton rolls out of the ring, but Trips is on Orton like fire.  Back inside the ring and Orton nails a desperate KICK and I mean KICK to the face!  Rope assisted DDT and the WWE Champion is down!  We take a break.


We are back and Orton beats some sense in Triple H!  They brawl around the ring and Trips runs into a dropkick!  Orton gets a two count after that!  Orton gets a headlock applied on Trips.  Orton gets back up, and the hold is still applied.  Trips gets back up for a moment, before dropping to a knee.  J.R. talks about the face at a 45 degree angle, making it a sleeper hold.  Trips fights hard and he gets out of it and locks on a sleeper!  Orton suplexes himself out of it!  Jerry Lawler calls the methodical kicks to various parts of the body “Vintage Orton”.  I say, quit channeling Michael Cole, damnit!  Orton gets a two count and he continues the pressure.  Outside Orton goes and he nails some vicious shots to the face.  He slams Trips on the barricade, followed by the steps.  Back inside, Orton gets another close two count!

Back to the headlock and he beats Trips to a pulp.  Again, back to the headlock and Orton leans backwards.  Trips tries hard to get back up and he suplexes himself out of it!  Both men are down.  Trips runs into a well-timed boot to the face and Orton stalks him.  Orton nails a scoop slam and he prepares for the RKO.  RKO is blocked!  Trips sends Orton to the corner and the arm is hurt again!  Trips goes with the rights and is sent to the ropes.  Knee Smash connects!  The lariat follows and Orton is reeling!  Trips runs…POWERSLAM by Orton!  That gets TWO…TWO!  Uppercut by Orton and Trips gets sent to the ropes.  The High Knee hits and that gets a very close three!  Trips beats Orton to a pulp and is separated by the referee!  Modified backbreaker by Orton and he goes for the cover.  TWO!  TWO!  TWO!

Orton takes the high road, going to the turnbuckle!  He takes too long and Trips crotches him!  Trips goes on top and Orton tries to break off, but SUPERPLEX CONNECTS AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!  Trips rolls into a cover and he gets TWO!  This is a MATCH!  Eye poke by Orton and he goes for the RKO, but it’s countered to a Pedigree attempt, but that’s countered to a catapult!  Trips gets a drop toe hold and Trips gets a CROSSFACE APPLIED!  Regal is shown backstage, taking away from the match!  He orders the crew to take the show off the air!  He says that he’s denying us the finish!   He denies it and Regal gets his way!  Meanwhile, Orton is still in the Crossface as we hear the audio!  We abruptly go off the air.  What the Hell?

Result:  Who knows?
Grade:  B+

Show Over. 

The WWE RAW Report Card

Team Mickie James d. Team Beth Phoenix: D+
John Bradshaw Layfield d. Robbie McCallister: F
Paul London & Brian Kendrick d. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch: D+
Katie Lea & Paul Burchill d. Super Crazy: D
Cody Rhodes d. Santino Marella: C+
Triple H v. Randy Orton never had a conclusion on-air: B+

The Final Grade for WWE RAW 04/28/2008: D+

The show came so close to a C-, but the first hour of the show was very forgettable.  The crowing of King William, the Highlight Reel, and the twenty minute WWE Title match that ended without a finish didn’t redeem the show.  For the first time since I started the RAW Report Card, the show has gotten a below average grade.

I’ll be back Thursday with the Marshall Report, where I get interactive with other staffers from around the Pulse by asking three questions.  Not only that, but I’ll be doing something that is a can’t miss.  Keep it rockin’, peeps!

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