Make Movement: Tread Lightly, WWE

WWE tried something different last night that will either pay off greatly for them a few weeks from now by making Regal the top heel in the company, or, will cost them a ton of fans. The last thing WWE wants to be compared to is the ways of WCW in the Bischoff days, but, that is what I thought of. Going black and making me believe I’m listening to wrestling as if it’s on the radio without the visual is one thing, but cheating your live audience in NJ of a finish, a very loyal base to the WWE product, was a bad decision.

Regal can’t take over his own show, so it’s not the same thing as nWo running wild and disrupting the product. There’s not enough build up to do another nWo type or even DX type ‘take over the production’ idea so this needs to be a one time deal. It’s almost big time heel Mr. McMahnonish but beyond. Should McMahon save the day next week because as a businessman even McMahon knows money? I’m wondering if it will go back in that direction, with somehow pulling Mr. Kennedy into the mix with his interesting relationship with McMahon. TNA has a chance to jump all over the no-finish, and WWE may have just given them new material to rip. WWE has to hope that the no finish won’t persuade people to find something else to do with their time on Mondays.

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