REVIEW: Supergirl #28

Writer: Kelley Puckett

Artist: Drew Johnson

DC Comics

‘Way of the World’ part 1.

Finally a Supergirl story I can cheer for! Puckett wisely ditches the conventional super-fight routines and goes for a story that touches at the very heart of Supergirl: a 16-year old idealistic teenage superhero. Supergirl has just promised a dying 5-year old kid that she will cure cancer for him, and no matter what Superman or Wonder Woman or any grown up have to say about the matter she won’t keep trying.

Her first plan of action involves the return of a long-forgotten DC hero (and Nexus fave), the Resurrection Man; don’t worry if you don’t know him, Puckett has included a very blatantly Wiki info-dump on the guy in-between narrations; I can think of more tasteful ways to sneak that info in, but that’s only a minor quibble. Supergirl’s grand plan is this:

…and I love every bit of it. It screams of teen naivete and finally injects some much-needed personality into the girl. We certainly had to wait long enough for it. Everything in the issue, from the resolution of the above plan, to Superman’s involvement, Wonder Woman’s heart to heart with the girl, and the return of the Purple healing Ray, just clicks perfectly. On top of all that, the story’s complimented by a decent fit artist who has a modest design of Kara, shying away from Paris Hilton or jail bait extremes. Could this be the miracle cure for the book every fan has been hoping for?

(Shame about that cover though)


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