REVIEW: Ghost Rider #20-22

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Ronald Boschi

Marvel Comics

‘Hell-Bent & Heaven-Bound’ part 1-3.

One basic background fact about your humble reviewer: I don’t know bikes. I don’t like bikes. I can’t ride bikes. Heck, I can’t even ride a bicycle.

Yet here I am, reading Ghost Rider, all because Jason Aaron has signed up as the new regular writer.

More background facts:

My first J.A. title was ‘the Other Side’ from Vertigo; I was impressed with his writing in his next project ‘Scalped’, most probably Vertigo best current ongoing series (after Y’s ending); I fell in love with him when he started writing the best ‘Wolverine’ stories in decades; and now that he’s made me read Ghost Rider -and worse, made me enjoy love Ghost Rider- now I want the man’s babies! 😉

So, Ghost Rider. Mortal possessed by a devil, flaming head, leathers, chains, flaming Harley from Hell. Yawn. But-wait! The Devil didn’t make him? There’s a renegade archangel who plans to overthrow God? Ghost Rider is key? And he must now find a way to break into Heaven and talk to God about all this?

There’s more? He’s found a way in, but he has to escape from a team of Super-Nurses with Machine Guns? Run through a highway paved over the bodies of 77 cannibals and haunted by their ghosts?

Machine Gun Nurses? Ghost Cannibals?

This is Ghost Rider (finally) as the vehicle for the biggest baddest and most violent Grindhouse Action Movie of the Year.

Go. Buy.



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