10 Thoughts On The Ultimate Fighter – 05.01.2008

I was traveling for work last week which means I caught up on last week’s and this week’s episodes tonight. So, here are ten total thoughts on the last two weeks.

1) Riddle was just plain dumb… it’s the only reason he lost the fight. He had a guy staggering around the ring looking like he’s about to fall over from exhaustion… so of course he clenches, gets on top and lets his opponent catch his breath. On top of that, he’s barely working while he has the position. He gave Tim enough time to regain his senses and got submitted for it. Riddle isn’t remotely ready for prime time.

2) Jesse Taylor was bothering me for half the episode until he actually mentioned that he looks just like Big John McCarthy and now I can’t get it out of my head.

3) Tim offers to buy Riddle an X-Box? Did I miss something the week before?

4) The Bisping training session left a bit to be desired. I realize that most of these “surprise guest training sessions” are edited down for time but what’s even the point. Hey, Bisping was there and delivered a four second inspirational message. Woo-hoo.

5) When guys who beat people up for a living tell me that a guy isn’t the type of guy you mess with, I’m going to assume he’s murdered someone. Matt Brown looks like he has a little touch of the crazy. That said, I absolutely loathe people that want to start fights over pranks. Grow up and get over it. He’ll buy you another can of dip, Napoleon.

6) They got into the fight at 25 minutes. Their “next week on” scenes pimped “Rampage freaking out.” Jeez, could this fight be ending on a questionable decision that goes against Brandon? I hate when scenes from next week give away important things like, you know, fight winners.

7) After watching the fight, I understand why Rampage was upset with the decision. Brandon did do the most work in the fight. He was punching to the body and the head through all three rounds. But, on the other hand, he was punching to the body and head in all three rounds. It did no damage. Dante was controlling the pace of the fight and just absorbing punches that really weren’t hurting him. He was preventing Brandon from teeing off at all and keeping him under control. Dante controlled the pace and he won. Plain and simple.

8) All that said… f I ever saw Rampage Jackson stalking around like he’s ready to murder someone with that look on his face I would run. Far. Quickly.

9) I really kinda hope Matt Brown gets his ass kicked next week. I really can’t stand super-intense guys like him.

OK, nine thoughts. It’s close.