Jim Ross Praises the WWE TV Crew

Jim Ross’ latest Superstar of the Week column is up at WWE.com, with him naming the WWE TV crew as the best from the last show.

Here’s an excerpt:

This week’s Raw Superstar of the Week is a tough choice. I don’t dare consider Mr. Kennedy, as I value my job too much to go there. Mickie James led her team to victory but the sexy WWE Women’s Champion was honored recently. Kendrick & London had a good outing in winning yet another tag match. Murdoch can’t sing, so he’s out. I need to see a little more of the Burchills, but they were impressive on Monday night. JBL did offer yours truly some Mamajuana, but I can’t take payola. So … the folks that went through the most hell Monday night were the hard working folks in the WWE TV Truck who endured what has to be their most challenging night ever on the job. In all due respect to our beloved General Manager and the King of all WWE, this week’s Raw Superstars of the Week are the hard working men and women of the WWE TV crew.

It’s a great read as always, and he covers lots, including the sometimes-forgotten fact that Cade and Kendrick both were trained by HBK back in the day, his thoughts on the tag and women’s divisions and more.

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