The Quest: Month One

Things haven’t exactly been going great this first month of the baseball season as I look to become a “Fantasy Expert.”

Quick refresher, In the draft, I drafted relievers in the first 5 rounds blatantly ignoring the rule that says don’t do that. I figure if I can still finish in the top 3, that makes me a fantasy expert.

The first crushing blow to my team this year came when JJ Putz was put on the disabled list the first week of the season. I was able to swoop in and grab his replacement, Mark Lowe, but that did me absolutely no good, as Lowe was close to terrible in the role.

The next blow came when K-Rod twisted his ankle and missed a few games. He never went on the DL so I kept him in the line-up and just waited for him to start pitching again.

I’ve had other stuff go wrong too. Namely Asdrubal Cabrera. Who has been dropped for Erick Aybar during this most recent Yunel Escobar injury.

Ian Snell who was supposed to be not quite dominate, but a good source of K’s has also been ditched after a poor first month, for a younger guy who’s been putting up solid K rates in the city by the bay. Jonathan Sanchez isn’t going to get me many wins, if he makes 8 this year that’ll be huge, and he has some control problems so his WHIP won’t be the greatest either, but he’s striking out more than 1 an inning, so if San Fran keeps him in the rotation all year and lets him get 150 innings, he should easily get me the 170+ K’s I was expecting from Snell.

Thats the update so far. I’m currently sitting in 8th place. With a record of 19-21-0 which leaves me 5 games behind the leader.

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