Heenan Update from JR, Matt Hardy Blogs & More

Jim Ross has updated his blog with thoughts on the ECW announcer situation, Ron Simmons, Bret Hart visiting WWE’s developmental group in Tampa, Ric Flair’s new role and more. He includes this update on Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s health…

We received a nice email from Bobby Heenan’s wife, Cindi, this week giving us the latest update on our dear friend “The Brain”. Bobby is home…still going thru physical and speech therapy, has had yet another surgery to “tweak” the jaw bone and is progressing slowly but surely. Few men in this business whether it be in the ring, at ringside, or behind a mic ever had the talent that Bobby “The Brain”Heenan possessed. People ask me all the time why there are no great managers on TV any more, why no more “Heenans”, etc and the answer is simple….talents like Bobby Heenan come along once in a lifetime, plus where would these future managers be trained? I have my thoughts on this matter, including if a talented but perhaps smaller individual who can verbalize and has some athleticism about them, that they should be in Tampa being schooled on the art form of being a successful wrestling manager.

Ashley Massaro has also updated her blog, with thoughts on the recent trip to Europe, including getting pickpocketed, and on YouTube.

Also, Matt Hardy talks about his U.S. title win over on his blog.

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