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Hello all and welcome to another Marvel Handbook. A good week as normal. Our readers are pulling through with emails and questions. We still need more of course but you guys are helping a ton. Let‘s get down to business. Hey Daron how are you?

I’m good. We missed ya at the con this past weekend. And that goes for anyone who didn’t go. Pittsburgh is the best con I’ve ever been to. And on that note, I’ll have a con report up here fairly soon.

I‘m good. A nice week. Not for comics though. After a week of Secret Invasion we barely had much out. I‘m hoping a better week this week. We got a good amount of questions to cover though. So let‘s start.

Fine ignore me, but you don’t know what you’re missing…

Jon emails

Hey Jim,

I was hoping you guys at the handbook could add some input to this ongoing debate me and my co worker are having.

Always willing to help. It‘s part of our job. Shoot.

Part? I’d say it’s pretty much the whole thing…

We are trying to put together a list of the dumbest X Men characters. So far we have come up with a squadron of the lamest X characters (we left out characters who have powers that may be useful, as well as the X Statix characters). This is mostly based off of wikipedia’s listing of characters:

Alright let‘s see what you have

X-MEN Tag: could make someone “it”
Slipstream: teleported using his surfboard
Maggot: killer slugs… this guy was our winner for the dumbest character
Beak: looks like a bird
Kidogo: some dope from the new x men, forgot his/her powers
Flubber: bouncy body and “big hands”
Longneck: self explanatory
Glob Herman: can see thru him?
VILLIANS Harpoon: self explanatory
Mammomax: a guy who looks like an elephant and vomits acid?
Rust: can rust things
Roulette: can throw black or red discs that alter luck?

Honorable mention on this list went to
Gambit (the throwing cards thing is beyond stupid but we were judging on powers) and
Longshot (hes lucky if hes acting for good?) Is there anyone we missed?

Not a bad list so far.

Additions by myself:

Changeling: Hey died before really getting a shot
Omerta: He was strong and invulnerable? Ok so are many others. Useless
Wraith: Not even good invisibility. If it was Sue power it would be useful
Candy Southern: No powers and is an honorary X-Men
Moira MacTaggert: Same as Candy
Cypher: Come on. He can only talk different languages
Sharon Friedlander: Eh. Just was there
Tom Corsi: Same as Sharon
Alysande Stuart: No power. Nno use
Irina: What the hell?
Bird-Brain: Um he’s a bird

Nice. Of course my list would include Gambit at the top of the actual list and not the honorable mention, but at least you had him on there. Oh, and his stupid card throwing trick is only the tip of the ice berg of his lameness (his power isn’t actually that bad if he, ya know, threw something a BIT more aerodynamic).

Also what ever happened to Maggott and Cecelia Reyes (we have an ongoing joke that Maggott is going to come back in secret invasion). Finally what is the deal with X-Statix… was it a serious series or a comedy one?

Maggott: He’s dead. He was killed in Weapon X. One of his slugs is still alive but he’s very dead now.

Cecelia Reyes: Dr. Reyes was abducted by the Weapon X program and taken to Neverland, the mutant concentration camp. Although many mutants perished, including her fellow X-Man Maggott, she is presumed alive until otherwise noted.

X-Statix: I’m going to say it’s sort of serious and sort of a joke. But not a joke as in bad. More of a joke like a fun book. A series that made you laugh and kept you reading.

Thanks and; keep up the good work.

No problem.

Mickeyforlife asked

How will Marvel address the age of their characters in the future? Will they just keep retconning the origins up 10 years or will they try something drastic like DC?

I’d prefer the retconing idea to Crisis. Trust me crisis never works. you have to keep doing it over and over like Dc is doing. It’s not wise. But I’d say it keeps the retconning likely. With the way Marvel has done it already.

Well, I have to say I completely disagree. Marvel truly needs a crisis (though I’m not sure exactly what the difference is other than with the “Crisis” type thing you get “some” sort of explanation as to what’s going on rather than Marvel’s “what do you mean Peter Parker was married?” way of handling continuity.)

As for DC, they don’t “have” to keep doing Crisises, they just want to because people keep buying them so why not? Marvel just needs to do one and do it right, but it’s not likely…at least not any time soon.

mindcrime asked

are the writers at marvel aware of all the negative fan reaction towards iron man/tony stark? (im sure some are) , what is their reaction and what are thier plans for the character in the short term? especially with a movie coming out?

They are aware of it. But you have to think of this. Any kind of opinion is a good opinion. You know how many more people now know Iron Man thanks to how Marvel is dealing with him now? It’s good pub (even though many see him as a villain now).

Plus it’s Marvel, their comics never resemble their movies when they come out. Anyone remember when X3 came out? Scott and Mags were both dead at the time in the comics…

Lockheed asked

Is the X-men:First Class series considered in continuity?

Some of the stories are considered continuity. Not all of them are of course. It’s those rumor ones that aren’t serious.

Is the new Wolverine:First Class series considered in continuity?

It’s unclear as of yet. Wolverine first class could be a mix like X-Men

Is there continuity where Wolverine is involved?

Yes but it’s very complicated. Hard to pick out more with all the titles

Is there continuity at all?

Yes but some writers ignore it.

Which basically means no. Marvel has completely dropped the ball on continuity, and they have no problem admitting it. Marvel uses continuity to serve whatever purpose they want and any given moment, but they won’t be tied to it. The sad thing is, Marvel exes. and creators are actually proud of this (at least some of them are – i.e. the ones that follow this policy).

Feral Female asked

Any news about what`s happening to Deadpool after issue#50 of Cable/Deadpool?

Any hints or rumors of a solo run perhaps??

Other then appearing in Wolverine origins?

There’s a few different Deadpool rumors

1. Deadpool gets new ongoing.

2. Deadpool joins X-force.

Brand New Day synopsis

Amazing Spider-Man #555: Spidey fights ninja. At the Sanctum: Wolverine and Spidey talk at breakfast as Strange arrives and passes out after a spell. Pete heads to the DB and talks to Betty before Bennett arrives and sends him out. Spidey goes looking for Wolverine and both fight ninja and take them out. Spidey takes them in and has to escape after.

Amazing Spider-Man #556: Jonah tries to leave the hospital in the snow. Spidey travels in it and the police and medical officer talk over the prisoner. Spidey talks to a homeless guy. Some creature shows up and fights Spider-Man. The prisoner escapes killing a cop.

Secret Invasion Synopsis

Secret Invasion #1: We see the Skrulls plotting on a planet. Tony, Reed and Hank talk as thy examine the Elektra Skrull body. Peak: Sword welcomes Dugan as a Skrull ship speeds towards Earth. Tony heads off and contacts Spider-Woman. She calls the New Avengers who have Cloak help steal a Quinjet. The Mighty Avengers follow them as the arrive in the Savage Land. Both teams meet up at the Skrull ship. Sword watches as Dugan turns Skrull as the ship is opened. The satellite explodes. Jarvis turns Skrull and sends Tony’s armor haywire and all Stark stuff is effected by a virus. The Hellicarrier is effected as well as the Raft and Cube. As prisoners escape Nah-Varr decides to make a run for it. Mar-Vell attacks Thudnerbolts mountain. A visitor to the Baxter Building goes into the main base as Sue and sets loose the Negative Zone causing the place to be torn apart. Both teams try to help Tony as many old heroes come into view. Brand calls for help as a Skrull Armada arrive. Hank attacks Reed and turns Skrull.

Divided We Stand

Cable #2: Cable wakes up and fights Bishop, People show up and help Cable. Flashback: Bishop snaps Sunfire’s neck. We see Cable get the baby. Bishop steal one of Forge’s arms and travel time looking for Cable. Bishop fights everyone and attacks Cable with a truck.

Young X-Men #1: the team fight Pierce. Blindfold wakes from the dream. Wolfcub confronts Max Lobo only to be stopped by Cyclops. Dust fights of Terrorist. Blindfold goes checking Xavier’s. Police arrest Eric Gitter. Blindfold and Rockslide talk to Cyclops and Cyclops offers Rockslide a place on the team. Blindfold joins to. Cyclops meets with the team and tells them of the new Brotherhood of Sunspot, Magma, Moonstar and Cannonball.

Wolverine #64: 1921: Logan and Mystique avoid arrest with a kiss. Present: Wolverine blows up a car with a bomb and him inside. Logan talks to Mardan and gets his help. Logan wakes and attacks Mystique with her escaping and stealing a jeep. Wolverine escapes the guards and chases her. Past: The group attack a bank vault and one of them get caught. Mystique strips and prepares to fight Wolverine.

Initiative synopsis

Last Defenders #2: Tony discusses the last mission with the team fighting the creature and destroying a place. He disbands the team. She-Hulk argues with Tony as most of them leave. Hellstorm meets Yandroth. Nighthawk stands alone as SHIELD calls for help. She-Hulk agrees to help as they finish the job and attack the Serpents. In the end finding the Supreme Serpent has planted a Madbomb.

Annihilation Conquest synopsis

Nova #12: The Techmarch search for Warlock. Tyro and Warlock help Nova. Nova attacks the Technarch. Tyro helps out and merges with the creature in the end. Afterwards he heals Warlock, Gamora and Drax as they prepare to help in Conquest.

Well that‘s it for today. Light handbook but we have got one up here. Hopefully we can get some big emails for the next issue. What you think bud?

I think it’s been a long day and that I need a beer and a nap.

Alrighty then. Let‘s get out of here. See everyone next issue.

Sounds good. And be on the lookout for that con update, and start making plans to come out to Pittsburgh next year. You won’t be disappointed!

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That’s it from here. As always reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Make Mine Marvel.

And make mine medium rare. Can’t anyone cook a steak anymore?

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