Weekend Box Office: 05/02/08 – 05/04/08

As if you needed to ask what topped the box office Top Ten this weekend. The first really big hit of the summer opened up this weekend and shattered some records. Iron Man took aim with his big fist and broke apart theatres with a record topping tenth biggest opening ever at over $100 million. Some other films were seen too, but you can check all that out for yourself.

Credit: Box Office Mojo

Rank.) Movie Title (Distributor)
Weekend Gross (in millions) | Theaters | Total Gross (in millions) | Week #

1.) Iron Man (Paramount)
$100.8 million/4,105 theatres/$100.8 million/First Week

2.) Made Of Honor (Sony)
$15.5 million/2,729 theatres/$15.5 million/First Week

3.) Baby Mama (Universal)
$10.3 million/2,548 theatres/$32.3 million/Second Week

4.) Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Universal)
$6.1 million/2,872 theatres/$44.8 million/Third Week

5.) Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (New Line)
$6.0 million/2,545 theatres/$25.3 million/Second Week

6.) The Forbidden Kingdom (Lionsgate)
$4.2 million/2,960 theatres/$45.1 million/Third Week

7.) Nim’s Island (Fox)
$2.8 million/2,478 theatres/$42.5 million/Fifth Week

8.) Prom Night (ScreenGems)
$2.5 million/2,434 theatres/$41.5 million/Fourth Week

9.) 21 (Sony)
$2.1 million/2,242 theatres/$79.1 million/Sixth Week

10.) 88 Minutes (Sony)
$1.6 million/1,765 theatres/$15.4 million/Third Week

Sunday Estimates – Final numbers due out Monday