Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Coverage of WWE RAW for 05/05/2008

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

King William gets the last laugh again!  For all the “fade to black” segments that you can handle, this show is for you!

Forgive me as I’ll be interrupted for a while due to company, but that’s life, so it seems.

Last week, King William was besmirched by Mr. Kennedy and he takes it out on the fans by pulling the plug on the WWE Championship match!

We open up tonight’s show with Mr. McMahon standing on top of the stage.  He puts over the stunt as something not done before.  He’s here because of the fans.  He agrees that the actions were wrong, but innovative.  He says that he is going to fully support Regal’s actions. 

So out comes out King and he says that we may not like him, but we will respect him.  “Regal Sucks” chants fill the Air Canada Centre as he calls for the lights to go off.  The fans continue and the lights go back on.  He says that he’s willing to air the show in darkness if he’s continued to be disrespected.


He’s back for some more!  He stands face to face with Regal and he says that if Regal wants respect so much, to take him up on his offer to face him in the ring tonight.  Regal says that he is his superior, and Kennedy wants him to prove it.  Regal books Kennedy v. the ECW Champion, Kane, the WWE Tag Team Champions Miz & Morrison, CM Punk, Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, and the rest of the ECW Roster in the main event as a way to plug the 100th episode of the new ECW!

Time to play the Game!

Triple H means no disrespect as he congratulates him on his new found power.  He offers some advice, that if Regal wants to stay in this position, he doesn’t need to make any mistakes.  He made a huge mistake by pulling the plug and stopped the match.  He makes it clear that if Regal wants to keep his power, he might not want to get in a war with him.  Regal decides to add Triple H to the main event tonight!  How Regal kept his demeanor during that, I don’t know.

Coming up next, Mickie James defends the Women’s Championship against Beth Phoenix in a Lumberjill Match!


We are back as the divas surround the ring.  Time for our first match!

Beth Phoenix v. Mickie James (c)
WWE Women’s Championship – Lumberjill Match

The bell sounds and Phoenix shoves James to the corner and we get a clean break.  They lock up in the center and she shoves James onto her ass.  Mickie dives underneath and tries for a sunset flip, but Phoenix takes and tosses her outside to get taken out by the Jills!  Phoenix gets a two count and Mickie takes down Phoenix with a reverse sweep!  James runs the ropes, but is tripped up by Jillian Hall.  James flies out of the ring and it all hell breaks loose!  We take a break as James kicks out of an attempted pin by Phoenix.


Welcome back and Phoenix has James in a double wrist lock with the knee lodged in the small of the back.  She latches on the hold and James drops down and KICKS THE FACE!  James looks for another roolup, but Phoenix is too strong, picking James up and DROPKICK TO THE FACE!  James has Phoenix reeling.  James goes on top and the heel divas interfere!.  Thez Press from the top gets only a two count!  She hits a kick to the small of the back!  ENZIGURI CONNECTS AND Phoenix goes on the outside!  She gets tossed back in and Melina is inside with a boot.  She misses James, but connects with PHOENIX inadvertenly and she gets small packaged for the loss!

Winner and STILL Women’s Champion: Mickie James
Grade: B

Backstage, Chris Jericho meets up with William Regal as they talk about Shawn Michaels.  He teams Jericho up with Michaels against John Morrison and The Miz later tonight!  He adds a cheeky reply, hoping that Michaels is truly okay.


And we return with Trevor Murdoch singing to the makeup lady!  In all randomness, Trish Stratus makes a cameo, followed by Ron Simmons.  DAMN!

That was unexpected.

And for those that didn’t know, Ron Simmons was inducted in the Collegiate Football Hall of Fame.  We pimp the main event before sending it to Todd Grisham, who is interviewing Orton.  He, too, disagrees with Regal’s decision, but he respects him.  His opponent tonight is CM Punk!  Orton promises to give Punk a sample of what will happen if he chooses to use Money in the Bank against him.

Later tonight: Carlito’s Cabana with Roddy Piper!


We are back and it’s time for our random jobber match!

Katie Lea & Paul Burchill v. John Cutler
Handicap Match

But before the match begins, Regal comes out and has J.R. muted for this match.  He brings out someone that has also been disrespected…MIKE ADAMLE!

The fans hate this now.  The bell sounds as John Cutler, which rhymes with Butler gets owned by the brother/sister team.  Cutler looks for a sunset flip, but Katie stops it.  Adamle says that Katie is in the match, but it’s expected.  Adamle says that the first time they got together and King is doing play-by-play and color at the same time as Adamle continues to be interesting.  Katie Lea hits a splash, but Burchill misses.  Lea runs into a brick wall and Cutler looks to use a submission hold.  Burchill beats some sense into Cutler.  Burchill has Cutler in a surfboard and Lea does a double foot stomp onto the stomach!  Curb stomp connects and Lea makes the cover.  Call the match.

Winners: Katie Lea & Paul Burchill
Grade: D-

King doesn’t complain about Mike’s announcing, but he begs J.R. to come home!  HAHA!

Jericho talks to Shawn about their match tonight.  Shawn promises to do his best tonight.  The match is next!


So, they bring Mike Adamle out with no explanation for his ECW Walk-off?  Sorry, I just noticed that.

We go back to Batista warning that Shawn better be hurt or he will be. 

John Morrison & The Miz v. Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels
Tag Team Match

J.R. says that Morrison and the Miz are the tag team of the future.  Way to diss your own brand’s tag team champions.  HBK limps out and he can still outwrestle anyone.  This is not for the tag team titles, but anyways, here we go!  Jericho takes it to the Miz in the early going.  Miz takes some abuse and he tags out to Morrison.  Jericho takes it to Morrison and Miz looks to interfere, but Jericho has eyes in the back of his head and he nails a springboard dropkick to the Miz!  Morrison takes advantage by nailing the springboard kick as well!  The Miz is in and he applies a rear naked choke on Jericho.  Jericho looks to fight out of the heel corner, but Morrison cuts Jericho off and the tag champs cut the ring in half.  Jericho looks to tag in Michaels, but Morrison has other ideas.  Morrison misses a splash…BULLDOG by Jericho!  The Miz is in and he gets locked into the Walls!  Morrison stops that and he takes out HBK!  Morrison is up and he looks for the corkscrew neckbreaker, but HBK is in….SWEET CHIN MUSIC!  Jericho goes off the ropes…LIONSAULT!  That gets the trey.

Winners:  Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels
Grade: B-

Later tonight:  Triple H & Mr. Kennedy take on ECW!
Up next:  CM Punk v. Randy Orton!


And we are back in a flash!  Randy Orton and CM Punk are about to get it on!

CM Punk v. Randy Orton
Standard Match

They lock up, with Orton as the aggressor.  Shoulder tackle takes Punk down.  Punk gets back up and they lock up again.  Orton has on a side headlock and he takes Punk down again.  Punk nails the kicks like clockwork and he sends Orton out of the ring!  Plancha attempt, but Orton moves and Punk lands on the apron.  Orton pulls Punk off to the mat.  Orton gets a half nelson pin attempt for two!  VINTAGE ORTON, but he misses the knee drop!  Punk kicks away and he looks for a springboard, but Orton evades it again!  Orton gets two, then he goes back to the headlock.  The King says that ECW should be on RAW more often, and two years ago, King called ECW “Extremely Crappy Wrestling”.  Punk fights back up and he sends Orton to the ropes.  Kick to the midsection sends Orton down.  Punk scores a shot at the spine, and at the temple, sending Orton to the corner.  High knee connects, followed by the bulldog takedown!  Punk gets a cover for a close two count!  Punk scores another kick to the head, sending Orton to dreamland.

William Regal comes out and he turns off the lights!  He declares the match officially over and we take a break.

Winner:  No One
Grade: C (for what we got)


Grisham asks Orton what he thinks, but Orton turns psuedo-face on us, promising us that he will get to the bottom of this!

Time for Carlito’s Cabana!  Last week, Roddy Piper bitchslaps Santino Marella!  Carlito brings out Roddy Piper, who wastes no time getting into the ring.  Carlito says that he knows how annoying Santino can be, but Roddy took things too far. 

“Listen Buckwheat!”

Roddy always take things too far during his career!  He beat Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, and cancer.  He has no time to talk to Super Mario Brother and he certainly has no time to talk to Dr. Phil.  He does things his way and his way was with a slap!  Carlito defends Santino, saying that Piper was lucky that Carlito wasn’t there or he’d slap him back.  Line of the night coming:  Piper says that Carlito is lucky that Piper didn’t bring a seagull to beat him up and poop on his ridiculous hairdo.  Speaking of bad hairdo’s, Santino has a short mohawk going.  Santino tells Carlito that he doesn’t have to lay his hands on Piper, he’s all his!  Santino talks smack to Piper, saying that he took 8 years to become Intercontinental Champion and Santino takes one night!  Piper says Santino needs to get himself a designated driver.  It looks like it will be two on one, but Cody comes out alone!  Cody has backup though..CRYME TYME!  Cryme Tyme takes over the Cabana as Carlito and Santino take their leave.  It’s about Roddy tongiht!  The Scot breaks it down and almost loses his kilt.


Welcome back!  We get a rundown of the card to Judgment Day.  We go to JBL, who puts himself over.  He invites us to ride with him inside the limo.  He warns Cena that at Judgment Day, it will be a car crash!  Tonight will be a preview of said car crash.

John Bradshaw Layfield v. D.H. Smith
Standard Match

JBL talks trash to Smith, getting him psuched up!  The bell rings and JBL beats the snot out fo Smith.  He continues to decimate Smith with lariats, punches, kicks, and the like.  He nails the Clothesline to Hell and gets the win.

Winner:  John Bradshaw Layfield
Grade: F

Post match, JBL slaps Smith’s face!  He continues to beat up Smith.  Remember when this sort of thing always caused a referee reversal?  The referee contigent stops JBL a couple minutes later.


Tomorrow night:  ECW 100!

We are back and Regal is arguing with the entire ECW roster!  He pumps the entire group up and he won’t turn the lights off during the main event.  Kane stands over Regal before leaving.

Smackdown Rebound:  The Undertaker gets stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship and the Devil’s Choke is now banned!  Time for the main event!

ECW v. Triple H & Mr. Kennedy
Handicap Match

Coming NEXT!


We are back as Kennedy and Trips get ready for war.  The bell sounds and Kennedy starts off with Elijah Burke.  They grapple in the center with Burke gaining the advantage.  Burke nails a tackle and they trade arm drags, with Kennedy becoming the aggressor.  In comes Trips and he wrings the arm of Burke.  Poke to the eyes and Striker comes in .  Trips owns Striker and Kennedy gets back into the frey.  JR rules on commentary as Kennedy stomps a hole on Striker.  Striker tags out to Knox.  Lariat to Striker and in comes Guerrero!  He nails a gutwrench suplex for two!  In comes Kingston and he rolls up Kennedy for two!  Kingston keeps Kennedy isolated for a quick cover of two!  In comes Dreamer and he hits the snap suplex and drops the elbow for two!  Kingston comes back in and he gets a headlock applied on Kennedy!  Benjamin tags in and he beats up Kingston!  Full Nelson Suplex connects and Benjamin tags out to Nunzio.  Green Bay Plunge connects from Kennedy to Nunzio!  Chavo cheapshots Trips and all Hell breaks loose!    Trips goes for the Pedigree, but Benjamin hits a superkick!  Kennedy hits the Mic Check on Striker and Kane hits the Chokeslam!  Kane looks to chokeslam Chavo, but Bam Neely takes care of Kane.  Chavo hits the Frog Splash for the pin!

Winners:  ECW
Grade:  B-

All hell breaks loose as everyone beats each other up! Knox brings in a steel chair, but Trips steals the chair and everyone gets hit with it.  The lights go out, then back on with Orton hitting the RKO on Trips!  He stands tall over the Game as the show concludes.

Show Over.

The WWE RAW Report Card

Mickie James d. Beth Phoenix: B
Katie Lea & Paul Burchill d. John Cutler: D-
Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels d. The Miz & John Morrison: B-
Randy Orton & CM Punk went to a no contest: C
John Bradshaw Layfield d. D.H. Smith: F
ECW d. Triple H & Mr. Kennedy: B-

The Final Grade for WWE RAW: C

Have a great week!

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