10 Thoughts On Raw – 05.05.2008

1) Excellent job by the WWE to have Vince essentially give Regal carte blanche to do whatever he feels appropriate. If Vince stayed silent on the matter it would have been totally out of character. But Vince’s stamp of approval puts Regal on another level of evil. If they can manage to get me into an “evil GM” angle rehash then they’re doing something amazingly right.

2) Was anyone else other than me excited to find out whether they’d taught the Divas how a Lumberjill match actually works? You know, that it wasn’t to stand there and clap? As it turns out, they did… so well that JR was horrified as their physicality. JR: horrified since 198something.

3) I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the Trevor Murdoch kareoke gimmick yet. I think I love it though.

4) Is there anyone in the universe surprised by “Triple H In A Steel Cage At Judgment Day”? When’s the last time (barring an injury) that Triple H wasn’t in a steel cage at Judgement Day?

5) Am I the only one really bored with the “Is Shawn Hurt” storyline? It seems like in an industry where guys routinely murder themselves at PPVs and guys never really appear on television hurt that it’s kind of silly to now sell an “is he hurt” storyline.

6) You know… I used to believe that a lot of guys had an honest reason to hate Vince about for saddling them with awful gimmicks and giving them no chance to get over. Then I see Cryme Time, themselves saddled with an arguably ridiculous, stereotypical and awful gimmick; and they’ve totally made it work for them. This really makes me wonder if it’s way more on the guy to work with what he’s got than the gimmick holding them back. Then I remember Vince made someone be an evil dentist.

7) I could have gone my whole life without a gaping view of JBL’s taint. Just sayin. He might have given the best promo in the history of the company, but I just couldn’t take him seriously. I was taint-hypnotized.

8) Of course, after he got to the ring and taint-view was gone, he delivered one of the most assholish speeches I’ve heard in quite some time. He was wrestling Davey Boy Smith’s son and spent some time making fun of his dead daddy… then laced in to the Hart Foundation in Canada. Sweet Lord this guy is an expert at making everyone hate him. He handled the “Canadian Bulldog” in about 30 seconds and then smacked him around some more for good measure.

9) Vickie stripped the Undertaker of the title? What? Stupid friggin DVR. Someone fill me in please. Oh… a video package. How convenient.

10) I’m glad to see that the ECW roster attacks like movie ninjas. One at a time. Just in case you’re keeping track at home: Triple H can fight off 14 members of ECW, but the RKO is JUST TOO MUCH!!!


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