Make Movement: Briefly Entertained

I’m on the fence right now whether the ‘King William is going to pull the plug whenever he feels like it with Mr. McMahon’s full support’ each and every week will capture viewers attention or drive up ratings. I understand the ‘oh this is fresh and different’ though for a brief moment, I felt Mr. Kennedy and Regal was some sort of new version of Austin and McMahon part 1. Again, I fully support Regal being a monster heel and I am so glad to see him have such a important role with the company, but I don’t know if this is something that can truly handle longevity with the viewers. You can’t constantly cheat fans out of endings or conclusions and expect them to come begging for more. However, there are some interesting storylines to ponder with Orton maybe or maybe not supporting Regal as he keeps turning the lights out during his matches. I think we’ll have a better feel for Orton and Regal sometime after the upcoming pay-per-view. If Regal tries to pull a no conclusion or lights out during a PPV, and it not be a legit power outage, WWE is seriously gambling with PPV buyrates. Kennedy is getting a great rub from this storyline and Triple H gets to be Triple H, this time the serious version as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H pretty much got to defeat the entire ECW roster and I don’t know what that was really about since the “big” 100th ECW episode is tonight. Nothing like showing a entire show’s weakness by having them “all” in the main event and have the top babyface of the company, Triple H, bury them more or less.

I’m enjoying what is happening with Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels, with nay-sayer Jericho and hobblin’ HBK having to team up and “work together.” Next week should be interesting as there has to be a Jericho attack coming soon. The Women’s Match with Mickie and Beth was a bit of a mess, and why must there always be a lumberjacks match with the ladies. With the Ashley rumors out there, Ashley is nothing but a distraction right now and if they put her on TV in a more prominent role (let’s hope not), they are risking some catty chants from the “smart” crowds. True or not, she could be the victim of the Lita-type hatred at some point. By the way, how great was it to see Trish Stratus even for a hot second? Great use of her in her own backyard with Ron Simmons and Karaoke Trevor Murdoch.

The other entertaining point of RAW was the Piper/Santino/Cryme Tyme/Cody Rhodes and Carlito segment, sometimes for all the wrong reasons. I’m even surprised the Designated Driver reference even happened but I guess WWE couldn’t ignore it completely. There is a lot of irony that Cody Rhodes gets pushed yet again to talk on the mic, but Davey Boy Smith’s son, Harry (or D.H.) gets completely buried by JBL. JBL had a very strong week this week with his great pre-match promo in the limo and into destroying Harry. It was nice to see Cryme Tyme in the mic and I’m always a mark for the Hot Rod.

Paul Burchill and Katie Lea (the true star of the two) versus John Cutler, with a special guest announcing appearance by Mike Adamle. Another flashback to the days of WWF Superstars. I don’t even know what to say about this except that Katie is a better worker than Burchill, needs to be in the WWE Women’s Division and I suppose WWE really wants fans to hate Adamle with a passion by having him replace JR for a match. It’s completely awkward since Adamele is no where near as good as the Coach was, when Coach is pushed as a heel, and Adamle still has to grow into his role and find his rhythm.

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