Smackdown Spoilers for May 9, 2008

Here are the taping results from last night for this Friday’s Smackdown, featuring the aftermath of Vickie Guerrero stripping Taker of his title…

– In a dark match, Jamie Noble beat Ted DiBiase, Jr.

– The ECW main event of Punk & Kane over Chavo & Bam was taped next

– Mark Henry came out and cut a promo on Big Show while the ring crew was changing over to Smackdown

– The show starts off officially with GM Vickie Guerrero announcing a “Championship Chase” for tonight to determine Undertaker’s opponent for the held-up World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day. All participants are former World, ECW or US Champs except Khali and Edge who are injured, and winners of the matches will then face off in a battle royale to determine who gets the title shot. ECW Champ Kane, US Champ Matt Hardy, former ECW Champ John Morrison, former ECW Champ CM Punk, former ECW Champ Chavo Guerrero, former US Champ Finlay, former World Champ Batista, former World and ECW Champ Big Show, former ECW Champ Tommy Dreamer and former US Champ Montel Vontavious Porter are your contestants.

– Matt Hardy def. CM Punk reversing a roll-up

– MVP vs. Finlay goes to a no contest (both shoulders down for the double-pin) but Vickie lets them both advance

– Natayla Neidhart def. Kelly Kelly with a sharpshooter

– Batista def. John Morrison via pinfall after the Batista Bomb

– Big Show def. Tommy Dreamer in a squash

– Kane def. Chavo via pinfall

– Vladamir Kozlov def. “London, Ontario’s” Phil Atlas

– Batista won the battle royale over Big Show (final elmination, head scissors over the top), Kane, MVP, Finlay and Hardy… BUT Edge was then entered into the match, continuing the bout after miraculously being medically cleared. Spear, elimination, Edge celebrates up the ramp.

– The World Championship, in a glass case at the top of the ramp throughout the show, blows up, Taker’s music hits, and Edge runs away.


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